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By Jess Utz 

Senior Profile: Jordan Flett

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Last updated 3/4/2020 at 10:31am

This week I am bring you another senior from the halls of Lake Roosevelt High School. My interview was a little different this time because I sat down with Jordan Flett in front of the entire Journalism class at LR to interview her to give them a taste of the interview process. So here is a little bit of my very personal interview with “Air” Jordan.

As I start all my interviews with the seniors, I asked her about her year so far, and she opened up immediately in her shy voice that got bolder the longer she talked. “It’s alright” was how she started but immediately added more and more. “I’m having a hard time with some stuff, it is just really stressful and my anxiety is high.” Jordan went on to tell me about the stress at home, from her past and how she is currently dealing with those issues to try and graduate and get on to her goals.

Jordan’s career, and life, for that matter, has been a rocky one, to say the least. She has overcome many obstacles along the way. Her freshman year caused her to be behind in her education from the start. She was living in Nespelem at the time, but went to school at Omak. Due to early mornings, truancies, failed classes, and moving a lot, she found herself behind in her education, and the court was involved because of the absences. The decision was made for her to move in with her aunt in Twisp, and things turned around. “I got off Truancy Board and passed all my classes, including the ones I failed freshman year; things were better for me at Twisp.” Then things changed.

Due to circumstances beyond Jordan’s control, she had to return home. She was now at Lake Roosevelt for her junior year. But things have changed for Jordan. She now knew she could accomplish things, and she had goals she was seeking. She wanted to be the first on her dad’s side to graduate both high school and college, and she is on track to do just that. She has already been accepted to two community colleges, but she has another goal, as well. She wants to go to cosmetology school first, so she can pay for college later.

She is thinking about how she can do this, and this is her plan: “Someday I want to be courtside for the Houston Rockets as a trainer,” she said, letting all in the room, and now Coulee Country, know of her intentions. She wants to go into the medical field and specialize in sports medicine and physical therapy.

When I asked about her influences, she named off a few staff members at Lake Roosevelt. But when she spoke of her friends, it was obvious that they had been there for her through it all. Rosa Carter, Alemeta Desautel and “The Brothers” were who she mentioned, specifically, and how they had been her shoulder to cry on, the voice of reason for her, especially this year. “They have been my rock, no matter what was going on and I can go to them.” This was a reminder for me and the class listening of just how important friends are on our journey.

Her biggest influence, though, might shock those who know her. “Myself,” she said without hesitation. “Before, I never talked to anyone about my problems; I just tried and figure things out, and I just did not know what to do so I just got stuff done.” She didn’t have a lot of help, she says, and she just focused on what she could do. “But now I know to go further. I got to have good friends like Rosa to open up to and share things.”

Her advice for future seniors goes right along those same lines. “If you got stuff going on, get help, talk to someone; things are a lot easier, and, really, you have nothing to lose.” She also added with a smile, “Don’t procrastinate either; senioritis is bad!” Great advice right there.

I have known Jordan a long time now, and I have seen her struggle and recover many times. She is one of those people who just keeps fighting. No matter what is going on in her life, she finds a way to fight and come out on the other side a better person. I would not bet against this young lady. If she says she is going to be courtside for a professional basketball team in the future, then I am willing to bet one day I will see her on TV doing exactly what she set out to do. She is a conqueror. Thanks, Jordan, for letting me and all of us be a part of the journey.


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