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Last updated 6/25/2014 at 1:22pm

What’s on your agenda for the weekend? If you are staying close to home, and you have a few bucks burning a hole in your pocket, and you are looking for a short-time diversion, look no further because it’s yard sale season in the Coulee.

Here’s the menu. For starters, there are a half dozen sales advertised in The Star this week and more than likely, other sales will “piggy back” on these sales, offering up more chances, choices, and challenges so you can make some of those hard earned dollars work for you, on the cheap. But first, you have to get up and get going, unless you luck out and live in a neighborhood or on a street where there’s a sale or two going on.

On to the main course. Try making a run at a couple of sales, either those put on by folks you know (or know of) and who possibly have the goods that you are interested in or by picking out one or two random sales based on some of the items listed in their advertisements or by hearing about an up coming “good” sale. Sometimes there’s advanced notice of a good, better or best sale that are in the works, even before it’s advertised, and the anticipation of a best-ever sale on its way paves the way.

On to the main course. Now that you’ve decided which sales look appetizing to you, get your yard sale kit ready to go. What’s a yard sale kit? I’ve touched on this topic before, but let’s give it another go: A ride with enough gas in the tank so you can drive throughout the Coulee without experiencing that terrible nightmare, running out of gas; a bunch of dollar bills and maybe a few fives and tens if you’ve got them floating around with nothing to do; a pair of sunglasses and a pair of cheaters if you need them to read price tags and labels; some kind of headgear, unless maintaining your hairdo takes priority over the hot sun baking your brain; a good pair of shoes which might protect your feet a bit from hot pavement or gravel driveways; comfortable clothing; and here’s a side dish for your entree, take a buddy with you when shopping for furniture and bulky items so you can get unloaded safely. Many times, there’s someone helping people load up but unloading at your place might be another issue.

And finally, since this Kit Deal has turned into a foodie adventure, let’s have dessert!

The heat’s on in the Coulee right now which translates to slurping a frozen confection, an ice cream cone or a milk shake, offered up at some of the eateries and other places around here this summer; and once you’ve tasted your treat on the way home from hitting the yard sale circuit, the best treat of all might be getting back home with some goodies, not of the food kind, and savoring these newly acquired treasures.

Were you among the lucky shoppers at the advertised yard sales in the North Shores Acres housing development south of Electric City? Well, if you didn’t get out there Saturday morning and you made the 40-mile round trip to the Wilbur Community Wide Yard Sales, you missed out on some great merchandise at fair prices and in good condition. At one sale, the lady of the house said a shopper showed up almost an hour early and consequently she was informed that she was welcome to come back at the 8 a.m. start time. But, the shopper said no and that she would not be back, so that early bird left empty handed. C’est La Vie.


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