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A response to a Tribal Tribune editorial,

“Relationships, the foundation of tribal journalism” Sorry sir, I take wholehearted umbrage with your recent editorial listed in its entirety! Tribal journalism? What a laugh! To me, journalism is about writing, editing and publishing in factual... Full story


Wakeup call to full tribal council

For the past 2-3 years, our tribal council have not heard “the peoples.” They literally, purposefully, have not listened to the peoples. We in fb land know you sneak in and out of here to see what is the latest in what all of you call innuendo,... Full story


Looking for more valid elections

Activism is the rent some of the CCT elders pay. In the white societal world this is goot goot. It is called volunteerism. It is considered ‘concern’ for your fellow man, your neighbor, your community through participation in local community gove... Full story


The way it should be

I saw our rez from afar today. Awakening late, coffee, toast, and ‘pondering, praying, meditation and hope...’ what we once were, where we are right now, and what will be. Suddenly, picture perfect clear, it came to me like a dream, a vision,... Full story


Board member's comments usurp council authority

This in direct reference to the Butch Stanger letter of 2-12-2014. I was surprised that he found it necessary to answer my initial letter to the editor. Not only was my letter to Colville Tribal Council, but also, he usurps council authority through... Full story


Writer demands answers from tribal council

TO THE COLVILLE TRIBAL COUNCIL: I shall continue to harp on you, hound you, press you for answers on the current status of Ken “Butch” Stanger and Gene Nicholson Sr. as continuing members of the CTFC Board of Directors and that of Joe Pakootas... Full story


Don't waste tribal money on congressional campaign

Resolution'tabled'). To the Colville Tribal Council: "LEAVE IT TABLED!" Stop wasting tribal $$$, stop lyin' to our peoples (broke, broke, broke) and give some to our children, our future. Stop this council personal agenda, buddy buddy... Full story


What is going on with the Colville Confederated Tribes?

Just my opinion ... but I still adamantly say strict oversight by the peoples is necessarily ‘there’ against a still dysfunctional council ... and, further that we the concerned membership fighting for council reform truly and necessarily need... Full story


Tribal writer says he may have to back down

It saddens me that I may perhaps have to step down, step back from my political views, advocacy for our tribal peoples. My son TJ was working at the Manson casino as a dealer and has been gone for personal reasons. When he left, he was assured he... Full story


Push for change on reservation

An article on the front page of the just-out Tribal Tribune (The Administration Building) recounts words of past tribal council Chairman Mel Tonasket. The article began: “This is a simple message...” That article went on to further quote...


People were victims in recent fire

I still adamantly say the Colville tribal peoples across our rez and off are without a doubt victims in every sense of the word in the recent firing up of our CCT Admin. bldg. Legal proceedings against recent-past council/last year are imminently... Full story


Critical of tribal government reorganization

The token gesture towards solidarity through recent council committee delegations for the coming year was indeed too little too late ... my own doubts linger as madam queen left no loopholes. Her throne was shaken, yes, but it is still in place. Her... Full story


Tangled tribal web still woven

“Oh what a web we weave ... when our primary aim is to deceive.” -- Unknown Sorry, cannot give credit where credit is due. The above quote come to mind this a.m. while regurgitating the Colville Tribe political/governmental setting, c7g council.... Full story


Tribes still held hostage

Colville tribal elections 2013 are over... history; however, the Colville Confederated Tribes are still held hostage in the dictatorship-driven governmental systems through our sitting tribal council. Nepotism, collusion, buddy-buddy favor and... Full story


Tribal members should be idle no more

Through our strong native spirituality and our strong native pride, we, the Colville Confederated tribal peoples across our rez and off will indeed rebuild that indigenous circle of life that our current tribal council has destroyed … ever stronger... Full story


Election robbery committed

Charlene BearCub was literally robbed through council/elections committee corrupt manipulation of the absentee votes in the Colville Confederated Tribes primary elections, thus, she is not advancing to the General Elections in June as she rightfully... Full story


An open letter to the tribal council

Sin...redemption--being right or wrong. Are you so righteously ‘right’ that you allow yourself to stoop down, in servitude to evil … instead of being true to yourself … true to your reservation, and, most importantly, true to your own... Full story


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