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 By Carl Russell    Opinion    March 13, 2019

Promoters of Wildlife & Environmental Resources (POWER) will disband

We would like to thank all the volunteers who have helped with all our projects over the past 32 years; you are the ones that made the projects a success. Thank you. Due to the lack of someone to manage the fish pens, the board of directors has...


Please vote NO on I-1639

This is another bill sponsored by billionaires and organizations such as Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility (WAGR). They spent $10.5 million to get I-594 passed in 2014. That bill approved by voters now makes it illegal to loan a rifle to a...


Fake news

With all the news media in the United States complaining about President Trump calling them fake news, just look at the coverage. CNN and MSNBC, according to reports, are 93 percent negative along with NY Times, NBC. The news media, before he...

 By Carl Russell    Opinion    June 27, 2018

Re: "Trump, GOP get failing grades on new tax law"

I know you are a liberal but at least you could try to be objective in your selection of the guest editorials. For instance, the so-called Americans for Tax Fairness. This organization is not for fair taxes; they are for higher taxes for everyone....


Defending the NRA

Carole Schroeder, in the letter to the editor, stated how much money has been donated to Republicans in Washington from 2006 thru 2017. Well, let me educate you: the NRA is small potatoes when it comes to supporting political parties. The NRA from...

 By Carl Russell    Opinion    March 29, 2017

Shooters have left an awful mess

Shooters that use the gravel pit at Osborn Bay behind Electric City: I have not been back there for over a year. I went out there Wednesday the 23rd of March. When my grandkids come they like to shoot, so we go back there. They burn up lots of powder... Full story

 By Carl Russell    Opinion    June 22, 2016

Many thanks due as POWER honored

It was an honor to accept the award for POWER as Organization of the Year, but the real honor goes to all the volunteers over the years who have made the projects possible. A special thank you to Pat Holbert, Dick Berry, Ray Burge and Doug Patrick... Full story


Sands has been a good mayor

I am sad to see Mayor Jerry Sands resign. He has been a very good mayor. But I can understand his frustration and his wanting time for the family because the mayor job is a full-time commitment. Honestly, I don’t know how he withstood the office... Full story

 By Carl Russell    Opinion    March 5, 2014

Gas prices still upsetting

I assume the local public is satisfied with Jack's Service response to my letter about gas prices in Grand Coulee Dam area compared to 25 miles in every direction is 10 to 30 cents cheaper. As I didn't see any other response to his letter. I don't... Full story


Gas stations missing business

One person owns all three service stations in Grand Coulee Area; I wonder if he knows how much business he is losing from local people. Everyone I talk to only purchases enough fuel to get the 20 miles to another service station that fuel is... Full story


Re: "Reader prefers Tea Party line" in Letters from Our Readers, Oct. 16

Good Letter Don McClure, but you didn't go quite far enough. Regarding the economic collapse of 2008. This collapse was caused by Congress with the Affordable Housing Act pushed thru with President Clinton and the Democratic Congress. To give the uni... Full story

 By Carl Russell    Opinion    March 6, 2013

Re: “Bureau cuts eagle roosting trees on lake”

The main reason the trees were cut down is because they were rotten, and every time the wind blew large limbs were coming down and getting dangerous to anyone or anything there. I was told by BOR they did a core sample and found all the trees had... Full story


On the complaint letters about Electric City

Well, did the people writing to the paper about the tax complaining check why the city council is considering passing the tax? Or just jump on the band wagon complaining. Well, if you want to complain, why you don't blame the people that elected the... Full story


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