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 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Coronavirus testing telecommuting effectiveness

Nobody knows how deep the impact of the coronavirus will be, but one thing that it is destined to test is how effectively people will work from home. Washington is at the point of... — Updated 3/11/2020

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Legislators must find better ways to reduce CO2

Washington and Oregon lawmakers want to end their legislative sessions; however, accounting for the costs of carbon emissions is a major roadblock. In Salem, rural Republican senato... — Updated 3/4/2020

 By Lizzy McKeag    Opinion

Brunell's treatise on Lower Snake River dams is flooded with falsehoods

Don Brunell’s recent article titled “Dams are the Northwest’s Flood Busters” (Star, Jan. 21, 2020) relies on fearmongering, rather than facts, to make his point. Brunell takes a circuitous route through disasters in the... — Updated 3/4/2020

 By Jess Utz    Opinion

Senior Profile: Jordan Flett

This week I am bring you another senior from the halls of Lake Roosevelt High School. My interview was a little different this time because I sat down with Jordan Flett in front of... — Updated 3/4/2020

 By Jacob Wagner    Opinion

Thoughts on observing on your behalf

The role of a journalist is to be the eyes and ears for the readers. So while at a school board meeting, city council meeting, events, and so on, things that people may not have the time to go to, or don’t have a large enough... — Updated 3/4/2020

 By John M. Kemble    Opinion

Million Dollar Mile, part 1

With the Second World War over, work started on the creation of a 27-mile-long reservoir from Electric City to Coulee City. The old highway ran down the Upper Coulee floor, and a new replacement route would have to be built. To... — Updated 2/26/2020

 By Dan Newhouse    Opinion

Our promise to seniors

Our nation values those who have come before us, and that includes our seniors and retirees. Past generations have paved the way for future growth, and I truly believe we owe them the respect — and the benefits — they have... — Updated 2/26/2020

 By Roger S Lucas    Opinion

Good move for Electric City

Electric City will soon have a new city clerk. Peggy Nevsimal is leaving her post as executive director of the local chamber of commerce to accept another community challenge. It was a wise move by the council there. Peggy has... — Updated 2/26/2020

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Colorado River water problems worsening

Last week, we visited the Grand Canyon National Park in northern Arizona. It is part of our National Parks “bucket list.” The trip was a real eye-opener. The Canyon is... — Updated 2/26/2020

 By Jess Utz    Opinion

Two heros will be missed

Sometimes the foundation of an institution can be shaken. The Lake Roosevelt Raiders have lost two very important educators and friends this year, but their impact in the community... — Updated 2/26/2020

 By Bert Smith    Opinion

The lasting legacy of Camp Columbia

As a child growing up in west Coulee Dam, our outdoor playground was built by the toil of young unmarried men of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The CCC was born out of the... — Updated 2/19/2020

 By Dan Newhouse    Opinion

Healthy Forests are the key to wildfire prevention

In Central Washington, we understand that healthy forests are the true key to wildfire prevention. Each summer, we come face-to-face with the threat wildfires pose to our land, our communities, and our health. We are blessed to... — Updated 2/19/2020

 By Bob Valen    Opinion

2019 U.S. extreme weather recap

Since 1980, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) has tracked United States weather and climate... — Updated 2/19/2020

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Cheers for American Legion

The 2020 race for the White House is heating. It’s shaping up to be a referendum on America’s market-based economic system. The central question: is government or the private... — Updated 2/19/2020

 By Scott Hunter    Opinion

Everybody's right in Electric City

Citizens in Electric City discussing the devil-containing details of park financing in Electric City are right to push the subject, on both sides of the discussion. Councilmember Cate Slater is right when she says there is “not... — Updated 2/19/2020

 By Lu Nelson    Opinion

Renewable electric grid making economic impact in rural areas

The last decade has seen a drastic shift in the way the U.S. generates electricity. We have shifted from relying primarily on fossil fuel burning power plants to a thriving clean... — Updated 2/12/2020

 By Dan Bolyard    Opinion

The 31-Mile Grand Coulee tunnel

A proposal to build a 31-mile water tunnel under the Grand Coulee was made by Frank Harris, a civil engineer from Renton. His plan, publicly announced in December 1935, was to exped... — Updated 2/12/2020

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Worn out wind blades plugging up landfills

While wind farms generate “greenhouse gas free” electricity, there is increasing concern over the rapidly growing number of worn out blades ending up in landfills. Those... — Updated 2/12/2020

 By Ray Schoning    Opinion

Tearing up roads and parking lots

I notice we have at least one yahoo living amongst our four communities that loves to tear up church parking lots, federal roads and federal parking lots, along with the river trail and Washington Flats. This is his favorite time... — Updated 2/12/2020

 By Roger S Lucas    Opinion

Nominated for 2020 Nobel Peace Prize is a start

Deny! Deny! Deny! When it comes to climate change, that seems to be our current national policy. This administration has systematically turned aside most climate policy tasks set by president Obama. The climate change problem will... — Updated 2/12/2020

 By Scott Hunter    Opinion

What do you think about news from beyond the coulee?

For the last few weeks, The Star has carried some stories from Olympia, written by student journalism interns serving as reporters in the news service of the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association, of which The Star is a membe... — Updated 2/10/2020 Full story

 By Roger S Lucas    Opinion

Caught up in the Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year kicked off Saturday, Jan. 25. It’s the year of the rat, which I could suggest was named for a number of people I could name! The lunar year is divided into 13 categories, all named for an animal. While travel... — Updated 2/5/2020

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion

Valentine Oh! Valentine

A few years back, a lot of them really, there was an article written in this very paper entitled “Flames of Love.” It was written by Temple Stark, a reporter here that has... — Updated 2/5/2020

 By Vickie Green    Opinion

Re: "Wild turkeys causing power problem

Why is it that every time an animal gets in a human’s way their only solution is to put the animals to death? It’s about the turkeys! The turkey is a beautiful animal! The only time it is acceptable is on Thanksgiving! If the... — Updated 2/5/2020

 By Barbara Durnil    Opinion


I have not seen Bureau machines Going thirty On the highway. I don't know why I must comply, When they are not In my way. I do believe They do deceive. Does one exist? Doubtful I'd say. I drive so slow. I want to go! Cannot... — Updated 2/5/2020


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