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In reading a recent letter to the editor concerning the appraised value of the street trees in Coulee Dam, a number of questions came to mind. Does the letter reflect the view of the entire Coulee Dam Town Council? What is the number of the town ordinance that the letter refers to? If the ordinance declares that the town trees be maintained and encouraged, does that mean that the town is in violation of its own ordinance due to the years of neglect in whole or in part? What does the appraised value of a street tree have to do with the town’s budgeting, planning and management of that tree? If a tree needs to be pruned, regardless of its appraised value, then the tree needs to be pruned.

After reading the stirring description of the mathematical equation that calculates the appraised value of a town street tree, my very first thought is: SO WHAT! Will the value of my property change if the street tree is there or not? I am forced to care for it, water it, and pick up after it. I have no voice concerning the tree. I do not own it, I cannot trim it, I cannot prune it, I cannot remove it without the expressed approval to the town council. (How many street trees would be removed if it was up to the property owner to decide its fate?) The street trees of Coulee Dam require a cost more than just monetary. The street trees of Coulee Dam have a value that is more than just dollars and cents.

Bruce Bartoo

Coulee Dam

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