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Re: "Reader prefers Tea Party line" in Letters from Our Readers, Oct. 16

Letters to the Editor

Good Letter Don McClure, but you didn't go quite far enough. Regarding the economic collapse of 2008. This collapse was caused by Congress with the Affordable Housing Act pushed thru with President Clinton and the Democratic Congress. To give the uninformed an education on the Affordable Housing Act. This legislation forced banks to give loans to people that could not afford houses or the payments and they had to have almost nothing for a down payment, then Freddy & Fanny were forced to purchase them from the banks. During President Bush's presidency he went to Congress according to the congressional record eight times trying to get the Affordable Housing Act changed because his advisers said that what happened would happen, a collapse of the financial industry. Congressman Barney Frank, congressional chairman, and Sen. Dodd, Senate chairman, both Democrats, refused to let any discussion come before their respective committees. They also stated every time there was "nothing wrong with the program." But they have escaped the blame and were able to turn their mistakes along with the mainstream media on to blame President Bush. Let me clarify, I am not a member of any political party.

Carl Russell


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