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Last updated 3/6/2013 at 10:08am

The main reason the trees were cut down is because they were rotten, and every time the wind blew large limbs were coming down and getting dangerous to anyone or anything there. I was told by BOR they did a core sample and found all the trees had rotten cores. In fact, one tree there had a large bull snake wintering in it. When they started cutting it down, he came out in the cold and got ran over.

It was getting dangerous enough that the fish-feeding crew had to take caution when the wind was blowing.

The other problem as the people living there were stacking the limbs and leaves on and around the spare logs for the log boom and rotting them out. We ended cutting 3 of them up and hauling them away last spring.

With the Electric City's crew's help last spring, they came in with their loader and dump truck to help haul off two loads of leaves and trash stacked next to the spare logs.

Several people living there were also in favor of something being done with the trees, the (Shears) property owners want more cut down as they are dropping large limbs on their buildings. I understand when their budget will afford, they will tackle the rest of the large trees that have become problems.

Carl Russell


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