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 By Don C. Brunell    Opinion 

America still needs more welders, fewer philosophers

In 2017, I wrote a column titled: “America needs more welders and fewer philosophers.” It was a slogan Florida Sen. Marco Rubio used in his 2016 presidential campaign to call attention to the need for more skilled workers.... — Updated 2/21/2024

 By Roger Lucas    Opinion 

The advanced design

Winters in Palouse were much worse when I was growing up than what they are experiencing now. I can remember when we got our first refrigerator. That was in 1938. My mother was still using it in 1971. There was an emblem on the fro... — Updated 2/21/2024


Unlocking our nation's domestic energy potential

The United States produces the cleanest and safest energy in the world from traditional resources like oil and natural gas as well as from emerging resources and innovative technologies. This is something we should be celebrating,... — Updated 2/21/2024

 By James Tweed    Opinion 

Oblivious to the obvious

Beware of people who are oblivious to the obvious. People who lose an election, and believe they won. Not based on evidence. But based on what they “feel.” I am a conservative. Many Republicans today delude themselves by callin... — Updated 2/21/2024


Hydropower is the cornerstone of a reliable, clean energy future

Affordable, plentiful energy is the root of a society that enables economic growth. It’s easy to forget our community’s biggest asset even though it affects everything we do. Now more than ever, our customers need to... — Updated 2/14/2024

 By Roger Lucas    Opinion

Ribbons, medals, and trophies needed for future wrestlers

They better start making them soon because Lake Roosevelt will be winning them. Look ahead seven years or so and a new batch of wrestlers will be ready here. Victor Landeros, with the help of parents, is preparing 50-60 kids to... — Updated 2/14/2024

 By James Marples    Opinion

Postal mail still is a portal to the outside world

Having family in Grand Coulee, I read The Grand Coulee Star opinion piece “Those early postal days” (Feb. 7 issue). I can relate to the penny postcards. My late grandmother Dora (White) Marples had a shoebox full of them. Most... — Updated 2/14/2024

 By Silas Powers    Opinion

To those responsible for striping all the roadways of Washington state

Hello, I am Silas Powers. For the complex and difficult work of ensuring that all state routes, interstates, county, city and other roadways of Washington state are properly striped I have great respect. Why do the roadways show... — Updated 2/14/2024


Cities may explore an encouraging idea

It became clear as crystal last night. Within the time allotted for one city council meeting in Electric City, at least three issues were discussed that require regional attention of two, three, or four local cities, all of which... — Updated 2/14/2024

 By Scott Hunter    Opinion

Vigil held for Ambrose

Sometimes a game is not just a game. That was especially true Monday night, when even as the Lake Roosevelt Lady Raiders were wrapping up a win in basketball, on the stage people were preparing hundreds of candles for afterward.... — Updated 2/12/2024

 By Roger Lucas    Opinion

Those early postal days

Box 92 was our portal to the outside world. I was fascinated with what I could do through the mail. They were the days of the Penny Postcard and the thrill of receiving mail, addressed to me. My aunt Voe was the postmaster at... — Updated 2/7/2024

 By Peter Funt    Opinion

Did you really think that TV would ditch ads?

So, you thought by cutting the cable-TV cord you’d avoid exorbitant monthly fees and those dreaded commercial interruptions. Now, you’ve subscribed to so many streaming services that your monthly tab is higher than before, and... — Updated 2/7/2024

 By Elwood Watson    Opinion

Taylor Swift and the Republican love affair with conspiracy theories

Several years ago, Taylor Swift was far from the femme fatale some members of the MAGA far right now consider her to be. Many conservatives used to revere Swift. In 2015, Republican lawmakers invited the pop icon for personal... — Updated 2/7/2024

 By Jack Stevenson    Opinion

State of the union: a perspective

Commercial companies, non-profits, government agencies, and military organizations evaluate their performance periodically. The U.S. Constitution requires that the President of the United States “… shall from time to time give... — Updated 2/1/2024


Protecting our nation's farmland from foreign adversaries

As a third-generation farmer, I understand how important agriculture is for families, jobs, and trade in Central Washington. Our district’s farmers and producers grow the highest quality hay, wheat and more than 300 specialty... — Updated 2/1/2024

 By Roger Lucas    Opinion

This is a friendly place

I attended last Friday’s senior night at Lake Roosevelt High School. The place was packed and the Raiders won all three basketball games. I went to support my great grandson, Damon Landeros, who is a senior, and who has played... — Updated 2/1/2024

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

EV battery recycling requires Herculean effort

Each year, Americans throw away more than three billion batteries constituting 180,000 tons of hazardous material. The situation is likely to get worse as the world shifts to... — Updated 2/1/2024

 By Jase Graves    Opinion

How I became a cat person

Disclaimer: No pets die in this column (but they sometimes smell like they did). As I write, I’m trying to relax in my recliner on a cold winter’s day next to a roaring fire, yet my feet are freezing because a large,... — Updated 1/24/2024

 By Roger Lucas    Opinion

Those basketball seasons…

Palouse was the easternmost team in the Whitman County basketball league. We usually ended up as one of the top teams in the league. Colfax, the county seat, and the largest city in the county, was often the leader. So when... — Updated 1/24/2024

 By Dan Newhouse    Opinion

Advocating for common sense on the ballot

The new year is here, which means the Washington State 2024 Legislative Session has just begun. On January 8th, our state legislature began consideration of a multitude of new bills, which could impact just about every aspect of... — Updated 1/24/2024

 By Scott Hunter    Opinion

Some common sense just isn't

When deciding on hot issues in current politics, it’s best to keep a discerning eye on bloated rhetoric, even when it purports to support “common sense.” Everybody is all for commons sense, of course, but often when two... — Updated 1/24/2024

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Those pesky initiatives are back

After a brief hiatus, those pesky citizen initiatives are back, much to the chagrin of three-term Gov. Jay Inslee and Democrats who have an ironclad grip on our state Legislature.... — Updated 1/17/2024

 By Roger Lucas    Opinion

Just a taste of winter

We are finally getting an idea of what winter is all about. It was decided that the playoff game at Buffalo was important enough to play Monday, despite the weather. However, the last week was hardly a blip as far as winters go.... — Updated 1/17/2024

 By Norm Luther    Opinion

Agreeing with Cheney, not McMorris Rodgers

I can’t remember when I agreed with her policies. And I definitely disagreed with her father and opposed his controversial actions. But Liz Cheney, with her new book, Oath and Honor, is certainly again My No. 1 Hero. She shows on... — Updated 1/17/2024

 By Dan Langdon    Opinion

Brunell hysteria misses facts

Don C. Brunell really outdid himself with his January 10th column, “Biden needs to expose his secret Snake River dam plan to reality.” Despite his somewhat hysterical and overwrought tone, no “secret plan” was hatched in ... — Updated 1/17/2024


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