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 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion 

Brother turned Texan on me

My brother David turned Texan on me. Of my three brothers, I was closest to Dave. He and I were both red headed when young and seemed to be more like our Norwegian mother than like our father. Shortly after he returned from... — Updated 10/20/2021

 By Don Brunell    Opinion 

By George, McGovern was right

Sen. George McGovern of South Dakota was never a darling of conservatives; however, in his later years he shocked fellow Democrats by his outspoken backing for streamlining governme... — Updated 10/20/2021

 By Dan Newhouse    Opinion 

President Biden's energy crisis and the case for American energy independence

This month, gas prices nationwide are the highest they’ve been since October 2014, and President Biden’s failed energy policies are directly responsible. Since assuming office in January, President Biden has worked with... — Updated 10/20/2021

 By John Adkins    Opinion 

Time for a change

I am now to a point where I welcome new leadership at the highest levels in my hometown school district. This is because there is a proven pattern of not listening to valid concerns with responsive progressive changes and people... — Updated 10/20/2021

 By Jewel Mullen    Opinion 

Employers should mandate vaccines to help end the pandemic

Covid-19 cases have risen again over recent weeks to numbers not seen since early this year. This is largely preventable thanks to the vaccines discovered and developed in record time. All of us can do our part by getting... — Updated 10/20/2021

 By Dan Newhouse    Opinion

The Impact of Democrats' Policies on Rural America

Central Washington is made up of honest, hardworking, freedom-loving Americans who provide food and fiber for this nation, and my district is home to some of the most dedicated and innovative agriculture producers in the country.... — Updated 10/13/2021


Strong communities are rooted in individual actions

The true spirit of hard work and helping others is demonstrated on a daily basis in rural communities. However, those attributes weren’t developed overnight, and need to be nurtured for a strong sense of community to continue.... — Updated 10/13/2021

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Taiwan: Why the fuss?

Unfortunately, what happens in Taiwan doesn’t just stay in Taiwan, it impacts us. So, when President Xi Jinping announced China’s plan to step up “unification” efforts, it g... — Updated 10/13/2021

 By Ken Stanger    Opinion

Letters from our readers

Greetings to all concerned voters. My name is Kenneth “Butch” Stanger, and I am requesting your support for the Position No. 2, Grand Coulee Dam School 301J-GCDSD, Board of Directors-BOD, for the term 2022-2025.  Through the... — Updated 10/13/2021

 By Roger Lucas -    Opinion

On Indigenous People's Day

We have just celebrated Indigenous People’s Day. We have called this Columbus Day for far too long. We have been taught for centuries that Columbus discovered America. As a people, we developed a word ditty that helps us... — Updated 10/13/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Those temple rubbings

While in Thailand, I was lucky enough to pick up 3 that sell rubbings.  One features two Thai women dressed in ancient Thai costumes. The other is a Thai warrior on an elephant. The two rubbings are about 17 inches square. Dennis... — Updated 10/6/2021

 By Kalee Olsen    Opinion

REAP provides funding for rural America's clean energy efforts

Rural Americans with an eye for renewable energy recently received promising news—the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is investing $464 million in solar, wind, and other renewable energy projects benefiting small businesses... — Updated 10/6/2021

 By Bob Valen    Opinion

Drought, La Niña and two books

Together we have experienced another astronomical event, we are now in autumn. Temperatures are falling and many of us are breathing a slight sigh of relief. Wildfire smoke has... — Updated 10/6/2021

 By Dan Newhouse    Opinion

Providing relief for our farmers

For the first time in a long time, we have good news for our family farmers who have been under tremendous economic strain caused by drought, wildfires, and extreme heat. Last week, the president signed into law H.R. 5305 ... — Updated 10/6/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Get tough with idiots

These airline incidents threaten the lives of everyone aboard. The other day a plane two hours out from a flight from Honolulu to Seattle had to turn around and go back because a passenger acted up and interfered with a flight atte... — Updated 9/29/2021

 By Sara Higgins    Opinion

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is good for Washington agriculture

For the entire year, the Columbia Basin Development League has been pushing to ensure the White House infrastructure plan would include water infrastructure for agriculture. Drinking water infrastructure was a given, but funding... — Updated 9/29/2021

 By Jack Stevenson    Opinion

What can a military force defeat?

United States armed forces have superior morale, leadership, training, and weapons systems. After the Vietnam era, the U.S. military resolved to never again become engaged in that type of quagmire. Efforts were made to develop pro... — Updated 9/29/2021

 By Scott Hunter    Opinion

Local agendas are a little part of a bigger problem

The White House and local politicians have something in common: They are all in the thrall of a trend, evolving over a couple decades or more, to keep more secrets from the people they serve. Last week The Washington Post reported... — Updated 9/29/2021


Answering some "frequently asked questions"

If you have contacted my office in recent years, you know that I pride myself in delivering personal responses to you. My office staff and I work very hard to make sure you receive prompt and detailed information related to your... — Updated 9/22/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Looking around at changes

Never been a crop failure in the Palouse, I think, never! The area abounds in deep, rich soil and an abundance of rain at the critical time in the spring. Not this year. Of course, the soil hasn’t changed. But the rains didn’t... — Updated 9/22/2021

 By Dan Newhouse    Opinion

The Constitution is not controversial

I never thought I’d have to be writing this but let me be clear: The Constitution and Declaration of Independence, our nation’s foundational documents and declaration of beliefs, are not controversial – period. I will always... — Updated 9/22/2021

 By Cathy LaPlace    Opinion

Elephant in the room should consider a miracle in our midst

As I’m writing this letter, 15 of our students or staff in our school district are positive with COVID-19 and 70 students (10% of our student body) are in quarantine because they have been exposed. At the same time, a large... — Updated 9/22/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Funny way to store gold

Myanmar (Burma) has its own way of storing gold. The Shwedagon Pagoda is one of the premier Buddhist temples in the world and dates back some 2,500 years. Here in the U.S. we think of things 200-300 years old as really old. Not... — Updated 9/15/2021

 By Lindsay Mouw    Opinion

Biden's ambitious solar plan signals opportunity for rural communities

In recent years, the cost of solar energy has plummeted, and demand has escalated due to consumer support for clean energy and the value it adds to a property owner’s land and rural communities. However, in the U.S., solar... — Updated 9/15/2021

 By Kerrie Hurd    Opinion

Behind every small business owner is a team of supporters

During the past 18 months, the pandemic has had significant impact on our lives. However, small businesses have the greatest impact on our livelihoods. Whether self-employed or the employer to dozens, small businesses are the engin... — Updated 9/15/2021


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