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 By Roger S Lucas    Opinion    July 10, 2019

Gifts from a once-captive doctor

Sometimes new friends can result in strange gifts. I was in Vietnam just after the Tet offensive in 1968, partially to pry about the war and to visit parents of students I had met at the University of Washington. I had visited one set of parents two...

 By Roger S Lucas    Opinion    July 2, 2019

Port and Bureau: a public service study in contrasts

The next time you tee up your ball at Banks Lake Golf Course, take a second and say a word of thanks to the three Port District commissioners who made it possible. The three, Jim Keene, Gary Haag and Leonard Sanders, deserve some kind of award for...

 By Roger S Lucas    Opinion    May 29, 2019

My Norwegian roots

My maternal ancestors go back to a farm near Lillehammer, Norway, where the 1994 Winter Olympics were held. Most of my mother’s family immigrated to the United States and to, you guessed it, Minnesota. My grandmother left Norway right after...

 By Roger S Lucas    Opinion    May 1, 2019

Our last whitewater trip

It was probably my last whitewater rafting trip, maybe! A few years ago my wife, Dorothy, and I talked about taking a whitewater rafting trip, so I went to Leonard Taylor out in Electric City to ask him if he knew anyone who was still taking people...


A bigfoot of a different kind

This is a tale about Idaho’s famous “Bigfoot,” who was responsible for a number of stagecoach and wagon train robberies and killings. He roamed the desolate hills of Owyhee County and met his demise there. The name “Bigfoot” came from Shosh...


Mixing in with the powerful

This is about two politicians, both in their 90s, one who passed away last week and the other still going strong. Former U.S. Senator Birch Bayh, 91, passed away last Thursday. He served Indiana and the nation well during his time in the Senate, and...


Learning that everyone has a story

This news thing that I have been doing started for me back in 1958. I had a number of successful journalism classes behind me, and my professor, Helen Wilson, had talked Idaho Free Press managing editor Jack Scudder into interviewing me for an open...


When you have a difficult task, call on the U.S. Marines

When living in Bothell, we belonged to FIUTS (Foundation for International Understanding Through Students), a program through the University of Washington where you could sponsor foreign students. Through the program we sponsored students from...

 By Roger S Lucas    News    May 9, 2018

You're in for a Colorama ride

Fasten your belts; you're in for a ride. This year's Colorama Festival kicks off Thursday, May 10, and extends well into Sunday. There are wild rides featured in Rainier Amusements carnival alley at... Full story

 By Roger S Lucas    News    May 2, 2018

Buttons, parade, helicopter coming

The Colorama Festival Button for this year’s celebration is now on sale. Buy a button for $3, help support Colorama, and you’re in the mix to win one of the many prizes attached to the buttons. All the buttons are numbered and the drawing for...

 By Roger S Lucas    News    April 25, 2018

Colorama buttons, parade, helicopter coming

The Colorama Festival Button for this year's celebration goes on sale this week. Buy a button for $3, help support Colorama, and you're in the mix to win one of the many prizes attached to the...

 By Roger S Lucas    News    March 14, 2018

After FEMA training, local agencies to develop new practices

A week-long school security training session at the FEMA Emergency Management Institute “will make a huge difference in how we do things here,” Superintendent Paul Turner said Tuesday. People from the Grand Coulee Dam School District and other...

 By Roger S Lucas    News    January 3, 2018

City holds off on labeling old museum "dangerous"

The City of Grand Coulee has put off a decision to proceed on a "dangerous" building declaration until at least the end of January. The building once held the museum of Constantinos Vlachos, an...


District monitors lunch program after complaints

Several complaints have recently been levied against the Lake Roosevelt school lunch program. Complaints include that the program is frequently running out of hot lunches, evidence of outdated milk and students finding hair in their food. The person...


Study outlines town's sewage options

A study on Elmer City’s options for sewage treatment suggests the town may save over the long run by building a new treatment plant of its own, instead of extending its decades-long contract with Coulee Dam. Elmer City has received its wastewater...


Beer garden to include football TV

Want a place to have a refreshment and possibly watch a little football during the upcoming Harvest Festival, Sept. 15-17? The Grand Coulee Dam Area Chamber of Commerce is providing such a place in its “Beer Garden” at North Dam Park. The tent...

 By Roger S Lucas    News    August 30, 2017

Apparent burglary foiled in Coulee Dam

Two police officers from Coulee Dam and Grand Coulee interrupted a burglary at 301 Columbia last Thursday in Coulee Dam. Grand Coulee officer Matthew Ponusky heard that a residential alarm had been sounded and went to assist Coulee Dam officer...

 By Roger S Lucas    News    August 30, 2017

Local school district to emphasize "safe and secure"

School bells chimed today (Wednesday) for the start of the new school year. School personnel gathered Tuesday to hear Grand Coulee Dam School District Superintendent Paul Turner give an outline of act...

 By Roger S Lucas    News    August 30, 2017

Calling all musicians: you're needed

Dust off your old musical instruments and get back in tune; the community needs you! Lake Roosevelt High School wants parents and community members who have musical talent and no place to apply it to join with students and form a pep band to play at...

 By Roger S Lucas    News    August 30, 2017

Court hears two dangerous dog appeals

Grand Coulee’s Municipal Court heard two “potentially dangerous dog” cases last Friday at city hall. In the first, Judge Richard Fitterer dismissed an attempted appeal involving a dog owned by Preston Guin, which bit Shirley Heberling June 21...

 By Roger S Lucas    News    August 30, 2017

Harvest fest will feature human foosball

Now you can play foosball with a human twist. It’s a repeat of a fun adventure held over for a repeat performance from last year’s Harvest Festival. This year the festival will be held at Banks Lake Park (near North Dam) on Sept. 15-17. The...

 By Roger S Lucas    News    August 9, 2017

State nixes speed limit changes

The Washington State Department of Transportation has nixed any change in the speed limit from Coulee Playland to the city limits of Grand Coulee. The Electric City council had the topic on its agenda Tuesday night, but a letter from the DOT...

 By Roger S Lucas    News    July 19, 2017

City hall bid goes to local company

A job of replacing windows and doors at Electric City Hall was awarded to DWK Fowler Construction, a decision made by the council last Tuesday night. The award teetered between two bids and was awarded to DWK Fowler, a local company, after council me... Full story

 By Roger S Lucas    News    June 28, 2017

School board hears retired response to employee surveys

Two retired school employees, one a janitor and the other a math teacher, gave the Grand Coulee Dam School District board Monday a taste of how they feel about the recent results of surveys that asked about discipline in the schools. Ray Wells, a... Full story

 By Roger S Lucas    News    June 28, 2017

Wednesday market opens

The Wednesday Market began last week and will continue on Wednesdays through Sept. 13. Chamber of commerce Executive Director Peggy Nevsimal said a number of exhibitors have signed up for the entire... Full story


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