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As summer wanes, where will we bargain shop?

Now that we’re into the great fall cool down here in Coulee County, it’s been great to have a few days of crisp, clear mornings, warm, sunny afternoons and cool evenings once the sun sets. So, spend some quality time outdoors... — Updated 9/24/2014 Full story


Beat the heat, shop early mornings

Have you experienced or witnessed any run-ins in the Coulee this summer? Say what? You’ll probably recognize these examples: a run-in or a near miss run-in could easily happen in a parking lot (yes, the one where we mingle with... — Updated 8/20/2014 Full story


A coulee legend of Sammy the salmon

Still in his dream state and far away from his storage site in the town of Coulee Dam, Sammy paused for a time in the deep, clear waters of the upper Columbia River to listen to his friend, a two-legged man named Billy Frank, Jr.,... — Updated 8/13/2014 Full story


A coulee legend of Sammy the salmon: part one

Did Sammy leave his park site? Not so long ago in the summer of 2012, possibly 100 or more trees, many planted when the town was in its infancy, were toppled or uprooted in that wei... — Updated 8/1/2014


Yard sale mania: You can find treasures here in the coulee

Yard sale mania: You can find treasures here in the coulee For many families, the dog days of summer have arrived. And as time flies by, as it always seems to when the month of August is here, now come a few weeks for getting... — Updated 7/30/2014 Full story


Souvenirs, things that remember when

In last weeks C’est La Vie column, I reported on the great bargain hunting opportunities at a couple of antique sales, both featuring unique items, retro household stuff and some honest-to-goodness antiques and collectibles, some... — Updated 7/23/2014 Full story


If it's old, it's a good, good thing!

With the Beach Boys famous feel-good song from 1966, Good Vibrations, on the air waves this summer, I’ve been picking up on the excellent shopping-for-vintage-treasures vibes... — Updated 7/16/2014 Full story


Celebrating Coulee Style - LET'S ROCK!

Get ready for a fantastic Fourth of July weekend in the Coulee. The annual Festival of America, coming up at the park below the Visitor’s Center in Coulee Dam on July 4-5, will be an entertaining event with foot-stomping live... — Updated 7/2/2014 Full story


On the road again Yard sale season is here

What’s on your agenda for the weekend? If you are staying close to home, and you have a few bucks burning a hole in your pocket, and you are looking for a short-time diversion, look no further because it’s yard sale season in t... — Updated 6/25/2014 Full story


Prairie and primitive looks Which works for you?

Let’s start off with a wander down the Prairie Look trail, and in your mind’s eye, you can take your choice: either walk along that dusty trail on foot or try sitting up high on horseback or in a wagon. Imagine your family’s... — Updated 6/18/2014 Full story


On the lone prairie, getting the look just right

Previously, this column wandered along a trail on the lone prairie, searching for the new decorating sensation, the Prairie Look, including a drive by the wheat fields bordering highway 2 between Grand Coulee and Airway Heights.... — Updated 6/11/2014 Full story


Getting your "prairie look" on

What comes to mind when you see the word “prairie” on a cover of a magazine devoted entirely to decorating? Probably not too much, unless you enjoy this avenue of creative outlay. I don’t know about you all but I really think... — Updated 5/28/2014 Full story


Hi, Ho! Hi, Ho!! It's off to the sales we go

Are you ready for the SEASON? Come wind, rain or shine, it’s a go. You know the drill, wear a hoodie, bring along a wind breaker, a hat, sunglasses just in case we get some rays in the Coulee, and put on a pair of comfortable... — Updated 5/21/2014 Full story


C'est La Vie trois

There were a few hyper-milers (snail drivers) in the Coulee last week-end, starting on Thursday afternoon with a few more driving in slow motion on some of the streets in Grand Coulee and Electric City on Friday and again on... — Updated 4/30/2014 Full story


The challenge: become a hyper-miler

Have you figured out what a hyper-miler is? Here’s a clue. If you consider yourself a driver, you could be a hyper-miler without knowing you are but that is highly unlikely. Why? Because most of us drive in the Coulee as quickly... — Updated 4/23/2014 Full story


C'est La Vie

Hello again. Or, Hi y’all! Yes, it’s me, Frankie Delano, back at The Star after a hiatus of about six months with no shopping and junking news to crow about and a very long stretch without any yard or garage sales in the... — Updated 4/16/2014 Full story


Shopping and junking in the Coulee

Get ready for some griping. Here’s Frankie Delano’s ongoing, seasonal complaint, and you all are welcome to join in if you can relate to my current rant. While I was out and about in the Coulee and elsewhere this past weekend a... — Updated 11/6/2013 Full story


Shopping and junking in the Coulee

If you listen closely you’ll hear flapping going on in all of the towns here in the Coulee. Yes, I said flapping, like the wings of those majestic Eagles when they fly over the Columbia River, Banks Lake and Lake Roosevelt lookin... — Updated 10/2/2013 Full story


Shopping and junking in the coulee

Holy Tornado! Let’s put aside our favorite topics (shopping and junking) for a bit for a quick rant and rave about the latest t-storm that blew through the Coulee Sunday evening, with gusting winds and lightning strikes dancing... — Updated 9/18/2013 Full story


Shopping and junking in the coulee

Oh My Gosh! Were you out and about in the Coulee, driving up and down the streets of coulee towns on Friday and Saturday? Well, Detective Frankie D. took time out from other terribly important grunt work, like cleaning up debris... — Updated 9/11/2013 Full story


Shopping and junking in the coulee

by Frankie Delano Hey, shoppers, did you miss me? So now it’s after Labor Day weekend, which, in the wonderful world of shopping and junking signals (gasp!) the possibility of fewer yard, garage, moving, and special interest (ant... — Updated 9/4/2013 Full story


Shopping and junking in the coulee

Holy Toledo! Holy Moly! Holy Whatever! As the old saying goes, Come Rain or Shine,” the freaky t-storm that blew through the Coulee on Thursday last week didn’t put a damper on the yard sales starting early Friday morning in... — Updated 8/7/2013 Full story


Shopping and junking in the coulee

A famous baseball player named Yogi Berra made some hilarious comments on his view of life and everyday activities, using the English language and word combinations to get his points across, so here’s a Yogi-ism that Detective... — Updated 7/31/2013 Full story


Shopping and junking in the coulee

Hello shoppers! Did you miss me? Detective Frankie D. here at The Star again after taking a break for summertime activities like broiling up some hamburgers and hot dogs and hanging out on Lake Roosevelt. The truth of the matter is... — Updated 7/24/2013 Full story


Shopping and junking in the coulee

Do you know what the phrases “multi-family,” “too much to list,” “something for everyone” and finally, “and much more” mean to a specific group of yard sale shoppers? To put it simply, a bonanza -- and we don’t... — Updated 7/3/2013 Full story


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