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Program deserves a chance

Letters to the Editor


Last updated 10/9/2013 at 10:02am

I was sorry to see the “Liability issue puts damper on horse-kid match-ups,” article in The Star Oct. 2. I believe that “The Nourishing Hand” program would and could be a great program for the kids in this area.

Animals have a great positive effect on people of all ages. This has been proven by the use of this type of programming in prisons, nursing homes, and also for troubled teens, with huge positive results, comforting the sick, the dying, the troubled, and even those that society said there was no hope for, by simply incorporating animals and the responsibility of their care into those lives.

And the abused, neglected animals, like people, also seem to recognize and appreciate being loved and cared for, also with positive effects on them.

Sure there are risks! But I believe the risk in harm is much less than the positive role it could have on so many lives. This area, like so many others, is a cesspool of drug activity, and if we can, in any way re-direct our kids from this kind of destructive activity, the results far outweigh the risks.

Society can’t seem to find the answers in stopping the ruination of this country from drug use. So if this program redirects just one of so many kids heading down the wrong path, it would be the greatest thing that could happen to this area. It too could be a positive example for other communities. I can’t see where giving this program a reasonable chance to succeed, with signed waivers perhaps, could get this program off and running. I hope the district will reconsider their decision. It could be well worth it!

Thank you, Chris and Jamie, for starting this worthwhile program. This can and should be looked into more, and could with other people’s view on this. Keep up the good work. God Bless! 

Becky Billups


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