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 By Bruce Bartoo    Opinion    July 26, 2017

Coulee Dam criticism

Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things. Winston Churchill Three and a half years ago the voters of Coulee Dam elected a new... Full story

 By Bruce Bartoo    Opinion    June 21, 2017

Time to involve the people

Last Wednesday evening, the Coulee Dam Town Council met to consider, among other agenda items, if the Town of Coulee Dam will change its status from being a Town to that of a City. Town Hall made little effort to inform the public and give adequate... Full story

 By Bruce Bartoo    Opinion    June 14, 2017

Voters should meet candidate and town staff

In a political statement four years ago, Gayle Swagerty talked about getting public involvement. Since taking the position of council person, she has made little effort to get the public involved or even give the public adequate opportunity for... Full story


A long history of grants and tree plans in Coulee Dam

Another grant application for your spending enjoyment has been written by Councilmember Gayle Swagerty and submitted to the Community Forestry Assistance Grant Program, a part of the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. The Project Name... Full story


Grant applications will cost money

To all of the residents of Coulee Dam: With Mayor Wilder PLEADING for passage, the Town Council voted three to two and approved the Recreation Trails Programs Resolution #16-2322 for the Candy Point/Crown Point Trailhead Restoration Project Grant.... Full story


Asking what's at the core of a litany of problems

At a recent meeting of the Coulee Dam Town Council, crime was a topic of major concern by its citizens. WHY? Crime is not just a concern of the town of Coulee Dam; it is a growing problem for all of the people of the Grand Coulee Dam Area. WHY?... Full story


Stop wasting time on wrong trees

In a recent letter to the editor, the mayor of Coulee Dam states that it is the duty of the town council to “protect the infrastructure” of the town. The basic essence of protection is to replace the bad with the good or the wrong with the... Full story


Questions about Coulee Dam trees

In reading a recent letter to the editor concerning the appraised value of the street trees in Coulee Dam, a number of questions came to mind. Does the letter reflect the view of the entire Coulee Dam Town Council? What is the number of the town ordi... Full story


Town's trees are an asset and a liability

If you add the column marked “Appraisal” in the recent tree inventory for the town of Coulee Dam, you will get a total of $3,182,930 for the 680 trees inventoried. This number does not reflect the 300 – 400 trees that are not on the inventory.... Full story

 By Bruce Bartoo    Opinion    May 8, 2013

Life in Coulee Dam

Mr. Ward is right about living here in Coulee Dam. We have the Credit Union to save our money, the Variety Store to spend our money, Harvest Foods to purchase maple bars and the waste water treatment plant to piss the rest of our money away. Bruce... Full story

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