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Shopping and junking in the coulee

Holy Toledo! Holy Moly! Holy Whatever! As the old saying goes, Come Rain or Shine,” the freaky t-storm that blew through the Coulee on Thursday last week didn’t put a damper on the yard sales starting early Friday morning in... — Updated 8/7/2013 Full story


Shopping and junking in the coulee

A famous baseball player named Yogi Berra made some hilarious comments on his view of life and everyday activities, using the English language and word combinations to get his points across, so here’s a Yogi-ism that Detective... — Updated 7/31/2013 Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Lifestyles

Change is already happening; get on board

One of the unique attributes of the Coulee is that when you return to this area after a long departure, it appears that nothing has changed. It is the same as when you left. I have... — Updated 7/24/2013 Full story


Shopping and junking in the coulee

Hello shoppers! Did you miss me? Detective Frankie D. here at The Star again after taking a break for summertime activities like broiling up some hamburgers and hot dogs and hanging out on Lake Roosevelt. The truth of the matter is... — Updated 7/24/2013 Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Lifestyles

So much is in your pictures

I was sitting here trying to figure out what I wanted to write about this week and lots of ideas danced in my head but none became a solid column. I sat at my new writing area looki... — Updated 7/17/2013 Full story

 By Bob Valen    Lifestyles

Above-average rain in June

June was wetter than the month’s mean. We measured 1.32 inches of precipitation at the home weather station compared to a mean of 0.99 inches. Our high temperature was 92.9°F and... — Updated 7/10/2013 Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Lifestyles

Proud to be an American!

When I was a kid the Fourth of July meant fireworks, swimming, picnics and family. We would beg our parents to buy us fireworks and of course fire crackers were my favorite. Back... — Updated 7/5/2013 Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Lifestyles

Class of 2013 30-Year Reunion … it could happen Part II

Welcome back to the epic event called the 30-year class reunion of the class of 2013. We are back stage now at this glamorous gala of quite possibly the best class ever to graduate... — Updated 6/17/2013 Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Lifestyles

Class of 2013 30 Year Reunion - It Could Happen

Hello, my name is Emily Williams, host of Entertainment Tonight, and we are here today at the social event of the decade. It’s Lake Roosevelt High School’s class of 2013... — Updated 6/5/2013 Full story


Shopping and junking in the Coulee

If you were out and about in any coulee towns this past Memorial Weekend, you probably noticed the car caravans, driving slowly up and down the streets but sometimes stopping abruptly where the crowds were gathering for - gasp! - y... — Updated 5/29/2013 Full story

 By Bob Valen    Lifestyles

A dry April into a dry May

A dry April into a dry May I’ve been checking into the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center’s three-month prediction (June, July and August), and it states,... — Updated 5/29/2013 Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Lifestyles

"Gems in the Coulee - John Huston" Part 1

I decided that at least once a week I would dig up a gem of a person in the Grand Coulee area and write about him or her, someone who might do pretty cool things or have an amazing... — Updated 5/22/2013 Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Lifestyles

Colorama 2013 in the books

Well, I hope you enjoyed it. Here is a recap of how the weekend went for this homegrown Colorama combative. For me, like many of the chamber members, it started months ago, but I... — Updated 5/16/2013 Full story


Shopping and Junking in the Coulee

[Editor’s note: Frankie will be reporting weekly on findings at local sales and culture right here. Let us know what you think, and don’t believe everything you read.] Detective Frankie D. here with what some shoppers might... — Updated 5/15/2013 Full story


This week's photos are up

This week's photos from The Star are now online, including hundreds not used in the photo or in online stories. Click through to view larger images and to order... — Updated 5/2/2013 Full story

 By Bob Valen    Lifestyles

March on the dry side

The mean precipitation for March was 0.82 inches, though here at the home weather station we only received 0.36 inch, a huge variance from last year’s March total of 2.64 inches.... — Updated 4/17/2013 Full story


Dear John, or, um, Grand Coulee,

As with most breakup letters, this one may come as a shock, but I wanted you to hear it from me first. Small towns being what they are, I began to get worried that you would hear... — Updated 4/17/2013 Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Lifestyles

How about a community forum?

Many people have come up to me over the last two weeks telling me they agree with consolidation [that the four towns should be joined]. I suspect there are many more of you out... — Updated 4/10/2013 Full story


No kidding, Nature Deficit Disorder is real

I recently heard a term in passing that immediately piqued my interest. At first I thought it was a made-up psychological disorder or simply a catchy term to describe a growing... — Updated 4/3/2013 Full story

 By Bob Valen    Lifestyles

A dry February brings a warming trend

Dry indeed, February brought a parching 0.09 inch of precipitation that included 0.6 inch of fresh snow. The mean precipitation is 0.92 inch while we had a high of 3.58 inches back... — Updated 3/20/2013 Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Lifestyles

The tradition of volunteering

Someone recently asked me, “Why should I volunteer?” After I answered the question and had more time to let the question really soak in, I wondered why some people give their ti... — Updated 3/13/2013 Full story


An app for every occasion

This Christmas, with some trepidation, I received my first smartphone. I was very excited about the larger screen size (so I could more easily view pictures) and the ability to... — Updated 3/6/2013 Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Lifestyles

A tale of two hotels

I have always been aware of good service. Like in restaurants and with good business owners that put this quality first. My family and I always return again and again to those... — Updated 2/27/2013 Full story

 By Bob Valen    Lifestyles

January generally normal

Reviewing data from the past four Januarys shows we didn’t have any changes from the normal. We had good, measurable snowfall this year (2013, 7.3 inches) and last (2012, 9.9... — Updated 2/20/2013 Full story


Celebrating the movies

Growing up in Los Angeles, Academy Award night was a citywide celebration. By the time my brother and I would tumble inside, ready for our afternoon snack, the glamorous stars were... — Updated 2/20/2013 Full story


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