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Inviting you to Tonasket for program

You are invited to attend the re-naming ceremony May 27th, at 1 p.m. in the Tonasket Legacy Park. Highway #20 in Okanogan County will become the “Vietnam War Veterans Memorial Highway.” The ceremony will have the Confederated... — Updated 5/17/2023

 By Arnie Marchand    Opinion

Dedicate highway to Vietnam veterans

I wrote a request for everyone to write a letter of support for dedicating Highway 20 to the Vietnam Veterans. I thought it was a great idea and I accepted the role as chair from Hodges Post #84, in Oroville. I thought the response... — Updated 5/11/2022

 By Arnie Marchand    Opinion

Looking for support to honor veterans

The American Legion Hodges Post 84, Oroville Washington, is requesting that the State Department of Transportation honor the Veterans of the Vietnam War by dedicating State Route 20, from the Idaho border to the Skagit County line... — Updated 3/30/2022

 By Arnie Marchand    Opinion

Tribal council must have no discussions on removing Enloe Dam

This is an “Open Letter to the Tribal Council.” I have to address it to them and to you because you members are the ones that will ultimately pay for this if it ever comes to pass. It has to do with the removal of Enloe Dam and... — Updated 6/30/2021

 By Arnie Marchand    Opinion

4th of July Canoe Border Crossing is coming

This year will be the 20th Anniversary of the First Nations People crossing the border on Osoyoos Lake, paddling cottonwood dugout canoes from Osoyoos to Oroville. The crossing is to let all our People and the local communities to... — Updated 5/26/2021

 By Arnie Marchand    Opinion

Four-day work week is madness

They have done it again! The Colville Business Council, in their infinite wisdom, have once again tried to help by passing resolution # 2019-569 and disrupting the lives of the employees. The four-day work week and ten-hour day has... — Updated 10/2/2019

 By Arnie Marchand    Opinion

Open Letter to the Tribal Council

I am an Okanogan Indian and a member of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation. I am so disappointed in your name choice; I must re-remind you of your history and that we are not 12 tribes; we are but 10 bands of one... — Updated 8/9/2017

 By Arnie Marchand    Opinion

Requests for the new Colville Business Council

I have written you, the Colville Business Council, through this approach to let everyone know what I am saying to you. Now that we have a new Business Council seated, I respectfully ask that each of you take these three things into... — Updated 7/19/2017 Full story

 By Arnie Marchand    Opinion

What to do after you're elected to tribal council

This is a letter to all those vying for a position on the Tribal Council. You should do three things after becoming an elected representative. First: Change the name of the reservation. REASON: Time has long since passed that we... — Updated 3/29/2017 Full story

 By Arnie Marchand    Opinion

The meaning of “Okanogan”

I have been asked to give a definition of the word Okanogan, and decided to let everyone know because it is a word you hear every day and have never understood. Though there is no real consensus as to the definition of the word... — Updated 1/23/2013 Full story

 By Arnie Marchand    Opinion

Did you know?

… that the the ambassador to Libya, Mr. Chris Stevens, was an enrolled tribal member of the Chinook Indian Tribe. Chairman Ray Gardner said, “To all of the Chinook Members and all the friends of the Chinook Nation I am hopeful... — Updated 10/3/2012 Full story


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