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 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Working with heroes in fire camp

A few years ago my wife and I worked two fire seasons for OK Cascade, a firm that under contract provided food, shower and laundry services during major wildfires. The firm then was owned by John and JoAnn Keener, both now... — Updated 9/16/2020

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Apples don't fall far from trees

Sometimes it is strange the things that draw you back to your childhood. While driving the other day, I looked down at my left hand that was grasping the steering wheel. My hand looked exactly like my father’s.  I often think... — Updated 9/9/2020

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Acts of bravery all around

When we think of bravery, we have a tendency to think big. Actually, acts of bravery are all around us, some more apparent than others. While in Vietnam a number of years ago I met a medical doctor who was captured by the Viet... — Updated 9/2/2020

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Standing at the foot of history

Sometimes you discover history after it is past. I have visited a lot of cemeteries and memorials, but probably the most moving is the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. I’ve been there twice, the second time after I had learned... — Updated 8/26/2020

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

A great friend while traveling!

The English language is the best friend while traveling in most countries. In all my travels in Asia, the one most constant thing was that English was spoken and understood in every country. Part of the reason was the influence of... — Updated 8/19/2020

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

So you hate to move!

I once moved twice on the same day. We have moved 14 times, but only once in the past 56 years. Our first move was to Palouse from southern Idaho. We were so recently married that it only took a couple of boxes, and those fit... — Updated 8/12/2020

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

From the egg biz to driving grain trucks, farmers deserve a good harvest

A drive through the Hartline area the other day showed piles of wheat forming outside granaries, an indication of an abundant harvest. I was born on a farm about four miles south of Palouse, delivered by my aunt while my dad went... — Updated 8/5/2020

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Imagine a world without music

It’s almost unimaginable. Music, whether we realize it or not, plays an important part in all our lives. My earliest recollection of music was when I was very young and my father sang to me. My father had an ocean of Irish... — Updated 7/29/2020

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

About immigrants

Ever wonder why some of our elected officials have it in for immigrants? All of us could easily trace our citizenship back to the time that our forebears arrived on our shores. In a sense we are all immigrants, some more mindful... — Updated 7/22/2020

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

A few of my favorite places

A person can be defined by the little things he remembers and his favorite places. My parents liked to take drives, and on one of them they would stop at a roadside springs to get a drink of ice cold water. They had a collapsible... — Updated 1/22/2020

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Threatening freedoms provokes revolt

You don’t know how important your freedoms are until you start to lose them. That’s what is behind the protests going on in Hong Kong. In April the government in Mainland China passed an extradition bill that would allow... — Updated 12/31/2019

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Remember through the year that they are heroes

Earlier this week the nation took pause to honor our veterans. The debt we owe to veterans goes well beyond Nov. 11. I didn’t come from a military family; however, my father and three of my brothers were in the military: my fathe... — Updated 11/13/2019

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

A spaghetti western in communist Burma

It was a scene that would have made Clint Eastwood laugh. I had learned that Burma was allowing travelers in on 72-hour visas, and since I would be traveling in the Far East I booked a flight out of Thailand to Rangoon. The country... — Updated 9/4/2019

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Ride the rails at least once in your life

Young people today, when you make up your bucket list, be sure to put in a train ride. Transportation by train is a rarity today, and only on occasion do you stumble on a coal-fired engine. I was a “gandy dancer” for the... — Updated 8/14/2019

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

A halibut good deal

I am a lousy fisherman, getting boxed out, except one time. That was out of Kodiak, Alaska, fishing for halibut. I was on a charter boat that had twin engines and a lot of speed. We were 50 miles out, where the skipper said that... — Updated 7/24/2019

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Changes to baseball won't bring fans back

The Major League Baseball season is upon us. The game is looking less like the “National Pastime” each year. I remember when every little town or city had its own baseball team. There was no talk then of major changes to the... — Updated 4/3/2019

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

How I came to dislike snow!

As a kid growing up in Palouse, I loved the snow. Snow meant sledding, and we had a couple of great runs, one in town and the other on the outskirts. The one in town was from the top of North Hill that wound its way through the... — Updated 3/6/2019

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

A researcher among us writes books

Gail Morin, of Elmer City, is on her 62nd book. Are they western adventure, romance, war stories, children books? No, nothing like that. Gail writes geneology-type books, getting all her information from public records. Her books,... — Updated 10/17/2018

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Hall of famer was impressive as just another guy

Boise, Idaho, was a great baseball town — home to the Boise Braves, a Milwaukee Class C farm club in the Pioneer League. But it was the large number of big-league players that set the tone in the valley. Larry Jackson, Harmon... — Updated 7/11/2018

 By Roger S. Lucas    News

Fireworks off Grand Coulee Dam set for July 4

Yes, the fireworks off Grand Coulee Dam will be on July 4 this year. Doing the show will be Rocketman Pyro, out of Spokane. It is the third straight year for the Spokane firm to light up the top of Grand Coulee Dam. Speaking for Ro... — Updated 6/13/2018

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

If chickens discriminated against people

There’s a rooster in Electric City. And it is a direct violation of the city’s chicken ordinance, which allows a handful of hens, but no roosters. A clear violation of equal treatment under the law. The city council, who... — Updated 5/23/2018

 By Roger S. Lucas    News

Man arrested after guns stolen

Police arrested and jailed a 41-year-old Grand Coulee man after he was identified by separate people as the person entering a house at 208 Banks Avenue after another local house had been broken into and guns taken. Jonathan J. Ande... — Updated 5/17/2018


Rodeo is now more handicap accessible

There's a new handicapped-accessible parking and viewing area at the Ridge Riders Rodeo Grounds, just in time for this year's Colorama Pro-West Rodeo. Workers prepared the site... — Updated 5/9/2018

 By Roger S. Lucas    News

Free food offered this Thursday

The Coulee Dam Federal Credit Union, in conjunction with 2nd Harvest, is sponsoring a “free food distribution” Thursday at the Zion Lutheran Church parking lot. It will be the third year that the credit union has sponsored the... — Updated 5/2/2018

 By Roger S. Lucas    News

Fish-raising program needs volunteers to continue

The fish-raising program that keeps Banks Lake supplied with trout is in danger of ending. Carl Russell, who ran POWER (Promoters of Wildlife and Environmental Resources) for a number of years and is still active in the... — Updated 5/2/2018


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