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By Jesse Utz 

Welcome 2019 in with prayer

Jess, shut up!


Last updated 1/2/2019 at 10:23am

It seems hard to believe that the actual year is 2019. Just under a year and we will be looking at 2020. When I was a kid I thought for sure we would have floating cars by now and kitchens that made us whatever we could think up, but we still need to cook for ourselves and we still need to dodge potholes as we drive to work. But this year as we move ahead and look to the new year, I am looking forward to the blessings that will be bestowed upon the entire area.

I am praying for healing for you. There are many of our citizens and neighbors out there that have been battling long illnesses of many kinds. I pray that it ends today, that health flows through you and your family like a river of healing water. I pray against sickness in your life. I proclaim that 2019 will be a healthy year for all. I pray that the Lord of All blesses you with health beyond measure, that cancer will be eliminated in his name; that our immune systems will be strong and doing their job properly; that bones will be corrected, mental illness cured, depression replaced with joy; that addictions fall away like dust and our bodies will not be touched by any pestilence. I pray for health from newborns to the elderly, let them all be restored.

I pray for financial blessings. We all need to be secure financially and our area seems to struggle with this part of life. I pray for our governments to be blessed, our school to be blessed, every citizen to be blessed with enough. As we become secure in this way, may we have a little extra to give to those in need as well. I know I always enjoy being able to give to others in their time of crisis, and I pray that you would be blessed with enough income to give. With this prayer comes the reality of smart financial responsibility as well. That we would be smart with what God gives us and use it to glorify his kingdom. I pray that we would never be without in 2019. Business would thrive, and jobs would develop. We will have stability in Jesus’ name.

I pray for marriages. I have seen the attack for many years, and I now ask the Lord to strengthen this family bond. No more will the enemy be able to attack this cornerstone of family. I pray that blessings rain down on the parental units that fight to stay together and work things out. I also pray for restoration in those that have been torn apart by an unseen enemy, that healing would come into the hearts of men and women and the children involved. Love would surround them all and bring them back together, stronger than ever as they walk out into this storm together. Men, I pray that you learn to love your spouses; women, I pray that you can respect your men; and children, I pray that you may receive and give love away freely.

I pray against suicide in our area. This darkness must go, in Jesus’ mighty name. For too long our area has been under the attack of this enemy and it is time to stop. I pray that we may notice changes in our loved ones and neighbors. That we are given the opportunities and words to speak hope into the lives of those being attacked. That angels of protection and mercy surround those in their times of trouble and lead them to the door of hope and grace. I pray that not one family would ever have to experience this trauma again in our area. Let us stand strong against the forces of darkness and drown it out with love.

I pray that 2019 will be the best year ever. Filled with family, love, blessings and growth. I look forward to having many conversations with you this year as we all step into the bounty that has been prepared for us all. May God bless you all this year and beyond.

(If someone you know is experiencing depression or you fear is suicidal, please call or have them call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255). You may also contact


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