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 By Greg Wilder    Opinion    March 13, 2019

Need to compare apples to apples in treatment plant study

The fight goes on… the debate is vitiated by empty minds and thoughtless reason(s). Elmer City argues that Coulee has taken advantage by over-charges/invoicing by violating the 1975 agreement. On the other hand, Coulee Dam has lost some of the desi...


Consider carefully before you cast your vote

Before you cast your vote — take the time vetting. In other words, “make a careful and critical examination.” Do you “really” know about our Coulee Dam candidates? You already know about David Schmidt and Gayle Swagerty … they actually...


Why I will serve only one term as mayor

I graduated from Coulee Dam High School in 1962 and then off to work as a draftsman and engineer technician. I needed more, so in 1968 I enrolled in Washington State University … subsequently graduating in civil engineering & geology (BS cum... Full story


On sidewalks, streets, and petitions

Most of the Town was built over 80 years ago and we can’t expect that the infrastructure will last forever… and that includes our sidewalks. So for now, let’s skip the myriad of other issues/problems and let’s look at our sidewalks. At... Full story

 By Greg Wilder    Opinion    October 5, 2016

Town follows thorough vetting process for police

Relating to Coulee Dam police chiefs and officers, prior to the current administration, the “process” was relaxed and lacking under the civil service procedures. And, yes, it might be more expedient. However, Washington state law (RCW chapters 35... Full story


Town looking for clarity, not blame, with lawsuit

The towns of Coulee Dam and Elmer City entered an agreement in 1975 defining a set of terms and procedures to treat sewage wastes. After 40 years of arguments and misunderstandings, clearly both agencies are in an impasse. We are not a litigious... Full story

 By Greg Wilder    Opinion    July 27, 2016

Town is better off with new treatment plan package

Given the current squabble about the Town’s Wastewater Treatment Facility, I suppose I should contribute my view. To begin with, this is a “simple” process and simple project: all of our Coulee Dam sewage is “domestic”… we don’t... Full story


Re: Coulee Dam wastewater treatment facility

The town has all worked for the past 10 years, grappling with ideas, thoughts, concepts, and a lot of hard work regarding the wastewater treatment facility design and implementation. The process involved an amalgamation of two mayors, a few... Full story


Town can't violate its own rules

As you know, the town council directed that the Public Works Department to remove a healthy ornamental cherry tree within the town’s right-of-way. Subsequently, the mayor immediately directed that the town administration (including Public Works)... Full story


Vote thoughtfully for what the town really needs

Recently, The Star held a Coulee Dam forum. Three of the six candidates actually participated. We had hoped to have “actually” seen and heard and exchanged between the good, bad, and the disagreeable...with all six. It was a fair and open... Full story

 By Greg Wilder    Opinion    June 24, 2015

Alternative wastewater plant study more responsible and thoughtful

As you may know, we recently included a “Wastewater Treatment Project Update” with our utility bills. To the best of my knowledge and information, it is balanced and honest. During our last Council meeting (6/10/15), former Mayor, Quincy Snow... Full story


A week that defined community

This has been a week with three defining events… the first; a Coulee Dam Town Council meeting that clearly defined my resolve to stay a course for an accessible/open government, the fair and equitable sharing of the costs for services, and the... Full story


Citizens invited to discuss issues

  The Coulee Dam Town Council will begin budget deliberations soon. The first public budget workshop will be held during the regular council meeting on September 10th. We will be holding a series of these workshops and the first of these will focus... Full story

 By Greg Wilder    Opinion    June 4, 2014

Why it's important to meet state EMS standards

A few years ago, the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) received a complaint about the Coulee Dam ambulance service. They took note of dirty and unsanitary conditions, expired medications and supplies, non-functioning or defective... Full story

 By Greg Wilder    Opinion    March 26, 2014

An open letter to the citizens of Coulee Dam

The election outcome last year seated a new mayor and two new town Council members for Coulee Dam. A lot has changed in Town Hall - council meeting procedures actually encourage public participation, issues are openly and robustly discussed before... Full story


Honored by support

I am honored and humbled that the Coulee Dam electorate decided to put their faith in me as their new mayor. THANK YOU! As well, Duane Johnson and Gayle Swagerty were equally honored. Now the work (and fun) begins, crafting a more involved and open... Full story


Council candidates endorsed

Duane Johnson has chosen to oppose Andy Trader in the upcoming Coulee Dam Council election. I support Duane and feel that his experience and education as a manager in the public sector will be a welcome addition. He is articulate, sensitive, and... Full story


Open community dialogue wanted

As the general election nears, I’m more than ever intent on a community dialogue. I know of many changes that need to be made based upon over 40 years’ of experience in municipal government … those things that make us more efficient,... Full story

 By Greg Wilder    Opinion    August 14, 2013

Humbled by support

I was both honored and humbled by the overwhelming support I received in the Coulee Dam primary election. Thank you all for taking the time to vote… and for thinking of me in the process! I believe that your support anticipates (maybe demands)... Full story

 By Greg Wilder    Opinion    July 31, 2013

Mayor's view makes own problem worse

The Star and the Spokesman Review recently published a news article and an editorial regarding Mayor Snow’s embarrassing position and belief paradigm regarding the public’s right to access the town’s records and documents. As it is, Snow... Full story

 By Greg Wilder    Opinion    June 19, 2013

The wisdom of a child - remembered

A time long past, I was the contract city administrator for a small town in Oregon. Weekly, my young son (Joshua) and I would make the round trip journey from Seattle to Eugene … sometimes driving — sometimes on the Amtrak commuter train. I... Full story

 By Greg Wilder    Opinion    June 5, 2013

"Smaller" plant will cost $1 million more

The Star published a story on May 29th, 2013 with the headline “Town votes for smaller sewer plant project.” Nothing could be further from the truth… in fact the town council, with one “no” (Bob Poch), knowingly voted for a project that wil... Full story

 By Greg Wilder    Opinion    May 15, 2013

More participation needed, not less

The town of Coulee Dam is facing a lot of issues with the sewer plant, huge increases in utility rates, the impacts of a new school, needed improvements to our parks, sidewalks, and roads. We need a better and growing relationship with our local... Full story

 By Greg Wilder    Opinion    May 1, 2013

The money has been found for analysis

About three months ago, the Coulee Dam Town Council was presented with a petition signed by hundreds. Two of the items on that petition were a roll-back of the burdensome sewer rates and a demand for the town to look at alternative solutions for the... Full story

 By Greg Wilder    Opinion    April 17, 2013

Teacher Guzman an extension of family

My first meeting with Guillermo Guzman was for my son’s parent-teacher (Spanish) conference. The second time I met with him was this Sunday past - at the Okanogan County jail. Mr. Guzman and I have exchanged emails from time-to-time regarding... Full story


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