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Water problems

We have two kinds of water problems: too much and not enough. The oceans cover 70 percent of our planet, and they contain 97 percent of the water on Earth. Samuel Coleridge in the Rime of the Ancient Mariner: “Water, water every where, Nor any...


What's wrong with universal health care?

Few things are more important to people than good health. Healthy citizens are a vital foundation for a prosperous society. The need for healthcare is universal. The need starts even before we are born. Prenatal care is vital because the developing...

 By Jack Stevenson    Opinion    May 30, 2018

Communications crisis

There are biblical references to false statements and rumors. It is not a new issue, but currently the problem is amplified by an electronic twist. The printed word on paper has been a mainstay of the American experience since well before the...

 By Jack Stevenson    Opinion    May 2, 2018

Color me red, white, and blue

Some politicians, pundits, and lobbyists launched vile attacks on the student survivors of the mass murder at a school in Parkland, Florida. That seems counterintuitive, since we usually exhibit sympathy toward innocent victims. The critics have...


Needed: political marksmanship

John W. Schoen, CNBC, wrote in a June 2016 article that “the National Shooting Sports Foundation estimates there are roughly 5 million to 10 million AR-15 rifles [privately] owned in the United States. . . .” The U.S. Government has purchased an...


Women overcoming belief barriers

Science has given us the ability to know things. Before the era of science, that being most of human history, people could only believe or not believe many things. Still true. But some things can be proved. For example, water heated at sea level...


The license for war

In the 1700s, when weapons of war were still primitive, the Founders of our constitution were wise enough to know that war could ruin nations, and they gave the congress the sole authority to declare war. Congress last declared war 75 years ago....


Divide and fight

At the close of World War II, the winners (the Allies) divided Germany into east and west Germany, Korea into north and south Korea, and Vietnam into north and south Vietnam.  The division of Germany produced a threat of military conflict for more...

 By Jack Stevenson    Opinion    May 24, 2017

Wait for me!

The world is changing at a fast pace, making it difficult to keep up and even more difficult to know what it all means for us and our children and grandchildren. Only a generation ago, 60 percent of college students in American colleges were men.... Full story


Who wants you to believe it?

We say that we live in the information age. The available quantity of information is immense. The reliability of that flood of information is uncertain. That situation is not entitely new; there have always been rumors. But electronic communication... Full story


Why is Trump popular?

For many months, day after day, the first thing that appeared on much of the national news media in bold black letters was the word Trump, often accompanied by a photograph of Mr. Trump. By early March 2016, some of the political pundits were saying... Full story


One country, two standards

Recently, national news pundits have been making a case that some of us are angry, disenchanted with the political “establishment” that governs America, and that we are willing to vote for an “outsider.” Why would anyone be disenchanted? Let... Full story


Deliver us from Chicken Little

Deliver us from Chicken Little. The tale of Chicken Little is about unwarranted fear. This campaign season our country has been disgraced by politicians and pundits fear-mongering for political gain. Leaders do not promote fear. Leaders allay fear.... Full story


Political rogue rage

We have endured a long siege of political rogue rage. Political candidates have resorted to outrageous statements to gain publicity. We citizens are naturally fascinated by unusual things; routine bores us. The national media respond to our need for... Full story


Perspective on Ebola

Some of our national news media and some politicians have sensationalized Ebola. Is that reasonable? We cannot know the future. Ebola may eventually become the Halloween trick of the century, but right now it is not. We are frightened by things we... Full story


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