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Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

A response to a Tribal Tribune editorial,

Letter to the Editor


“Relationships, the foundation of tribal journalism”

Sorry sir, I take wholehearted umbrage with your recent editorial listed in its entirety! Tribal journalism? What a laugh! To me, journalism is about writing, editing and publishing in factual directions, newsworthy material in a timely manner. Nothing more, nothing less.

Bowing down to CCT/CBC iron-fisted dictatorship rule only exacerbates the whole problem! I still opine tribal council indeed bridles our tribal newspaper to every direction; along this line I remain steadfast in my thinking that our Tribal Tribune does indeed suffer loss of “freedom of the press” at the hands of our bullying tribal council. Nothing has changed!

Tribal police ...‘cannot talk,’ what a joke! This is the perfect example of CCT/CBC anarchy; yes, tribal business council rule is indeed strict dictatorship at its very worst, highly toxic and self-serving at best, and further exacerbated by tribal council’s non-transparency operatives. Totally destructive!

Tribal code, tribal resolution, “the law” indeed does not exist to protect the Colville tribal membership; quite the opposite, I would say! CBC, at their whim, at their leisure, codify tribal resolution to their advantage every day, against tribal peoples and mostly behind closed doors, behind smoke screens, and under the table.

Relationships have nothing to do with journalism. Period.

lim limpt,

Truman Covington

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