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  • Joe Biden is not the candidate who needs to quit the race

    Dick Polman|Jul 3, 2024

    I get that people who love democracy and detest MAGA fascism are alarmed about President Joe Biden. I share the concerns. What’s astounding – and it speaks to how numb we’ve become – is that virtually no one with a public megaphone, in the wake of last week’s debate, is calling for Donald Trump to get the hell out and leave us in peace. Yes, Biden ratcheted up the age issue anew with his oft-enfeebled performance. Perhaps the Democrats would be better off if he withdrew and cleared the decks for a more vigorous candidate (assuming that can...

  • A trio of Trump lawyers have destroyed their reputations and careers

    Dick Polman|Jul 19, 2023

    While pondering the pathetic fates of three Trump legal eagles – Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, and Lin Wood – I’m reminded of a line from an old Jackson Browne song: “The strangled cries of lawyers in love“ Plus, this old cliche: “When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.“ It’s been satisfying to see those guys suffer the consequences of fronting for a crime boss. Lawyers with even a smidgen of integrity know full well there are lines they should not cross, even when the client is a fascist lowlife. But this toxic trio was apparently...

  • Is America strong enough to endure domestic sacrifice?

    Dick Polman|Mar 9, 2022

    During World War II, Americans put up with rationed gas and car tires, rationed coal and fuel oil, rationed silk and nylon, rationed meat and dairy products, rationed jams and jellies, even rationed coffee. Would today’s Americans – some of whom freaked out, during the worst of the pandemic, when they couldn’t get their hair done – be willing to endure even a minuscule fraction of the sacrifices that our forebears weathered 80 years ago? I’ll answer my own question with a question: Can you imagine what would happen if coffee were rationed,...

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