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By Jesse Utz 

God can still "WOW" us

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Over the weekend, our God showed me he is still present and listening, but more than that, he is moving among his children in awesome and powerful ways. I know some of you read the title and turned to Coulee Cops, but those of you whose attention was caught by the title of this column and are still reading, well, let me explain my weekend the best I can.

It starts in 1992. Yep, that long ago. Right after I gave my life to Christ, a couple of ladies took me to a youth camp for the weekend. I slept most of the way and really had no idea where this camp even was. It was a powerful time and my life changed that weekend. I have often wondered over the years where that camp was and if it still existed.

About a year ago, Karrie and I met a lady from Seattle at the Healing Rooms in Spokane. We connected right away and became friends. Well, she became my sister, really. We have only ever seen her that one time but have stayed in contact over social media. Then she sends us an invite, asking if the location of this conference was anywhere near us. It was. It was in the Deer Park area and sounded like a powerful conference. We looked into it and decided to go, and so did she.

It did not take long after we arrived for me to realize where we were. This was the place, the Mountain Lodge and Event Center above TumTum. I was frozen in my tracks as the memories flooded my mind. God had brought me full circle. It was amazing.

If I thought that was amazing, then I did not know what was about to hit me. The only person we really knew going into this weekend was our friend Yvette, from Seattle, but by the time we left we had a large family. We were so blessed, and the teaching by Nathan Pietsch and his wife, Dawn, was powerful. I definitely felt equipped and delivered by Sunday morning.

One more thing to add to the amazingness of this place: There also was a dancer named Mona there. We knew who she was — we had seen her in the Healing Rooms also — but when we sat down and had a little chat during one of the breaks, we realized that her God-inspired worship was mentored by Wilma Bob. We recently started praying with Wilma in her soon-to-be open business in Nespelem. WOW, God, you are awesome.

We met so many special people over this weekend, and God’s presence was there up on the Mountain. But then we drove to Grand Coulee. We went home and gathered with some friends at Crown Point. We prayed and blew the shofar above the valley. Guess what? God was moving and doing things here as well. The phrase, “Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready” is one that needs to be shared with you because God is on the move and we had better prepare ourselves for what we are being called to do.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, come talk to me or Karrie. Go visit your pastor, church friends, or just show up to church. You are more than welcome to go to the Mountain any time as well, or the Healing Rooms in Spokane. Or you could pray to our living Savior and he might just reveal some things to you. Something is happening out there, and here, in our hearts. I do not want you to miss an opportunity. I’m Jess saying.

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