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 By Lee Hamilton    Opinion

It is time to show our resilience

If you pay attention to global affairs, you know that increasing numbers of people believe US leadership in the world is coming to an end and the West more broadly is being eclipsed. I think these predictions are exaggerated,... — Updated 12/23/2020

 By Brad Hawkins    Opinion

Renewable hydrogen demonstrates our region's continued clean energy leadership

Back in 2019, I partnered with Douglas County PUD to sponsor and pass a bill authorizing Public Utility Districts to produce and sell renewable hydrogen. Hydrogen is a gas that can be created from a process that uses electricity to... — Updated 12/16/2020

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

All with a little help

Ever think of the influence others have had in your life? When I went to college, I had no idea or hope that I would become a journalist. I took a college course in journalism, mainly so I could learn to write. Things went well,... — Updated 12/16/2020

 By Isabelle Spohn    Opinion

Uninformed opinion on public health should qualify chairman to resign

If your family member or loved one is employed by Okanogan County, I would be seriously concerned due to: The attitude of County Commissioner DeTro, chairman of the Board of Commissioners and Board of Health.  Recent positive Covi... — Updated 12/16/2020

 By Tom Dent    Opinion

I survived COVID, but are we making the cure worse than the disease?

On Feb. 29, Gov. Jay Inslee proclaimed a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. With this being an unknown and highly contagious virus, most folks agreed with his precautionary measures. His reasoning was to protect... — Updated 12/16/2020

 By Brad Hawkins    Opinion

Looking ahead to the legislative session

The final days of the 2020 legislative session last March presented some real challenges. The Legislature worked diligently to wrap up its session as some of the first cases of COVID-19 in the United States were confirmed in our... — Updated 12/9/2020

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Rock of ages, afar

Once upon a time there was this rock along the Snake River just out of Melba, Idaho. It was an Indian map rock where ancient natives had etched the route of the Snake River along with other helpful information. While a reporter for... — Updated 12/9/2020

 By Harrison Raine    Opinion

It's time to come to the aid of wildland firefighters

By mid-September, there was no one left to call. The West, with its thousands of federal, state, and local fire engines and crews, had been tapped out. Wildfires across the West had consumed the labor of all available wildland... — Updated 12/9/2020

 By Mick Palanuk    Opinion

Re: "Can't shake that burning fire station subject" Star, Dec. 2

Roger, I enjoyed reading your (column). For one thing, I’ve always enjoyed your readable style, but also, in this case your pointing out once again how difficult it is to deal with the agencies of the Federal Government.... — Updated 12/9/2020

 By Carol Schoning    Opinion

Won't be sending granddaughter to school

I think that opening our school district to face-to-face learning is one of the biggest mistakes we could have made to start with. We start out allowing 25 per 100,000, then 75 and now 200. Who are they trying to kid? What is this... — Updated 12/9/2020

 By Dan Newhouse    Opinion

Recognizing Native American Heritage Month

Native American history is engrained in the culture of the Pacific Northwest. Throughout our region, we are reminded of Tribal culture and heritage which greatly influence our way of life. November is Native American Heritage... — Updated 12/2/2020

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Can't shake that burning fire station subject

I just can’t shake it! I‌ ‌have‌ ‌a‌ ‌suggestion‌ ‌for‌ ‌Bureau‌ ‌officials‌ ‌concerning‌ ‌the‌ ‌stalled‌ ‌fire‌ ‌station. ‌ ‌ It‌ ‌would‌ ‌be‌ ‌incredible‌ ‌if‌ ... — Updated 12/2/2020

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

On a clear day you can see Montana

Steptoe Butte lies 12 miles north of Colfax, the Whitman County seat. Its elevation is 3,612 feet, hovering over the Palouse wheat fields. It is said that on the horizon you can see the high mountains in Montana. For me, the view... — Updated 11/24/2020

 By John M. Adkins    Opinion

Appreciated DeWinkler's thoughts

Thanks, Donna DeWinkler, for the thoughts you shared in The Star Newspaper recently. Tolerance of a diversity of viewpoints is always healthy. Everyone needs to have a growth mindset and be open to learning from each other. We get... — Updated 11/24/2020


Perspective gained with facts, differing opinions and respect

I appreciate the opinion and feedback that was shared in the Nov. 18 newspaper regarding my public comments at the Nov. 9 school board meeting. Sharing our opinions on various subjects, knowing that we don’t have to agree on... — Updated 11/24/2020

 By Cathy LaPlace    Opinion

The opportunity to do what is right

Like every person who attended high school in France, I studied philosophy in my senior year. I learned about Spinoza, Rousseau, Descartes, Voltaire, and many others. One quote from Voltaire has always impressed me, especially... — Updated 11/24/2020

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

An eye on Nespelem

Colleen Leskinen has had her eye on Nespelem for a very long time, essentially since her birth year, 67 years ago. Some people know her as the lady who runs the daycare, within the shadow of the town limits. Others know her as the... — Updated 11/18/2020

 By Jeremy Field    Opinion

Shopping small for 2020 holiday season needed more than ever

It’s no secret that the Coronavirus pandemic has made a huge impact on how Washington retailers and restaurants operate. With additional restrictions implemented at the start of the holiday season as cases surge, it’s another... — Updated 11/18/2020


Community should realize division and school staff fear

The other day I made a public information request for documents concerning the GCD School District Board meeting on Nov. 9th, 2020. One item I asked for was a copy of Form 1430F, Request to be Placed on the Board Agenda. This form... — Updated 11/18/2020

 By Kris Piccolo    Opinion

They're treasures who need to be treasured

I cried today — Friends and family of John Coykendall will understand. A more genuine and dear soul you would not find. I enjoyed conversation with him over the great little things and the little big things. (To clarify: he... — Updated 11/18/2020

 By Carol Schoning    Opinion

Re: "Risky time to take risks" editorial, Nov. 11 issue

Just a comment on Scott Hunter’s thoughts on starting in-person learning again: In my 70s and raising a now teenager who says I am an (old fashioned, crazy, crabby old lady), I often wonder if she is right. I have answered the... — Updated 11/18/2020


Risky time to take risks

We have to get back to normal sometime, it’s true. But when? The Grand Coulee Dam School District directors voted last night (Monday) to implement a plan for a phased-in restart even for the seventh- through 12th-graders.... — Updated 11/10/2020 Full story

 By Rob Lowry    Opinion

Trump's Staying Power

Pending the outcome in a few key states, Donald Trump may be leaving the White House, but he’s not exiting the room. The fiercest Never Trump critics hoped for -- and wishfully predicted -- a cleansing landslide that would wipe o... — Updated 11/10/2020

 By Bob Franken    Opinion

SLAPP Schtick

Through his entire life, Donald Trump has been a SLAPP master. What is SLAPP, you ask? Good question. It stands for “strategic lawsuit against public participation.” For our purposes, it means frivolous legal action, usually... — Updated 11/10/2020

 By Roger S. Lucas    Opinion

Are you tough enough?

This week I would like to recognize and honor service personnel, past and present. I came from a military family. My father was in the army in World War I. I still have his papers from when he was called up, and his discharge. My... — Updated 11/10/2020


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