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By Jesse Utz 

My view on the world's last 365 days

Jess Shut Up


Last updated 1/8/2014 at 10:02am

I sometimes wonder, “What is going to make our history book that is happening today?” So I researched the last 365 days to see what I thought would be written for future generations to study and to decide if it was a pivotal moment in history. Although Paula Dean, Miley Cyrus and Duck Dynasty made other people’s top-ten lists of the news for 2013, they did not make mine. (But I guess they just made the column.)

Two people stepped into the spotlight this year that will probably have impact for generations. Well, one can’t walk yet, but give him time. Pope Francis and The Royal Baby (George), on opposite sides of the age scale, will more than likely be written about in our history recollections. The current pope is making strides as we speak to reach out to the poor and victimized people and trying to fix the stigma of the Catholic Church. Big job but he seems to be making progress. I am sure he will be spoken about in the future and do some large order things in his role.

Now, baby George has a few years before getting his tiny hands dirty but he will have some road blocks he must stay clear of. One, stay away from the media, especially if you or going to shed clothes and avoid the stigma of your grandparents. You will never be able to fill the shoes of your Grandma Diana, and you don’t want to fill the shoes of Grandpa Charles. You do have the potential to influence the world, though. I know, I just put a whole diaper load of stress on you but hey, that’s the life of a royal.

Our government did a few things that might make the books. (This is a time to pause for the laughing.) OK, if you’re done we should mention Obama Care, the IRS, Gun Control and the big one Government Shutdown. Well Obama Care is up in the air right now, the IRS is rebuilding, Gun Control (don’t get me started) and The Government Shutdown looms again. I sometimes just shake my head and wonder if we really live in this country or is this a dream. I think back to our founding fathers and wonder how many times they have rolled over in their respective coffins. I cannot force myself to write anymore about this. It’s a wait-and-see government and I must wait and see.

The legalization of marijuana might not seem like a big thing to some of you, but in 20 years we will feel the impact. Well maybe we won’t feel it but we will be responsible for it. Our youth, who already have sensory overload with violence and sex and video games and smart phones and i-everything, is also a generation who seems to feel entitled to everything without doing anything for it. They are about to be the generation who will be able to kill more brain cells at home in their spare time. In the time between waiting for a microwave meal and watching an all-night marathon of the Walking Dead while at the same time staring at the little screen of their phone, they will be able to light up and enjoy Mary Jane. Then we will all wonder what happened to us as a people. (I’m just saying.)

Edward Snowden will definitely make the books. I know some of you just said, who?, and are Googling right now. No matter if you think of him as a traitor, spy or hero, he has opened the eyes of a country. Or at least he should have. If nothing else, the whole ordeal should open our eyes about some key foreign relations. Enough on that, your Google results will give you everything you wanted and more.

In my mind, the two big things — one for the world and one for the USA— that happened last year had to do with deaths. Nelson Mandela’s death took the last of the big four humanitarians in our world. Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, Gandhi and Mandela were the voice for the wronged in this world. His death was a sad one for the entire world and should be for all generations. The other big story was the bombing of the Boston Marathon. It brought back flashbacks of 9/11 and as a nation, we sat in horror once again as terrorists brought the fight to our front porch. It was a hard time once again for Americans on both coasts.

So what’s going to happen this year in the world that will be written for future generations to look back and judge as important? I don’t know. But this I do know: (pause for effect) Jess, Shut Up won’t be … or will it?


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