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To the trees: thanks and sorry

Thank you to the beautiful and magenta Maple trees on Ferry in Coulee Dam who provided shade, habitat, cooling for 90 years. I am sorry you were mowed down for a sidewalk for people to walk on. Which nobody wants to walk on... — Updated 5/24/2023

 By Gayle Swagerty    Opinion

Elect a new mayor

As you probably know, the current Coulee Dam mayor has chosen not to file for another term, and with that decision, we need to elect a new mayor. I’ve been active on Town Council for almost four years. I serve on town committees w... — Updated 6/7/2017 Full story

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Geology of the Candy Point Trail explained on hike

A group of hikers from Spokane, Cheney, Anacortes, Tri-Cities and Coulee Dam assembled at the trailhead of Candy Point Trail Sunday to walk it with scientists who would explain the... — Updated 10/12/2016 Full story

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Coulee Dam Parks and Natural Resources Survey will gather input

The Parks & Natural Resources Board of Coulee Dam has developed a survey regarding the parks and natural resources. The Board desires community input as to usage and enjoyment, and on needed improvements of the parks, trails, and... — Updated 3/9/2016 Full story

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Trees in Coulee Dam are assets

The town of Coulee Dam has declared by ordinance that it is in the best interest of the public that the trees be maintained and encouraged. The municipal budget supports the maintenance of the trees as directed by the ordinance.... — Updated 1/13/2016 Full story

 By Gayle Swagerty    Opinion

A government we can trust

Can we Americans trust the government? According to a recent Pew Research Center poll, 81 percent say sometimes or never. Yet we American citizens state we want the government to act in their behalf and provide services we want... — Updated 12/2/2015 Full story


Monumental effort

The town of Coulee Dam is spearheading an effort to create and establish a monument to honor 81 persons who died during the construction of the Grand Coulee Dam. Friday, Karen... — Updated 5/20/2015 Full story


Landscaping with perennial ground covers

Perennial ground covers are low growing plants usually only 1-3 inches high that spread along the ground and come back year after year. Perennial ground covers serve to help retain soil moisture, fill in empty spaces to help... — Updated 4/23/2014 Full story


It's WSU master gardener volunteer week

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, has proclaimed the week of April 13-19, 2014 as Washington State University Master Gardener Volunteer Week. The program, which is celebrating its 41st year of service, was begun in the state of... — Updated 4/16/2014 Full story


Thinking about planting a tree?

April 9 is Arbor Day in Washington state and April 25 is National Arbor Day. So let’s talk about trees. Neighborhood and street trees provide shade for streets and parking areas, add to the value of your property, cool the air, a... — Updated 4/9/2014 Full story


Pruning deciduous shrubs

This is the time of year to prune your shrubs that will bloom on this season’s growth. Generally these are shrubs which bloom after June. Some of these shrubs common in our landscapes are the Butterfly Bush, Spirea, Beauty Bush, a... — Updated 3/19/2014 Full story


Using ladders in the yard

As winter ends, gardeners, get out that ladder and spruce up the shrubs and trees in your landscape. Ladders can be very useful to help you get into position to make appropriate cuts, which will improve your trees and shrubs. They... — Updated 3/12/2014 Full story

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Thanks for the support

Thank you to my friends and neighbors for your overwhelming support in my bid for Town Council. I plan to work to improve communication between town leadership and everyone in our town, so let me hear from you both with your ideas... — Updated 11/13/2013 Full story

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After the garden is gone

What will people do after the garden is gone? What will people know after the garden is gone? Where will people, and rabbits, toads, butterflies, hummingbirds, ladybugs, song birds, moths, soil live stock, etc., go after the... — Updated 7/3/2013 Full story

 By Gayle Swagerty    Opinion

Residents of Coulee Dam and Elmer City

Important issues regarding a Waste Water Treatment Facility to serve both communities are being discussed at the town’s town council meetings and will affect every household in our communities. So PLEASE, young and old, come h... — Updated 3/20/2013 Full story

 By Gayle Swagerty    Opinion

Re – The Coulee Dam Credit Union landscape redo

I mourn the loss of the peonies, asters, rudbeckia, gladiolas, sedums, chrystanthemums, anemones, day lilies, dahlias, amaranth, cannas, datura, daphne, calendulas, cosmos, snap dragons, lupines, poppies, iris, dianthus, ferns,... — Updated 10/17/2012 Full story


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