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Using ladders in the yard

As winter ends, gardeners, get out that ladder and spruce up the shrubs and trees in your landscape. Ladders can be very useful to help you get into position to make appropriate cuts, which will improve your trees and shrubs. They can take the wear... Full story


3D printing is about to impact our lives

Here is an interesting video that highlights a technology that will soon begin to impact our community, our lives: 3D Printing. Someday, you'll "print" the sweater you plan to wear the next day. Or,... Full story


New Year – warm and dry

January kicked off our new year on the warmer and drier side. Here at the home weather station we had a January mean temperature of 31.5°F, while the overall mean is 26.9°F for a difference of 4.6°F. The low for the month was 14.9°F on Jan. 31... Full story


Gems in the Coulee: Jim Barry

This is a different kind of Gem in the Coulee. The man I speak about today is a father, first and above everything else. He prefers to work behind the scenes and let others be the face of success and... Full story


Drier than usual

For December, here at the home weather station, we only had three days of low temperatures in the single digit area — the 5th, 7th and 8th. The lowest was a 3.5°F on the 8th, while our high... Full story


Lessons learned standing in line

As I was standing in line at Safeway the other night, the young lady at the register was trying to buy a few things and apparently she did not have enough money. She was embarrassed and a look of worry covered her face. She was trying to get her... Full story


Advice from hunting divas Haley Neddo and Olivia Ludwig As you

Advice from hunting divas Haley Neddo and Olivia Ludwig As you may know, my success rate for harvesting anything this last hunting season was poor. Honestly, it was less than poor because I did have... Full story


My view on the world's last 365 days

I sometimes wonder, “What is going to make our history book that is happening today?” So I researched the last 365 days to see what I thought would be written for future generations to study and... Full story


After a dry October, first seasonal snow falls in November

The home weather station measured a trifling 0.14 inches of precipitation for October. Looking back at past years shows we’ve had more — 1.15 inches in 2012, 0.54 inches in 2011, 1.23 inches in... Full story


Shopping and junking in the Coulee

Get ready for some griping. Here’s Frankie Delano’s ongoing, seasonal complaint, and you all are welcome to join in if you can relate to my current rant. While I was out and about in the Coulee and elsewhere this past weekend and listening to som... Full story


September guides in cool weather

The high temperatures we had up to mid-September, 80s and 90s, have dropped off measurably. As we transitioned into October we’ve had nothing above the high 70s. I think it’s fair to state we are... Full story


Gems in the Coulee - Mikey Williams

The Raider sports is in full swing at Lake Roosevelt, and for one person football season is his time to work. He is at every practice, every game (home and away), every meeting, he even checks in on... Full story


Shopping and junking in the Coulee

If you listen closely you’ll hear flapping going on in all of the towns here in the Coulee. Yes, I said flapping, like the wings of those majestic Eagles when they fly over the Columbia River, Banks Lake and Lake Roosevelt looking for a fish or two... Full story


Winning and losing, smiles and tears

This last weekend I got to go to Airways Heights and watch my nephew Zack score two touchdowns running like Russel Wilson and throw another TD through the air. So proud. He looked calm, cool and... Full story


Fishing, canoes and tomahawks

Manly men doing manly things! I went to the men’s retreat this past weekend with other men from Faith Community Church. We went to the Peniel Ranch on the lower river road between Omak and Agency Ca... Full story


August - Big storm, some rain

Aug. 25 saw a very strong, fast moving storm system blow through our area. We continue to clean up the mess left behind. Winds of 65 miles per hour and above were noted in many areas. Here at the home... Full story


Shopping and junking in the coulee

Holy Tornado! Let’s put aside our favorite topics (shopping and junking) for a bit for a quick rant and rave about the latest t-storm that blew through the Coulee Sunday evening, with gusting winds and lightning strikes dancing around. When the... Full story


Kids, time to get dirty, with dirt

A post that has been making its rounds on Facebook got me thinking about the way things used to be and the way things are now. When was the last time you saw kids playing cowboys and Indians? I know... Full story


Shopping and junking in the coulee

Oh My Gosh! Were you out and about in the Coulee, driving up and down the streets of coulee towns on Friday and Saturday? Well, Detective Frankie D. took time out from other terribly important grunt work, like cleaning up debris left outdoors after... Full story


Smells like a locker room in here

Do you smell that in the air? The smell of dirty sneakers and cleats, sweaty football pads and gym socks. Yep. High school and middle school fall sports is upon us. Parents will soon be finding the tr... Full story


Shopping and junking in the coulee

by Frankie Delano Hey, shoppers, did you miss me? So now it’s after Labor Day weekend, which, in the wonderful world of shopping and junking signals (gasp!) the possibility of fewer yard, garage, moving, and special interest (antique and collectibl... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Lifestyles    August 7, 2013

Season of lost husbands and the NFL

I have been addicted to fantasy football since I was in high school. There, I admitted it. That’s part of the healing process. I can now move on. At the worst part of the addiction I was in six or... Full story

 By Bob Valen    Lifestyles    August 7, 2013

July was flat out hot

I’m still wiping my brow of perspiration from all that heat. The National Weather Service reported some near- and new-high temperature records throughout the region. Here at the home weather... Full story


Shopping and junking in the coulee

Holy Toledo! Holy Moly! Holy Whatever! As the old saying goes, Come Rain or Shine,” the freaky t-storm that blew through the Coulee on Thursday last week didn’t put a damper on the yard sales starting early Friday morning in Grand Coulee and... Full story


Shopping and junking in the coulee

A famous baseball player named Yogi Berra made some hilarious comments on his view of life and everyday activities, using the English language and word combinations to get his points across, so here’s a Yogi-ism that Detective Frankie D. overheard... Full story


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