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17 years ago

The Festival of America fireworks atop Grand Coulee Dam on July 4, 2005.... — Updated 6/29/2022


Ensuring affordable, reliable housing for all families requires faster permitting

When you hear “waters of the United States,” or WOTUS, it’s likely that your mind immediately shifts to the impacts this regulation has on America’s agriculture industry. As a farmer, it’s on my mind constantly. WOTUS... — Updated 6/29/2022

 By Roger Lucas    Opinion 

Good luck Jaci

When my wife and I used to hike, we thought in miles, the fewer the better. We would never have thought in the hundreds of miles. Jaci Gross and her 72-year-old mother, Jeanne, are underway on a 400-mile pilgrimage to Santiago, Spa... — Updated 6/29/2022

 By Carol Schoning    Opinion 

Re: "One nation, indivisible" 6-22-22

2 There are several very important words of the pledge of allegiance: I pledge ALLEGIANCE (loyalty or commitment) to the flag of the UNITED (joined together politically for a common purpose) States of America and to the REPUBLIC (a... — Updated 6/29/2022

 By David Pawul    Opinion 

Newhouse column statement again is divisive

Once again Representative Newhouse has proved himself to be a political hack with his Guest Column published in the June 22nd Star. (“We must protect Central Washington’s veterans”) His blaming the Biden Administration not... — Updated 6/29/2022

 By Scott Hunter    Opinion 

Evacuation notice reminds us of the need to think about fire safety

Don’t let a wet spring fool you. A day after the year’s hottest day so far in the region, Grant County citizens got a reminder of what that can mean when the sheriff’s office issued a Level 2, then Level 3 Evacuation notice... — Updated 6/29/2022

 By Dan Newhouse    Opinion

We must protect Central Washington's veterans

The Biden Administration must be held accountable for failing to serve Central Washington’s veterans. This weekend, details on a draft report from the VA’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) broke news headlines, outlining... — Updated 6/22/2022

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Drones can help restored scorched public forestlands

Regenerating millions of western forested acres scorched by large wildfires is a herculean task costing hundreds of billions. However, healthy growing woodlands are essential to... — Updated 6/22/2022


Eighty-two years ago

"Miss Coulee", the first big passenger boat to go into service on the lake behind Grand Coulee Dam. - July 8, 1940... — Updated 6/22/2022

 By John M. Adkins    Opinion

Dysfunctional pattern continues

In my last thoughts shared in The Star, I mentioned that I had hoped that the upper brass in the GCDSD would start to be accountable for the downward spiral of dysfunction created by their superintendent. I love our local school... — Updated 6/22/2022

 By Roger Lucas    Opinion

Visit, but don't stay!

When an area suddenly becomes popular, it ruins it for people who already lived there. There’s a lot of examples of this. I don’t think it could happen here, but you never know if we will be discovered someday. While living in... — Updated 6/22/2022

 By Dan Newhouse    Opinion

Energy crisis worsens, cost of living skyrockets

A year and a half ago, when President Biden was sworn into office, gas prices were $2.39 a gallon. Today, gas prices have more than doubled, averaging $5.01 per gallon. The Labor Department reported Friday that inflation rose to... — Updated 6/15/2022

 By Roger Lucas    Opinion

That old feather bed

My Aunt Voe used to put me up in an upstairs feather bed when I would visit. I don’t know what kind of feathers she used, but they made an extremely soft mattress and likewise the sleep. Voe was what you could correctly say... — Updated 6/15/2022

 By Don C. Brunell    Opinion

Lower Snake River dams' power hard to replace

Gov. Jay Inslee and Sen. Patty Murray, both Democrats, issued a draft report which estimates that breaching the four lower Snake River dams and replacing their electricity and other benefits would cost between $10 and $27 billion.... — Updated 6/15/2022

 By Jack Stevenson    Opinion

One Nation, Indivisible

Some of us grew up reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in school every day. The words “one nation, indivisible” are a potent memory. Are those words history? The thirteen colonies declared their independence from England on... — Updated 6/15/2022

 By Scott Hunter    Opinion

Weekends of joy

This weekend will feature lots of smiles, as did last weekend. The difference will be in the fact that the average age of smilers will be reduced. Last Saturday, seniors graduated from high school; this Saturday kids get a chance... — Updated 6/15/2022

 By Dan Newhouse    Opinion

China's threat to American food security

China has been buying up American farmland, and, for some reason, people aren’t worried about it. Maybe they’re unaware that China’s American agricultural land holdings have increased over tenfold in the last decade. Maybe... — Updated 6/8/2022

 By Bob Valen    Opinion

Weather Forecasting - Part One

Our weather forecasts originate from the National Weather Service. How you get your weather forecast varies a lot. There are numerous weather phone apps. All television and radio... — Updated 6/8/2022

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Covid pandemic claw-back spurs robot growth

Prior to the corona virus outbreak, economies in the industrial world were moving along fairly smoothly — reliable supply chains with “just in time” component arrivals,... — Updated 6/8/2022

 By Roger Lucas    Opinion

It's graduation time - make a plan

There are always a few who know what they want to do after graduating from high school. My great granddaughter, Kaylee Landeros, has already been accepted at Eastern Washington University and soon will go to the campus to plan her... — Updated 6/8/2022

 By Scott Hunter    Opinion

Congressman would serve better without the misleading rhetoric

While he’s right about the diverse energy portfolio the state of Washington boasts, and about the necessity of an all-of-the-above energy solution, for now, Rep. Dan Newhouse would better advance the goals of energy independence... — Updated 6/3/2022


The power of Central Washington's all-of-the-above energy portfolio

Over the past year and a half — under the Democrats’ one-party rule — rural communities like ours in Central Washington have been harmed by the failed, anti-energy policies coming out of our nation’s capital. Gas prices... — Updated 6/3/2022

 By Roger Lucas    Opinion

It means more than going to the mall

Memorial Day can be a special occasion.  It is meant to be a day of remembering family members and close friends who have passed on. It is a time when you can reflect on the good times enjoyed with those who have been closest to y... — Updated 6/1/2022

 By Jack Steveson    Opinion

On mass shootings in the United States

  “Mass shooting” is defined as four or more people shot. A list of the number of those mass shooting events by year is cited below. 2022: 249 as of May 24. In all of 2021: 671; in 2020, 611; 2019, 416; 2018, 336; 2017, 346;... — Updated 6/1/2022


Very proud of LR alumnus

Andy Clark is an LR alumnus and was a very talented Raider and UW Husky track athlete. At LR he was coached by Randy Spotts, who was the best high school distance coach around. Randy was very organized, methodical, expected the... — Updated 6/1/2022


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