Shooters have left an awful mess

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Last updated 3/29/2017 at 10:59am

Shooters that use the gravel pit at Osborn Bay behind Electric City:

I have not been back there for over a year. I went out there Wednesday the 23rd of March. When my grandkids come they like to shoot, so we go back there. They burn up lots of powder then spend about an hour picking up garbage.

I must say, I am ashamed of what the shooters leave there — whiskey bottles, pallets, bowling balls, all kinds of trash they shoot up, then just leave it.

Do you ever wonder why the citizen that doesn’t shoot thinks our pistols and rifles should be taken away? When you see what has been left there, I don’t blame them. I would not be surprised if the property owners would fence the area off and post no trespassing (that happened to another area a few years back before you get to the gravel pit because of the trash left) then prosecute anyone who trespassed.

I would think sportsman would have more respect for the area they want to shoot at, (I use the word sportsman lightly) because what is left there after shooting is not sportsman-like conduct. If you are not ashamed of your conduct, you should be.

I would like to challenge all shooters who use the gravel pit to come Saturday, April 1, 9 a.m., with garbage bags, rakes, work gloves — and clean up the mess.

Carl Russell


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