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 By Dan Newhouse    Opinion 

The American Dream is alive and well on Main Street

I have often said that small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and that could not be truer in Central Washington’s rural communities. The owners and employees of Main Street businesses are integral to the well-being of... — Updated 10/28/2020

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion 

Count the sani-cans to know

If you really want to know when the Bureau of Reclamation fire station will be completed, keep track of the sani-cans outside. Star reporter Jacob Wagner gave a good rundown of the history of the project in the newspaper a couple o... — Updated 10/28/2020

 By John M. Adkins    Opinion 

Agreeing with Gilman

Wow, it was great to hear from Ray Gilman in The Star newspaper last week. Ray served the Grand Coulee Dam School District as an administrator for decades. His loyalty and longevity were amazing. He is aware of what is going on wit... — Updated 10/28/2020

 By Jim Glick    Opinion 

Kids were tourism boosters

I see that the Ice Age Park is now coming up for a vote with the final decision being left to the Electric City Community but the enjoyment of it being shared by many of those passing through. A few months back, Harvey Haven of... — Updated 10/28/2020 Full story


Thanks for helping keep local clubs going

Sixty-four days and 2020 will be gone, and we all hope that 2021 will be a lot better year for everyone and everything. As I am sure you are aware, the Grand Coulee Dam Area organizations have taken a very large hit. They have... — Updated 10/28/2020


Fulfill your duty and obligation

Voting is our civic obligation, but loving our neighbors is our moral duty. One does little common good without the other in a democracy. If you have not yet voted, you should. At this point in the week, you might be better off... — Updated 10/28/2020 Full story

 By Albert Lin    Opinion

Knodell should be re-elected

Ballots are coming soon. In 10 years of working for John Knodell, I was able to observe a true professional, a master of the art, craft and science of a trial lawyer, brilliant not just at interpreting the law and applying the... — Updated 10/21/2020

 By Salley Bull    Opinion

Get ready to vote

The General Election Day is near, and our ballots and the Voters Pamphlet are here. Read it and learn about the issues and candidates. Go to to check out your own voter registration status, see your voting history, and... — Updated 10/21/2020

 By Lee Hamilton    Opinion

America's standing in the world

Call it American exceptionalism or not, the American people have always embraced the idea that we live in an exceptional country. We are grateful to be Americans. We take a lot of pride in our country, as we should. Pride and... — Updated 10/21/2020

 By Danny Stone    Opinion

Question about residency addressed

Some of my opponent’s supporters seem to have false information about my eligibility to serve as Grant County Commissioner. In fact, I was asked a question about it at a forum(recently). Apparently, they’ve been led to believe... — Updated 10/21/2020

 By Ray Gilman    Opinion

School Levy – Vote "NO"

The Grand Coulee Dam School District received approximately $127,000 tax money from the Federal Government under the P.L. 874. You cannot tax the Dam etc. The district will receive at least this amount for this budget year. We are... — Updated 10/21/2020

 By Winona Simons    Opinion

Thanks for keeping us safe

I would like to give big thanks to the Grand Coulee Firefighter-EMTs. They are covering double the area by covering Coulee Dam and were so helpful and comforting when I had a medical emergency recently. I wish I had gotten all... — Updated 10/21/2020

 By John Adkins    Opinion

Time for tough love on levy

Our local Star newspaper has always done a good job of sharing a diversity of viewpoints: It is extremely hard for me to share these thoughts. Numerous people over the last few years have shared frustrations with me about our... — Updated 10/21/2020


"Too Big a Load!"

Although this truck alone weighs almost 60,000 pounds, it is not unusual for one or two huge granite armor rocks to lift the front wheels from the ground.  The truck can carry a load of from 20 to 30 tons if properly balanced,... — Updated 10/14/2020

 By Dan Newhouse    Opinion

Delist the gray wolf

  The Endangered Species Act was signed into law to help protect and recover animals and wildlife facing critical threats or risk of extinction. As Americans, we share the common goal of protecting our environment, creating... — Updated 10/14/2020

 By Albert Lin    Opinion

Knodell should be re-elected as judge

Ballots are coming soon. In 10 years of working for John Knodell, I was able to observe a true professional, a master of the art, craft and science of a trial lawyer, brilliant not just at interpreting the law and applying the... — Updated 10/14/2020

 By Brad Parrish    Opinion

Not a good decision on parks

I listened in on the meeting last night. I was appalled by their decision. You have committees to do research and send recommendations to the City, which generally are accepted. I cannot believe that the Boys would rather spend... — Updated 10/14/2020


Katie Haven for Okanogan County commissioner

For the past couple months candidate Katie Haven, running for the District 2 Okanogan County Commissioner position, has been reaching out to voters in the County. She has been listening to us – our concerns, hopes, and needs,... — Updated 10/14/2020


Staying with our students all the way

In just a few weeks, area voters will not only decide who to back in a presidential and gubernatorial election but will vote on the approval of a levy for the Grand Coulee Dam School District. This levy would be one additional... — Updated 10/14/2020

 By Chip Cathcart    Opinion

Signs of respect needed

After reading last week’s letter submitted by the Bjorklund’s I experienced a few emotions. It is safe to say that any letter in the opinion section which stirs up any kind of feeling is achieving its goal. The emotions I felt... — Updated 10/14/2020

 By Bob Valen    Opinion

Smoky days and Halloween weather

Once again, we endured the intrusion of wildfire smoke into our atmosphere. The National Weather Service has taken note by releasing interesting data regarding wildfire smoke. The... — Updated 10/7/2020

 By Isabelle Spohn    Opinion

Keep Branch's leadership in Okanogan County

Let’s not risk losing Chris Branch as Okanogan County District 1 commissioner. I can confirm the complexity of an Okanogan County commissioner’s job, having taken notes at commissioners’ meetings since 2014. It includes such... — Updated 10/7/2020


Local suppression of free speech is no game

For as long as I can remember, political signs have been a staple during the campaign season.  And, historically, both parties and candidates have respected the First Amendment rights of one another to support their candidates by... — Updated 10/7/2020


A coronavirus vaccine doesn't mean the pandemic is over

Dr. Anthony Fauci thinks that drug companies may develop a COVID-19 vaccine before year’s end. But that doesn’t mean the pandemic will be over. Distributing hundreds of millions of vaccine doses will pose an enormous... — Updated 9/30/2020

 By Pat Leigh    Opinion

Katie Haven for a stronger Okanogan County

The fire season has reminded us once again of how vulnerable our county is. In the Pearl Hill and Cold Springs fires, approximately 414,000 acres and over 180 structures were burned. Wildfires are a natural part of our ecosystem,... — Updated 9/30/2020


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