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 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    August 29, 2018


We have all taken a different path to get to right where we are today. For some, it has been a long and windy road of ups and downs, mountains and valleys. For others it has been a quick hop, skip...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    August 22, 2018

Back to school…what?

It is that time of year again. It seems to come earlier and earlier every year, and our summers get shorter and shorter. It is time for the awesome employees of school districts across the nation to g...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    August 15, 2018

Heroes in our coulee

All of us have stories of this past weekend. I also know that the fire is far from out as I write this, but many of us are taking a breath of not-so-fresh air and relaxing for the first time in days....

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    August 8, 2018

Simply the best

At a recent conference in Kennewick, Wash., two local stars from our school district were honored with high awards. I had the honor and privilege of being on hand when these two powerful superstars...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    August 1, 2018


In this day and age, the word “relationships” can have a skewed meaning. The younger generation may immediately think of the number of friends they have on Facebook or their followers on...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    July 25, 2018

The tale of a cat and a motorcycle

Let’s start with the cat. We have a very cuddly and cute kitty named Camaro. She has the sweetest temperament and has stayed pretty small for her age. We adopted her many years ago into our family a...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    July 18, 2018

Huckleberry hounds

This last weekend was our annual family campout and this year we welcomed Cairo on his first visit to the “plantation,” our huckleberry heaven. The crop was in good standing this year; an...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    July 11, 2018

Road trip

Sometimes you never know where your road trip will take you. The plan was to head to Conconully, Washington, to see their annual Independence Day Celebration. We had a plan when we went to bed on Frid...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    July 3, 2018


A lot can happen in a week or two. From Father’s Day to the 4th of July is a busy time in most families. Camping, vacations, fishing trips and camps can take up a lot of this timeframe, but...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    June 20, 2018

It is time to change our tune

First off, a disclaimer: I know many of you will disagree with me on this topic, but please bear in mind that if we want change, we have to be the change. For years, Lake Roosevelt schools have gotten... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    June 13, 2018

Sometimes something bigger happens

It happened not long after graduation started in the Lake Roosevelt 2018 ceremony. A shift occurred. One more graduate was added to the class, and there was not a dry eye in the gym. It first...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    June 6, 2018

The day has come: goodbye, seniors

“This is bittersweet.” “I was not prepared.” “No one told me about this.” “Every time you think something will be easy, it is not.” These were all phrases that scooted through my head...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    May 23, 2018

With arms wide open

Sometimes you just have a good weekend. When things build upon each other and you know you are supposed to be right here, right now. That is the way last weekend unfolded for me and for others in our...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    May 16, 2018

Speaking of life

We have all had that one person who has spoken so directly into our heart that it changed us forever. It might have been a parent, a grandparent, an uncle or an aunt. It may have been a boss, a...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    May 9, 2018

Taking him with you

This past weekend I found myself in many different situations as we packed in a lot of things over the few days we had off. On most Saturdays we go into Spokane and pray for those in need at the Heali...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    May 2, 2018

Build up the artist

I was honored this weekend to spend some time with some truly gifted men and women. I attended a training session put on by First Peoples Fund, in partnership with Northwest Native Development Fund (NNDF). The training was about how to hone your...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    April 25, 2018

Senior Profile: Alyssa Hobrecht-Flores

Sometimes life just happens. That was the summary of my sit-down chat with this powerful young lady getting ready to walk the stage and get her diploma at Lake Roosevelt. Alyssa Hobrecht-Flores is...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    April 18, 2018

I can only imagine

The song “I Can Only Imagine,” by MercyMe, has been a family favorite since it first came out. I have vivid memories of this song and the lyrics cut me to the core every time I hear it. Such...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    April 11, 2018

Senior Profile: Keianna Vera

I sat one day, about three years ago, with Keianna Vera. She told me her story up to that point. On that day, I knew that this young lady was going to go places. She told me about her roller coaster...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    April 4, 2018

The nail, the blood and the rock

How often does this happen, Aprils Fools and Easter on the same day? The more I thought about it, the more I realized that this is the state of the world today. I will let that sink in a bit. It is a thought provoking question and probably even...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    March 28, 2018

A little bit of willing today

This past week I have gotten to hang, be in meetings and just spend time with some pretty cool dawgs and cats. So I thought I might share a bit with all of you. If anyone went to Coulee Medical...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    March 21, 2018

Sleep: is it necessary?

Most parents realize this not long after bringing their newborn home. A lack of sleep is something that must be overcome as we pray and wait to see if our child will actually sleep through the night tonight. As those kids grow up, yes, they do start...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    March 14, 2018

Senior Profile: Lucas Bird

Sometimes it is just fun to chat with a young man who is ready to conquer the world, and sometimes you can learn a lot about life from that same young man. A few years ago I wrote about Lucas “Lead...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    March 7, 2018

The joys of parenthood

When you’re surrounded by kids for most of the day, sometimes you reflect on parenting skills: your own and others’. I also have many friends, who are young parents themselves, who come to me on...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    February 28, 2018

Integrity: the missing link

Sometimes I take a look at this world we live in and just shake my head. It feels like we are living in a big movie script and the actors and actresses just keep stirring the plot. Government divided...


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