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Last updated 3/28/2012 at 12:31pm

I approached Grand Coulee City Counsel meeting on Tuesday, March 20, with a request to have my neighborhood cleaned up. I wanted to know if there are any ordinances for our town in reference to filth, piles of junk, endless numbers of cars/trucks, boats, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and trailers, whole unlicensed and non-driveable, and numerous parts lining streets and on every property in this neighborhood, stacks of tires (mosquito breeding grounds), garbage strewn everywhere, and another year of unkempt and unsightly yards.

My neighborhood isn’t the only one in the city, but it is disgusting to me. I happen to be proud of the things in my life, and to witness my home being whittled away in value because of the way my neighbors are “allowed” to keep their properties is appalling to me. I have referred to my neighborhood as like living in the ghetto, and I didn‘t buy my home in this environment. How can a person be charged to make improvements to their properties, and those charges will be enforced, and yet no one seems to care about the “disgusting” condition of the rest of the homes and properties in the same neighborhood? Like so much in today’s society, it just doesn’t make sense, I want someone to explain this to me.

I’m seldom spoken to in this neighborhood, and many times ridiculed, unless of course someone wants something from me. That doesn’t bother me, I simply consider the source. I’m known as a trouble maker because I report drunken, noisy parties, and abuse of animals, and now I’m going to really be popular because I want my neighborhood cleaned up.

Those that truly know me, know where I’m coming from and that is all that is important to me. I simply want the problem(s) fixed, I WANT RESULTS!

Becky Billups

Grand Coulee


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