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 By Scott Hunter    Opinion    June 12, 2019 

Government got the geezers

One of the least threatening places you can go is a beach in late afternoon where a couple of old anglers are quietly staring at the water, waiting for a line to move. If anybody understands the unwritten rule, the need for common courtesy, the...

 By Becky Billups    Opinion    June 12, 2019 

Heartfelt thanks and a caution

Thank you, Grand Coulee area and beyond, for coming to my scream for help, to try and help me locate my best, four-legged, friend, Love Bug, at the lower North Dam area. My heart is still broken knowing that she became a feast for a predator, but...

 By Roger Lucas    Opinion    June 12, 2019 

Unusual greeter was featured attraction

Two Gun Willie was a featured attraction at Silver City, Idaho. The old mining town had seen better days, and so had “two gun.” Willie was born William James Hawes in 1876, right in the town, that in its heyday had some 2,500 residents. Willie...

 By Jess Utz    Opinion    June 12, 2019 

The importance of a board

This year’s graduating class, like many classes before them, had to sit in front of an “Oral Board” with community members that had looked over the educational portfolios the seniors had been ke...

 By Lee H Hamilton    Opinion    June 12, 2019 

Compromise is the essence of our democracy

You may not be ready for next year’s elections, but in political time, they’re coming up fast. Which means that at some point you’re almost certain to hear someone announce, sternly, “I. Will. Not. Compromise.” And if you’re there in the...

 By M. Townsend    Opinion    June 5, 2019

Thanks to a kind couple over Memorial Day

On Sunday at Spring Canyon Cemetery, I was out visiting my husband’s flag and family. I saw the most amazing thing happen. There was a couple putting roses on headstones that had no one to do it for them. I sat and watched them and cried thinking...


Geezer Rehabilitation

The perceived threat to public safety by individuals fishing at Geezer Beach might be mitigated if their attitudes could be redirected. It is conceivable that they may develop an awareness of public image. Notoriety might be attended by a sense of...

 By Bob Valen    Opinion    June 5, 2019

Does it really rain plastic?

The short answer to the headline – yes, it does rain plastic. Take a look around, plastic is everywhere. It’s in our everyday lives; it is, in fact, omnipresent. It is in our rain too. Plastic is...

 By Jess Utz    Opinion    June 5, 2019

The hum of summer

The heat came into the Coulee like someone opened the oven door to peek at the cookies and the furnace blast hit them at full force. And just like that, summer arrived … and so did everything that...

 By Dan Newhouse    Opinion    June 5, 2019

Caring for the land and serving people

The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) motto is, “Caring for the land and serving people.” That is exactly what the students of USFS Job Corps Civilian Conservation Centers do. With 25 locations across the country, these Civilian Conservation Centers...

 By Scott Hunter    Opinion    May 29, 2019

Bureau might be good for B Street

Considering the fact that the lowering of the speed limit from 40 to 30 mph on a short strip of three-lane from Grand Coulee to the Grand Coulee Project offices had nothing to do with construction safety concerns, the Bureau of Reclamation’s...


People for the ethical treatment of Geezers needed

The stated reasons for regulating access to Geezer Beach seem contrived and sophomoric. If you accept the premise that vehicle traffic on the beach poses a threat to public safety, you could argue that boat ramps and public parks have greater potenti...

 By Roger S Lucas    Opinion    May 29, 2019

My Norwegian roots

My maternal ancestors go back to a farm near Lillehammer, Norway, where the 1994 Winter Olympics were held. Most of my mother’s family immigrated to the United States and to, you guessed it, Minnesota. My grandmother left Norway right after...

 By Jess Utz    Opinion    May 29, 2019

What's next?

As the senior class of 2019 inches closer to that day they have prepared for the last 18 or so years, they can now visualize the ceremony, walking down the aisle, family gathered and grasping the...

 By Lee Hamilton    Opinion    May 29, 2019

The key to representative democracy? Persuasion

I am lucky enough these days to be in regular touch with young people who are interested in public service. I find hope in their quality, energy, and motivation, and they press me to think more deeply about what it takes to pursue a life in the publi...

 By Scott Hunter    Opinion    May 22, 2019

Signs of the times?

Coming into Electric City from the south, there is a big sign that says, “Welcome to Grand Coulee Dam Area.” It was put up decades ago by the local Rotary Club. Another one just like it welcomes travelers coming into the area on the highway to...

 By Don Brunell    Opinion    May 22, 2019

Removing Snake River dams is unwise

There are dams that should come down and those that shouldn’t. Hopefully, as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers conducts its review of the 14 federal dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers, that will...

 By Jess Utz    Opinion    May 22, 2019

Senior Profile: Olivia Antone

As we get closer to this year’s graduation day at Lake Roosevelt, I sat down with one of this year’s seniors and we had a great conversation filled with tears, hope for the future and advice....

 By Dan Newhouse    Opinion    May 22, 2019

Playing politics with prescription drugs

It is no secret that prescription drug costs are high. When we hear about medications being sold for outrageous prices, it is important to remember that they aren’t necessarily special drugs for specific treatments or rare diseases. These are...

 By Peggy Nevsimal    Opinion    May 15, 2019

What is your obligation or commitment to your community?

What is your obligation or commitment to your community? Another Colorama weekend is done and this was a particularly challenging one for those of us at the Chamber of Commerce. In 1994, 38 years into the 63-year history of Colorama, the carnival... Full story

 By Betty Brueske    Opinion    May 15, 2019

Concerned about Electric City's sidwalk plan

I was shown an aerial photo of the proposed Electric City sidewalk plan on Highway 155. I am concerned because the parking lot adjacent to New Paradigm Physical Therapy would be eliminated if sidewalks block off highway access. Handicapped patients... Full story


Leave Geezer Beach to geezers

Prior to 9/11, one of the real pleasure spots for bank fisherman was the Banks Lake canal. At the time, I fished there almost daily. Although I wasn’t physically handicapped or too elderly, there were many who fished there because they could park... Full story

 By Bob Valen    Opinion    May 15, 2019

Climate change, tree rings and us

Climate change, tree rings and us Like a book of factual history, tree rings are the annual chapters of a tree’s life. Through the eyes of a trained professional, tree rings tell the real story of... Full story

 By Jess Utz    Opinion    May 15, 2019

Unity is the key to a lot of doors

I have been hearing the word unity a lot lately. Its meaning, according to the dictionary, is “a state of being united or joined as a whole.“ It also has a mathematics definition. The number one... Full story

 By Scott Hunter    Opinion    May 8, 2019

Solving climate change may not be fair, but it's urgent anyway

Those who assert that action on climate change should only happen if it’s fair, just don’t understand the problem. It may be true that other countries are egregious polluters, adding as much carbon and other warming agents to the atmosphere, or...


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