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 By Peggy Nevsimal    Opinion    May 15, 2019 

What is your obligation or commitment to your community?

What is your obligation or commitment to your community? Another Colorama weekend is done and this was a particularly challenging one for those of us at the Chamber of Commerce. In 1994, 38 years into the 63-year history of Colorama, the carnival... Full story

 By Betty Brueske    Opinion    May 15, 2019 

Concerned about Electric City's sidwalk plan

I was shown an aerial photo of the proposed Electric City sidewalk plan on Highway 155. I am concerned because the parking lot adjacent to New Paradigm Physical Therapy would be eliminated if sidewalks block off highway access. Handicapped patients... Full story

 By Michael Palanuk    Opinion    May 15, 2019 

Leave Geezer Beach to geezers

Prior to 9/11, one of the real pleasure spots for bank fisherman was the Banks Lake canal. At the time, I fished there almost daily. Although I wasn’t physically handicapped or too elderly, there were many who fished there because they could park... Full story

 By Bob Valen    Opinion    May 15, 2019 

Climate change, tree rings and us

Climate change, tree rings and us Like a book of factual history, tree rings are the annual chapters of a tree’s life. Through the eyes of a trained professional, tree rings tell the real story of... Full story

 By Jess Utz    Opinion    May 15, 2019 

Unity is the key to a lot of doors

I have been hearing the word unity a lot lately. Its meaning, according to the dictionary, is “a state of being united or joined as a whole.“ It also has a mathematics definition. The number one... Full story

 By Scott Hunter    Opinion    May 8, 2019

Solving climate change may not be fair, but it's urgent anyway

Those who assert that action on climate change should only happen if it’s fair, just don’t understand the problem. It may be true that other countries are egregious polluters, adding as much carbon and other warming agents to the atmosphere, or...

 By George Kohout    Opinion    May 8, 2019

Time to replace city officials

What is happening to Electric City? When I found out about Western Avenue being closed off, I asked the city clerk whose numb-nutted idea this was, and he said it was his. It seems apparent that the mayor and city council will go against emergency...

 By Dan Newhouse    Opinion    May 8, 2019

Renewable energy and agriculture reduce carbon footprint in Central Washington

Last week, the House voted on legislation that would force the President to participate in the Paris Climate Agreement to reduce carbon emissions in the United States and the world. On the surface, this bill paints a pretty picture: reducing our...

 By Tonda Benge    Opinion    May 8, 2019

Small businesses got shut out from tax reform benefits

With Tax Day behind us and National Small Business Week upon us, it’s the perfect moment to reflect on what helps small businesses prosper. Encouraging people to “Shop Local” definitely helps. Each year, Small Business Week gives my business a...

 By Bob Valen    Opinion    May 8, 2019

Test election candidates for competence

In every stage of life we go through, there seems to be some type of test. We all faced the required tests that 12 years in school presented. There was a variety of tests for those who spent time in...

 By Steven Phillips    Opinion    May 1, 2019

Re: "What's wrong with universal health care"

What’s wrong with UHC, i.e., socialized medicine? Simple. First, we have the best and most accessible Health Care in the WORLD. Want to change that? Put government bureaucrats in charge! How is the Federal Government (FG) doing with almost...

 By Roger S Lucas    Opinion    May 1, 2019

Our last whitewater trip

It was probably my last whitewater rafting trip, maybe! A few years ago my wife, Dorothy, and I talked about taking a whitewater rafting trip, so I went to Leonard Taylor out in Electric City to ask him if he knew anyone who was still taking people...

 By Dan Newhouse    Opinion    May 1, 2019

Christians targeted on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka

Easter Sunday is the holiest day for observant Christians worldwide. It is the day followers of Jesus Christ celebrate his resurrection, and many believers choose to be baptized or receive their first communion on the special day. It is the day on wh...

 By Lee H Hamilton    Opinion    May 1, 2019

What would make Congress better?

A couple of weeks ago I was speaking to a group of students and decided to start with a point-blank question: Is Congress doing a good job? There were perhaps 100 people in the room, and not a single one raised his or her hand. So I asked the questio...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    May 1, 2019

He huffed and he puffed

Last weekend the wind blew. It did not seem like an extraordinary wind. It was powerful, for sure, but it did not seem anything like storms we have seen here in the past. The wind howled, the trees sh...

 By Scott Hunter    Opinion    April 24, 2019

Good discussion comes from covering decisions

Those in political office have the job of interpreting the feedback they get from constituents, but that means that first, it’s their constituents’ job to give it to them. We’re glad to be a part of that loop. In small towns like ours, leaders... Full story


Planned street change a bad idea

I am a concerned Electric City resident. The proposed cutoff of Western in town is a dangerous and irresponsible action of the city council and mayor. Emergency services do everything they can to expedite response time. The Electric City mayor and...


Eminent domain adoption not good for tribes

Eminent Domain I don’t feel is in the best interest of our Tribal members. You say the sovereign and fundamental rights of the Tribe will be protected. Ancestral lands are not being protected. Look at how it has been treated. We have probed,...


State should pay its fair share in election funding

No one should have to choose between safety and democracy. Your county shouldn’t have to prioritize one over the other. But that’s what happens every other year. And that’s exactly what will happen again in 2020 if the Washington State Legislat...


What's wrong with universal health care?

Few things are more important to people than good health. Healthy citizens are a vital foundation for a prosperous society. The need for healthcare is universal. The need starts even before we are born. Prenatal care is vital because the developing...

 By Maryann Winn    Opinion    April 17, 2019

Electric City surprise

Surprise! The Electric City Council has decided to change the y-shaped intersection in front of city hall in Electric City. Am I the only one who heard of this for the first time after reading it in The Star newspaper? It’s the first time the...

 By Mark Payne    Opinion    April 17, 2019

Luckiest city by a dam site

Electric City has to be the luckiest city by a Dam site, maybe even the whole state of Washington! Why, you ask? Because Electric City was awarded a Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) Grant to close part of Western Avenue in the name of...


Schools must evolve for the 21st century

Lyft recently announced that it would be going public. Uber isn’t far behind. In little more than a decade, the two companies have upended the transportation sector — and transformed how we think about both transportation and work. If only we...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    April 17, 2019

Resurrection Sunday

When I was growing up, I called it Easter, but as time has gone by and I have matured and educated myself I have come to realize that it is Resurrection Sunday. We celebrate the day that Christ left...


A bigfoot of a different kind

This is a tale about Idaho’s famous “Bigfoot,” who was responsible for a number of stagecoach and wagon train robberies and killings. He roamed the desolate hills of Owyhee County and met his demise there. The name “Bigfoot” came from Shosh...


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