3D printing is about to impact our lives

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3D printing will soon impact our lives

Here is an interesting video that highlights a technology that will soon begin to impact our community, our lives: 3D Printing.

Someday, you'll "print" the sweater you plan to wear the next day. Or, finding that you need a new part to repair your kitchen sink, you'll download a recipe for it and print it out. This could have enormous

implications for rural communities.

Currently, 3D printing is used by hobbyists to make trinkets and small

objects, but the people in the video below are beginning to explore its use in the construction of buildings.

3D printing is already entering our lives, whether or not we realize it. I recently ordered an accessory, still in development, for my iPhone on Kickstarter.

The inventor ordered a part he needed made for his prototype from a company that produced it with a 3D printer -- for $10.

Please enjoy the brief video below.

A 3D printer lays down material as it "prints."

3D Print Canal House from 3D Print Canal House on Vimeo.

The 3D Print Canal House is an exhibition, research- and building site for 3D Printing Architecture. A unique project where an international team of partners collaborates in 'research & doing' linking science, culture, construction and city, by 3D printing a canal house at an expo-site in the very heart of Amsterdam.

Drop by when you're in Amsterdam!
Opening hours: Tuesday until Friday from 11 am until 5 pm.
Entrance fee: €2,50 - includes an informative audiotour that you can easily download on your smart phone (bring your headphones!).

Address: Tolhuisweg 7, 1031 CL in Amsterdam North.
Walking distance from Amsterdam Central Station (take the short ferry ride to Buiksloterweg), directly behind the Shell tower and A-Lab. Parking is possible at the adjacent parking place of the EYE Film Institute.

If you wish to book a group visit, personal tour or lecture, or are curious to hear about other things the 3D Print Canal House can offer you, please contact info@3dprintcanalhouse.com.


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