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Last updated 7/25/2012 at 8:07pm

The few improvements that were made on Burdin Blvd. have all but disappeared. The truck loads of junk and debris are finding their way back into the neighborhood. The park that was created, obviously for appearances only, are again becoming a parking lot for used automobiles, trailers and parts. The park was a good idea to start off with, and looked very nice for a short period of time and the kids spent much time there. But it was just for show because it’s returning to its original state of junk. The kids are still playing there, but at the rate it’s filling up with cars they won’t be for long. Yards are again becoming breeding grounds for unknown varieties of weeds and just ugly and unkempt. Trailers, boats, and used automobiles are filling up vacant places on many vacant spots again, and the one alley is a highly traveled area in Grand Coulee. I didn’t realize that parking was allowed in alleyways, but it happens all the time here. Seems to be a squatters’ right thing going on here — I use it, it becomes mine to do as I please — mentality. There is much commotion during nighttime hours, and flood lights burn brightly at times. I can’t help but notice a used car selling operation going on as well, and also a lot of backyard mechanic(ing) on future sellable vehicles. I thought there was some kind of law on how many vehicles a person can sell from their residence?

Auto’s For Sale signs on vehicles are as abundant as No Trespassing signs on homes, quickly constructed fences, and staked signs. Can you believe there are also No Hunting, No Trapping, No Fishing, as well as No Trespassing signs on some of the properties on Burdin Blvd. and those (meaning me) caught breaking any of the “No’s” on the above will be prosecuted. It’s almost laughable. What those signs really mean is, Becky, you can’t hunt, trap, fish or trespass; but I have to trap the vermin that comes onto my property from theirs, but have yet had any fish spawn to my property to catch, or had any large game come through their property onto mine to hunt, and I have no need to trespass! And those signs just add insult to injury. Of course again it all depends on who is doing it.

I had a contractor come to my home to make a bid to have some improvements made to my home. Now, to make “improvements” I will have to follow code, follow building regulations, etc. But others in this area of ours can construct anything onto their dilapidated unsightly homes, and nothing is done about it. Not only are their additions eyesores, they appear to be fire traps waiting to happen. Not one word is said about that. WHY?

I am not well liked in this neighborhood and I could care less. I have had my fill of garbage, junk vehicles, loud, drunken, foul-mouthed parties, liars, dogs running all times of the day or night yapping their little heads off, crapping on my grass. And someone, most likely a kid, will be bitten one of these days, ’cause that’s what dogs do when they are allowed to run, they pack together. Yes even Chihuahuas! That is a for-sure thing.

I’m not supposed to make waves, which I call B.S. on. I’m not supposed to defend myself when lies are told, I’m not supposed to state my opinion. I’m only spoken to when the need arises, which I find very enjoyable. Save your breath ’cause I don’t need or want anything other than a cleanup from any of you, and furthermore I don’t believe anything that comes out of some of your mouths anyway.

I am not ashamed of my property but I am ashamed of what this town has and is allowing this neighborhood and many others to turn into. Oh, there have been some improvements in some areas, which is wonderful, but much more needs to be done.

I have had a false police report done on me, and I assume there will be more, but there had better be more proof than a picture of me walking down the alley with my dog this time, because I won’t tolerate lies about me anymore! I have not had to stoop to lying about the happenings in this area. Unlike your worthless picture, the view for everyone to see is perfectly clear in this neighborhood and others, no lies needed! I have good, honest, hard working, proud people as my friends, and I appreciate all of them! There is very little PRIDE in this neighborhood, by most of the residents. What a shame!

I’m going to keep fighting this battle, because I’m sick of what is allowed to happen when the law(s) say otherwise. Grand Coulee has ordinances (laws, and rules) that need to be enforced! Coulee Dam can and is enforcing their town ordinances with good results, why can’t we?

Becky Billups


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