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Maybe someday, cleanup fight will be worth it


Last updated 6/6/2012 at 1:26pm

Just when I thought Burdin Blvd., and hopefully the streets surrounding it, was developing a sense of pride, it appears to be starting to return to its original state. After watching truck load after truck load of junk (aka recyclable trash imported from other environmentally distressed areas) leaving our neighborhood, I thought AT LAST, our little section of town is getting cleaned up.

WRONG! “Tall” wooden fences are being erected with bright NO TRESPASSING signs clearly posted, for my behalf. And although I haven’t seen signs posted in other neighborhoods, the fences are really a welcoming sight. But the real topper was yet to come.

I was walking my dog down the Burdin Ave. alley (public I thought) and a woman of this neighborhood came out and took a picture of me and my dog from a little less than a half a block away. I was thinking the whole time, “What the heck is she up to?” Normally there is no interaction. A short while later I found out. A police officer came to my door stating a harassment order had been placed on me, not by the picture taker but by her husband who was nowhere in sight. I was accused of peering into an open shed from the alley while walking my dog, (I’m not sure which shed, but I assured the officer they have nothing I care to look at, want, or would risk my honest name for). I figured lying is just another way of getting back at me, as they have used that ploy several times now.

I have been accused of being prejudiced, which I’m not. I have been accused of not cleaning up my dog’s messes, which I do. You see, I am the only one that walks their dog on a regular daily basis. My dog is not allowed to run, others are. I would gladly submit DNA evidence to clear her good canine name. I’ve been accused of invading people’s privacy; I still need to have that one explained to me. I have never entered anyone’s home or property (uninvited) to inspect their inside living conditions; why would I when I know what the outside looks like? I supposedly snuck around my neighborhood (I don’t even own cammo), taking pictures of junk strewn in yards, lots, and streets clearly in sight for all eyes to see, so there was never a reason to have to sneak. I did take pictures to present to the city council to see what this neighborhood looks like, and what my complaints are and were.

I have learned that I now live in the country; that was real news to me and I wanted to go out and buy a cow or at least get a few chickens to create my own version of country living.

I learned that all the junk boats, motorcycles, vehicles are all licensed and used for recreation; but one small thing — most of the licenses on these recreational vehicles are EXPIRED, many by years, and most don’t run and many are in pieces!

I learned that you just have to move a derelict vehicle a few yards and that makes it okay. I have also learned that you can establish a used car lot anywhere along the city street and vacant lots, and that depending on who you are, you no longer are required to have building permits or inspections of additions built onto your dwelling.

I have also been informed that I stabbed my neighbors not once but twice for wanting this area cleaned. Funny, not one of these people asked my permission to import all this JUNK into this neighborhood.

The worst part of this whole thing is that the kids are no longer allowed to talk to me or take popsicles from me, something I have done for years. But that’s okay, kids have an uncanny way of figuring out what is truth, unless they have been poisoned mentally their whole lives. I have never harmed a child, but can only imagine what is being said about me, but again I consider the source.

But there is always a silver lining to any situation, and I no longer feel the need or want to assist any of these people for vet and animal care, gambling funds, propane to cook with. I will not allow use of my appliances for them to wash clothes. Or borrow anything or give anything to any of them. I will no longer be asked to call the police on behalf of another neighbor so they will have no blame (which I didn’t and wouldn’t). I will no longer take phone calls wanting to know what the police are in the neighborhood for. Listen folks, I’m not the only one that the telephone lines ring to the police or 911. I call the police for drunken, foul mouthed, noisy parties in the middle of the night, for animal abuse, nothing more!

I will no longer write glorified letters on behalf of my neighbors to justify their wrong doings (regrettably I have). I will never again have to listen to them backstab each other.

And all of this is because I wanted a clean neighborhood, something to be proud of. There’s nothing to be proud of in this neighborhood except my own little piece of heaven, and I truly expect to see changes made by revengeful neighbors to my property, or worse, my dog. Revenge is a hateful thing, but runs rampant here. But in “my life,” on the other hand, I have much to be thankful for: my family (honest and hard working), my home (clean), my yard (beautiful), my car (licensed and insured), my dog (up to date on shots, spayed, walked daily, and loved), my bills paid because I worked hard my whole life and have not had to rely on any agency to feed me, clothe me, supply my medical or support me in any way, and I raised three fine sons (on my own)! Was it hard? Absolutely! Was it worth it? You’re damn right. And I have true friends that I love and they love me back just because of who I am, and who they are (of many ethnic backgrounds). I’m honest, I don’t lie or steal, I care to a fault, and I HAVE PRIDE. And I will never be ashamed of that, and it will always show, and I'll always hold my head up straight.

I have never had any intention of causing this much hate and discontent for a simple thing as cleaning up the neighborhood, but hopefully (someday) it will be worth it, and maybe some pride will have rubbed off on them, or at least the city will have enforced all ordinances and the neighborhood will be cleaned up.

Becky Billups

Grand Coulee


Reader Comments(1)

getitright writes:

You know none of this would have to be such a problem if you would just talk to your neighborhood and let them know what you see and feel is wrong. Not once have you talked anyone in your neighborhood about any of this. Nobody ever had a problem with you or complained about you until you started the fire. Now you have the WHOLE communities attention on how NATIVE and GHETTO YOUR neighborhood is stop complaining already. So sad surveillance cameras and signs are being put up because you will not stop. Just as you stated before POOR POOR BECKY... Get a life!

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