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 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion 

You can't say thanks too often

Every fire season brings back a sense of apprehension and appreciation. A number of years ago my wife and I signed on with OK Cascade, a Bothell firm that provided support for firefighters. We did this for two seasons and were at... — Updated 7/28/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Maybe music will work

On a flight between Honolulu and Tokyo I became the third member of the International Tap Dancer’s Federation. It was a tongue-in-cheek idea that if we could get all the world’s leaders on the banks of the Yangtze River in... — Updated 7/21/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    News

Passing of a friend

Most people can count very close friends on one hand. That’s why it is so sad that I lost such a friend, Myron Finkbeiner. Myron and his wife, Gwen, and their family had been in and out of our lives for many years. He was a nativ... — Updated 7/14/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Everybody needs a Bob

The most popular person in my wife’s family was her brother, Bob. My wife came from a rather large family, and they all had a lot of kids, taking to heart to go out and replenish the earth. That is all except her brother Bob,... — Updated 6/30/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Snake River defines Idaho

I have spent a lot of good times along the Snake River, from its source to where it empties into the Pacific Ocean. It’s one of the longest rivers in the country and flows from one end of Idaho to the other. Its major source is... — Updated 6/23/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

A tale of two aunts

A person, years ago, asked me if I had a favorite relative. I had two aunts that would qualify, but I couldn’t say which one was my favorite. I would just call a tie and move on. Aunt Lorena was my dad’s youngest sister and... — Updated 6/16/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Expect the unexpected

When traveling in foreign countries, always expect the unexpected. In Bothell, I met a Chinese immigrant from Hong Kong who came to this country but had to leave his wife behind. He was born in Hong Kong and easily fit within the... — Updated 6/9/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Those public conveyances

When traveling, better have some idea of how you are going to get around in foreign countries. In the Orient, no country bests Japan. I have traveled there in taxis, subway, boat and plane. You will find that their operations are... — Updated 6/2/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Digging those Norwegian roots

My grandmother, Marie Rusten, was born in Norway in 1861. I have spent a lifetime trying to get information about her, while some of it was right at my fingertips all the time. I don’t have much that was my grandmother’s, only... — Updated 5/26/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Gwen Hilson knows coulee people and things

While working at the Star, I learned early on just ask Gwen Hilson. She has worked at the Star for a zillion years and under three owners. When writing about people or places you always come up with questions,and it’s easier to... — Updated 5/19/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

A vacation that was a knockout

While our four kids were home, we always tried to take a good family vacation. One year we took a month, and in our Chevy Impala we took off for an intended trip to Houston, Texas, then over to San Diego and up the West Coast. I... — Updated 5/12/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

A buddy in the real sense

Damon Landeros is my great grandson. He’s really more than that; he is one of my best friends. Damon is a frequent visitor to our home and has the run of the place. He has two TV locations, the computer, and of course, the... — Updated 5/5/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Irritate a wrestler at your own risk

While at the Statesman Newspaper in Boise, I was assigned boxing and covered a single pro wrestling event. The promoter of both boxing and wrestling in Boise was Al Berra, who operated a tavern in the downtown area. Al was... — Updated 4/28/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Wrong on both scores!

When I moved here, I thought with all this water I would get some boating and fishing in. I was wrong on both ideas. First, I bought a boat, a nice little boat, 17 foot long, as I recall. Paid $2,000 for it. I had been told that... — Updated 4/21/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Tailor-made to fit, literally

P.Y. Yee put clothes on you that fit and were of superior quality. He was one of the infamous tailors in Hong Kong, and I got to know him visiting his tailor shop in Hong Kong during my several visits there. It was like getting... — Updated 4/14/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Clearing the bases

Things look pretty bad right now for the people of Burma. In my visit to Burma, I found the people of a peaceful nature, but governed by military men who at the time stayed in the background. Since that time, there was a peaceful t... — Updated 4/7/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

The unsung heroes of World War II

If you asked someone who the heroes of World War II were, you would probably get FDR, Gen. MacArthur, Dwight Eisenhower, Gen. Patton, and so on. And they would be correct. But what about the unsung heroes? The kids across America... — Updated 3/31/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

You got a dog, you got a problem

It is said that a dog is man’s best friend. If this is true for you, then you have a serious problem. I’ve only had one dog that ever came close, and I will get to that in a minute. My first dog was a collie/shepherd mix,... — Updated 3/24/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

The not-exactly official report

It’s on again! Here’s the good news: the Bureau of Reclamation plans on restarting its fire station project. The bad news is that no one has any confidence the bureau will ever finish the project. This project has had more... — Updated 3/17/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Mrs. Hollenback's peaches

You could call them the formidable four. There was my mom, Mrs. Hollenback (a widow), Mabel Brantner (local tavern owner’s wife), and the preacher’s wife, Mrs. Stott. They spent a lot of time together. They attended church tog... — Updated 3/10/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Joe, and those motorcycle days

Joe Emerson joined our class as a junior at Palouse High School. He became my closest friend and remained so for several years. His older brother had ties with a motorcycle group in Spokane and we soon followed him there. Our... — Updated 3/3/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Grades or duck hunting

I started college when I was 25, and already with a family. That required that I had to work a lot to pay my way, and of course the bills. While I had several jobs, carried a full course load, I found time for personal activity. I... — Updated 2/24/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

The joy of a new baby

A few days ago, we had a new baby in the family. Actually, it was a great grandchild, the fourth for us. She joins Kaylee, Damon and Westlyn as great grand babies. I guess it is a sign of getting old. But what a joy to see them... — Updated 2/17/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Better be prepared

When you travel, expect the unexpected. Always have money on you for the country you are visiting. My first trip to Vietnam started out as an embarrassment, and nearly was a disaster. I forgot to exchange money before leaving Hong... — Updated 2/10/2021

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Awestruck in a temple

Dropping in for a three-day trip to Siem Reap, and a visit to Angkor Wat, a temple complex nearby, was a change of plans, and a welcome one at that.  Rediscovered by a French archeologist in the mid 1800s. Siem Reap was Cambodia... — Updated 2/3/2021


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