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 By Jess Utz    Opinion    August 28, 2019

Back to School emotions

Summer 2019 has almost expired, and that means the kids have worn out their welcome at home and are being sent out with new clothes, a backpack and made to get on the big yellow bus. At the same time...

 By Jess Utz    Opinion    August 21, 2019

Shaking, Shifting and Sifting

I have heard these three words a lot lately. I have heard them from people in government, in the education system, from friends, and from the pulpit. They have been used in a physical sense, in a...

 By Jess Utz    Opinion    August 14, 2019

A rocky trip

Thank goodness for the rainstorms that flowed through the area over the weekend. It was great news for firefighters and for our area. I know not everyone was happy with the downpour. I am certain the...

 By Jess Utz    Opinion    August 7, 2019

What others think of our home

As we traveled around the state this summer and others asked where we were from, they would always get a look of excitement when we said Grand Coulee. Some had memories of long ago and others had...

 By Jess Utz    Opinion    July 31, 2019

Taking advantage of opportunity

Every once in a while, an opportunity walks down the street, looks you in the face and extends a hand. A pivotal moment looks upon you and smiles. This is when making the wrong choice can be...

 By Jess Utz    Opinion    July 24, 2019

Poop Happens

As every young man already knows, poop is a regular subject matter in conversation. All chats with friends eventually turn to the poop subject. It happens with daddies too. Insert clever pun here: ...

 By Jess Utz    Opinion    July 10, 2019

Protecting the Nest

I like to take pictures. A lot of you know that, and I don’t get out as much as I like to. I especially like to take pictures of birds, second, only recently, to taking pictures of my granddaughter....

 By Jess Utz    Opinion    July 2, 2019

Must Try: Smokin' Oak

Sometimes you just must get in the car and go. Well, if I’m honest, we had business to tend to in Vancouver, Washington, but Karrie had not been since she was a kid and I had never been. As we...

 By Jess Utz    Opinion    June 26, 2019

This little light of mine

This is a different kind of summer for Karrie and me. We have a summer job. It consists of a little 4-month-old that I call granddaughter. But there is more, much more. We start our mornings with cudd...

 By Jess Utz    Opinion    June 19, 2019

One person's smile

If anyone recently had to be stopped in the construction zone, as new electrical is being installed on the bridge in Coulee Dam, you might have noticed a certain flagger. You already know the one I...

 By Jess Utz    Opinion    June 12, 2019

The importance of a board

This year’s graduating class, like many classes before them, had to sit in front of an “Oral Board” with community members that had looked over the educational portfolios the seniors had been ke...

 By Jess Utz    Opinion    June 5, 2019

The hum of summer

The heat came into the Coulee like someone opened the oven door to peek at the cookies and the furnace blast hit them at full force. And just like that, summer arrived … and so did everything that...

 By Jess Utz    Opinion    May 29, 2019

What's next?

As the senior class of 2019 inches closer to that day they have prepared for the last 18 or so years, they can now visualize the ceremony, walking down the aisle, family gathered and grasping the...

 By Jess Utz    Opinion    May 22, 2019

Senior Profile: Olivia Antone

As we get closer to this year’s graduation day at Lake Roosevelt, I sat down with one of this year’s seniors and we had a great conversation filled with tears, hope for the future and advice....

 By Jess Utz    Opinion    May 15, 2019

Unity is the key to a lot of doors

I have been hearing the word unity a lot lately. Its meaning, according to the dictionary, is “a state of being united or joined as a whole.“ It also has a mathematics definition. The number one... Full story

 By Jess Utz    Opinion    May 29, 2013

"Gem in the Coulee – John Huston" Part 2

I decided that at least once a week I would dig up a gem of a person in the Grand Coulee area and write about him or her, someone that might do pretty cool things or have an amazing heart that might... Full story


Spirit is alive and well

Homecoming week for LRHS was fun to be a part of and it showed me spirit is alive and well. The halls of LR were decorated with different genres of music. Rap, country, techno and rock boomed in the... Full story


Jess, Shut Up - When scary is an understatement

Back in the early 1990s, I was sent to the Chelan area for a large fire that was burning. Deano McPherson, Flint Bjorson and I took a structure truck over there as part of a “structure protection... Full story

 By Jess Utz    Lifestyles    August 1, 2012

Through destruction to “the plantation”

The family and I headed out for camping last week near Republic. It was an awesome example of nature’s power as we drove through the Keller and Republic areas. I can just not do justice in words to... Full story

 By Jess Utz    Lifestyles    July 18, 2012

Cartoons - not like they use to be

I was watching cartoons the other morning with my nephew, Terrill, and man have things changed. It seemed that all the cartoons he was watching had killing, fighting and weapons of some sort. Violence... Full story

 By Jess Utz    Lifestyles    July 4, 2012

How summers should be spent

Well, summer might just be making an appearance in the Coulee, and it got me thinking. When I was a kid we spent just about all day outside. We just had to be home before dark. All day outside. I... Full story

 By Jess Utz    Lifestyles    June 20, 2012

Jess, Shut Up - Wisdom in a grove

There is a man in Seaton's Grove that has wisdom beyond a lot of us. I can first remember meeting this Wizard of Wisdom when I was a small child. I would go to his shop and look at all the fish. Tank... Full story

 By Jess Utz    Lifestyles    May 23, 2012

Coyotes, Colorama, and Cletis

I learned a valuable lesson a couple weeks ago. It all started when one of our cats, Nala, was killed by coyotes in the middle of the night. It was hard for all of us who had ever petted her soft... Full story

 By Jess Utz    Lifestyles    May 9, 2012

Jess, Shut Up - Continuing my tour

After the last column I had many people come up to me, saying, “Hey you forgot about …” this business and that business, and they were kinda right. So I will continue my tour of local... Full story

 By Jess Utz    Lifestyles    April 4, 2012

Jess, Shut Up - Missing the missing trees

Over the last few weeks, trees and shrubs have been disappearing between Pole Park and The Star newspaper. The culprit? USBR. This made me think of the joggers and walkers that use that path every... Full story

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