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 By John Overby    Opinion

Planting money trees is bad policy

Rather than discussing the Governor’s egregious assaults on the 1st Amendment regarding churches and his dogmatic executive orders on what is “essential” and “non essential”, I feel that it would behoove all of us to... — Updated 4/8/2020

 By John Overby    Opinion

Liberty flag is flying

I would like to congratulate the Grand Coulee City Council for their support for the Republic, Washington police chief’s stance on the Initiative 1639 gun law. I would also like to thank Councilmember Tom Poplawski for his... — Updated 12/5/2018

 By John Overby    Opinion

Re: "Gun Culture is the problem" in Letters from Our Readers, March 7

1) It is incongruous that a semester of study in 8th grade on the Constitution would give anyone the knowledge and ability to make a learned opinion on the 1st and 2nd Amendments. 2) It is indeed chilling to hear a 9th grader... — Updated 3/14/2018

 By John Overby    Opinion

Things to ponder on tax day

Happy April 15th. Today is Tax Day and is the day we are required to give an account of our earnings to the IRS tax collectors. A lot will be written by the media and a lot will be said by the politicians about this but I am sure... — Updated 4/15/2015 Full story

 By John Overby    Opinion

Senate transportation bill irresponsible

It seems ironic that on the same day that a huge increase in gas prices is seen in the area, the Washington State Senate passes a $15 billion transportation package that includes an 11.7 cent per gallon gas tax increase. It is... — Updated 3/4/2015 Full story

 By John Overby    Opinion

Free market gas case study coming

I seem to recall the Star's editorial support of the "status quo" of gasoline prices here in the Coulee a few weeks ago. It was implied that detractors just didn't “know Jack" and that the higher prices were due to the free... — Updated 7/9/2014 Full story

 By John Overby    Opinion

Back off on the big city approach

I would like to thank David Noggles on his (letter to the editor) in the December 4 issue. I first heard about the CMC issues on the November 27 issue and the “red flags” started going up when I heard the three words: “just... — Updated 12/11/2013 Full story

 By John Overby    Opinion

Star should rethink that position

After reading your Sept. 4 editorial “Might want to rethink that position,” I cannot help but come to the conclusion that maybe you should be the one doing the “rethinking.” 1) Alcohol, tobacco and gambling are also legitim... — Updated 9/11/2013 Full story

 By John Overby    Opinion

Stop seeking federal money for local school

In the July 11 issue of The Star, Roger Lucas’ article on Linda Evans Parlette’s advocacy for an additional $15 million to upgrade the school district’s existing fields, track and gym, the following quote was cited: “This... — Updated 8/8/2012 Full story

 By John Overby    Opinion

Asking U.S. for rest of school projects funds is wrong

It is very discouraging to consistently read of the editorial position of this paper and the local school district’s position of calling on the federal government for funds to build the local school. The district already has $25... — Updated 7/20/2012 Full story


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