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By Jesse Utz 

Movie night


Someone I know recently came home from a trip to Spokane and declared, “You have to watch this movie.” He was pumped and said that the flick had even moved him to tears.

Well that got me thinking: What inspirational movies would I recommend to others? So, I decided to only go with movies that moved me in a dramatic way. This is not a list of action-packed thrillers but of soul-searching, sometimes tear-jerking movies.

The first movie that comes to mind is “The Lion King.” It is a good movie, but there is one dramatic scene that gets me every time. When Simba is in the dry valley and the stampede is started by Scar and his hyena cronies, his father’s death, with the music played, is still one of the most traumatic scenes in cartoon history. Well, right up there with Bambi. We had the sound track to the movie, and when that track came on the kids would always ask us to skip it. It was just too sad.

If you want a tear jerker, then you must watch “Hatchi.” It is the life story of a special dog and his special bond with his owner. I don’t want to go into too many details for those who have not watched it, but I think we all have had a pet like this dog that seems to know our schedule better than we do. I may even be getting a little misty eyed as I think about it.

“The Pursuit of Happiness” is one of those movies that makes you want to overcome whatever is going on in your life. Will Smith plays a man down on his luck and tries everything he can to provide for his family. Sometimes when success does come, it comes from out of nowhere to someone who truly deserves it.

“Forrest Gump.” If this movie doesn’t inspire you, then nothing will. There are two moments in this movie I will never forget, not to mention the many movie quotes I still use today. But when Forrest finds out he has a son, his reaction is one to be remembered and we see the fear, pride, love mix as he goes through the emotions. The second is when “his Jenny” succumbs to her affliction. It is an all-time classic that tells a history story along the way.

“Facing the Giants” has one of the best sports movie scenes ever, when the coach decides to prove to his players that he can do something if he gives it everything he has got in him. The player goes way beyond expectations and learns what the coach really means by trying and giving your best.

In “The Green Mile,” one of my all-time favorites, John Coffee has a gift and is on death row. I love the cast, the story and the way it is all put together. I want you to see it, so I will not spoil anything here.

We all have movies that have inspired us. Here are just a few of mine. I did leave off “Freedom Writers,” “A walk to Remember,” “Stand By Me,” “I Can Only Imagine,” “The Color Purple,” and “Beaches,” but all have great stories and will leave you searching yourself for answers — and Kleenex.

Next time I will give you a list of action-packed favorites like ‘Top Gun.” I’m Jess Saying.

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