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A week that defined community

Letter to the Editor


This has been a week with three defining events… the first; a Coulee Dam Town Council meeting that clearly defined my resolve to stay a course for an accessible/open government, the fair and equitable sharing of the costs for services, and the continuing commitment to representing you each with the same focus and energy as your neighbor. The second; one of those rare feel-good events that leave us with warm hearts, hope for tomorrow, and an unselfish pride… the ribbon cutting and open house for our new K-12 school. The third; a Raiders football game on a near-perfect evening.

As to the first, although my tenacity is energized by conflicting goals and objectives, so too is my desire for fair and “equitable” resolution. As your mayor, I serve as the town’s CEO, and that responsibility is defined by sound business practices, statute mandates, and the fair consideration of your petitions and solicitations, among so much more. I will not be persuaded nor dissuaded to the benefit of a few at the cost/expense of the many.

As to the second, I cannot eloquently enough describe or define the pride I have in and for Dr. Carlson (our superintendent), the School Board, and the support committees, staff, and fundraisers. All working tirelessly and with creative aplomb to bring about the impossible — or so it seemed. Dr. Carlson and the board moved through the maze knowing almost intuitively which idea to grasp and which to turn away from … more than just defining a vision, they defined a result. And, as if to close the circle, we are blessed with the focus, dedication, and commitment of Senator Linda Evans Parlette. She built the coalition and defined the need/purpose with a convincing eloquence — by her hand, mind, and heart she packaged the needed state funding … we need to remember that, and her. The Colville Tribes willingness to waive fees and charges was the equivalent of a funding participation of nearly a million dollars … for that we are as well thankful. The ribbon-cutting & open house was a true event of “community.” The air was full of the sort of energy and pride we wish we could capture in a bottle for use later … for other defining moments we face from time-to-time. Simply put, we were all so proud of the accomplishment that we all embraced the ownership of it … like a family should!

As to the third, the football game: Although we all want a win, I don’t go to the games expecting that. The ambiance of temperature, the sounds, the smell of fresh popcorn, and the cheering, all count and bring value. So too does our support for the team’s best effort. But many of us also go to “socialize!” Catching up on the chit-chat with friends we don’t see enough, sharing a joke or two, watching after a neighbor’s youngster, a hug from an old friend. All and again a part of “community.”

In the hope and spirit that this past week can and will bring to us a better way, with much more focus on that elusive paradigm of “community.”

With that wish, I remain sincerely,

F. Gregory Wilder

Mayor (Coulee Dam)

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