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  • Are you kidding about those signs?

    Becky Billups|Nov 4, 2020

    Last week’s Star, front page, “Council: property owner must remove signs” Are you kidding me, Grand Coulee Council? City Code, Chapter 17.60 says that only one sign is allowed on that lot? That lot, which happens to be well kept, eye-appealing, and will be used to further the greater Grand Coulee area, is breaking some kind of code? What about concerns about filthy properties that are for sure breaking code? Why is every excuse in the book used why nothing can be done about them? An array of junk vehicles, never to be used again or in most...

  • Why we need more than a new jail

    Becky Billups|Aug 28, 2019

    I attended the Grand Coulee Council meeting, Tuesday, Aug. 20. I had forgotten about the meeting until I saw four Grant County Sheriff’s vehicles in front of City Hall. I realized then it was council night. I went to investigate, thinking all this show of force was for the drug and criminal problems that plague our community. Instead it was Grant County Sheriff Tom Jones giving a presentation and wanting support to build a new jail. “The Power of Building a Safer Grant County.” Someone has finally noticed that the existing jail is too small to...

  • Heartfelt thanks and a caution

    Becky Billups|Jun 12, 2019

    Thank you, Grand Coulee area and beyond, for coming to my scream for help, to try and help me locate my best, four-legged, friend, Love Bug, at the lower North Dam area. My heart is still broken knowing that she became a feast for a predator, but I pray that whatever happened was quick and painless.  But my heart swells with love and appreciation for all the wonderful people who came out and spent hours helping me look for her. People in my life know how important my dogs are to me, and for so many who came out to help look, both those I know...

  • "Area watch" needed to combat crime

    Becky Billups|Sep 21, 2016

    I read and agreed with Larry Price’s letter in The Star 9/14/2016 issue, “Concerning the current drug and crime issues in the Coulee Dam area.” I see it 24/7 in my area, day and night. I can get up in the middle of the night seeing groups and/or loners with back packs, and they all go to one place in particular, but there is another that is growing in popularity too. GCHA (Grant County Housing Authority) finally stepped up and evicted/removed some of the problems in their housing. It took much corresponding, but it finally worked. I got discour...

  • Thanks to a strong city council

    Becky Billups|Dec 31, 2014

    The Grand Coulee City Council Meeting that was held Tuesday, Dec. 16, was the first encouraging meeting that I have attended. It gave me my first glimmer of hope for issues that have concerned me for a long period of time, hopefully being properly addressed and actions taken to see the Council members challenge Mayor Chris Christopherson’s actions of running our city strictly on his own decisions, and acting on them, without Council’s knowledge or even a consideration, or respect for their positions in their role to our city government. I was...

  • Just say "NO!" to the mayor

    Becky Billups|Nov 19, 2014

    I have watched with much interest with how the mayor wants to handle the situation with the hiring of the police chief. The Civil Service Commission has, and “should” continue to have the role in deciding who will hold that position. The only reason I can see that the mayor is so bent on being the sole decider is to put one of his cronies in that position. That should not be allowed to happen! I have no respect for Mayor Christopherson, as “mayor.” I have found that he talks out of both sides of his mouth and accomplishes nothing! With that sa...

  • Letter written out of spite

    Becky Billups|Jan 15, 2014

    On Monday January 6th, 2014, I received a letter in the mail addressed to me on a personal note, DEAR BECKY L, signed J. Scott Graham, Chief Executive Officer of Coulee Medical Center. I was kind of taken back by the unprofessional greeting, and got more disturbed as I read this troubling letter. I took the letter personally, and that it was written strictly out of spite, and an attempt to demoralize the honesty of our physicians. I trust Dr. Castrodale explicitly, because he has literally saved my life, with his knowledge, his abilities, and...

  • Program deserves a chance

    Becky Billups|Oct 9, 2013

    I was sorry to see the “Liability issue puts damper on horse-kid match-ups,” article in The Star Oct. 2. I believe that “The Nourishing Hand” program would and could be a great program for the kids in this area. Animals have a great positive effect on people of all ages. This has been proven by the use of this type of programming in prisons, nursing homes, and also for troubled teens, with huge positive results, comforting the sick, the dying, the troubled, and even those that society said there was no hope for, by simply incorporating animals...

  • Local serviceman nominated for fatherhood honor

    Becky Billups|May 1, 2013

    Grand Coulee area and the reaches of The Star newspaper, one of our own, and my son, Major Kevin Billups USAF, has been nominated, one of four, to win the prestigious and deserving title as 2013 MILITARY FATHERHOOD OF THE YEAR AWARD! He needs all of our help to win this title and it’s very simple. Once a day, every day, until May 12, log into the site on Facebook: 2013 Military Fatherhood of the Year Award (link is, and simply vote for him. He is a wonderful, hardworking, honest, bright, a loving son, husband, brother, s...

  • Christmas mailing for our troops encouraged

    Becky Billups|Oct 31, 2012

    I have given up waiting to receive a name of a particular soldier to mail packages from home to. So I went on line and there is a website: “” and it lists names of soldiers (from every branch) who is wanting to receive packages from home. This will work out great, and I’m ready to start baking and sending, and I have heard from many others who are also ready and willing to think of our heroes serving us and our country. I would encourage everyone to pick a name and send a letter and box of holiday cheer to someone (any one of th...

  • Why can’t Grand Coulee enforce its laws?

    Becky Billups|Jul 25, 2012

    The few improvements that were made on Burdin Blvd. have all but disappeared. The truck loads of junk and debris are finding their way back into the neighborhood. The park that was created, obviously for appearances only, are again becoming a parking lot for used automobiles, trailers and parts. The park was a good idea to start off with, and looked very nice for a short period of time and the kids spent much time there. But it was just for show because it’s returning to its original state of junk. The kids are still playing there, but at t...

  • Maybe someday, cleanup fight will be worth it

    Becky Billups|Jun 6, 2012

    Just when I thought Burdin Blvd., and hopefully the streets surrounding it, was developing a sense of pride, it appears to be starting to return to its original state. After watching truck load after truck load of junk (aka recyclable trash imported from other environmentally distressed areas) leaving our neighborhood, I thought AT LAST, our little section of town is getting cleaned up. WRONG! “Tall” wooden fences are being erected with bright NO TRESPASSING signs clearly posted, for my behalf. And although I haven’t seen signs posted in other...

  • Some improvements made, much more needed

    Becky Billups|Apr 11, 2012

    There’s been some improvements on Burdin Blvd., very few, if any, on A Street, but more needs to be done to not only these areas but so many more in Grand Coulee. Of course, with those improvements comes the silent treatment, the snickers and the disapproval by the neighbors with all the junk. I suppose that’s my punishment for wanting it cleaned up, but in the end it will be well worth it. And there’s even a bright spot in the silent treatments as it is bringing the rest of the neighbors closer to one another. I still expect the city to come...

  • Neighborhood needs to be cleaned up

    Becky Billups|Mar 28, 2012

    I approached Grand Coulee City Counsel meeting on Tuesday, March 20, with a request to have my neighborhood cleaned up. I wanted to know if there are any ordinances for our town in reference to filth, piles of junk, endless numbers of cars/trucks, boats, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and trailers, whole unlicensed and non-driveable, and numerous parts lining streets and on every property in this neighborhood, stacks of tires (mosquito breeding grounds), garbage strewn everywhere, and another year of unkempt and unsightly yards. My neighborhood...