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To all of the residents of Coulee Dam: With Mayor Wilder PLEADING for passage, the Town Council voted three to two and approved the Recreation Trails Programs Resolution #16-2322 for the Candy Point/Crown Point Trailhead Restoration Project Grant. So, residents of Coulee Dam, you may have just won the opportunity to build a brand-new public bathroom and it will only cost you a mere $25,500, and that is not all you may have won. If this grant is funded by the state and passed by the Town Council, you will also get the chance to pay for all of the cleaning and maintenance costs and any other expenses that the public bathroom may incur. As an extra-special bonus feature, this public bathroom will also have a public shower facility, to be used by all those dirty, sweaty hikers or ANYONE else who might want to clean up after a hard day.

The total amount to be spent for the restoration and remodeling of the old steam building, behind the Town Hall, is in excess of $135,000. No monies for this project will be spent on the Candy Point Trail itself. This grant was originally submitted to the Recreation Trails Program by Gail Swagerty on Nov. 11, 2016.

This Grant was written WITHOUT any “appropriate opportunity for public comment.” However, I am sure our mayor, Town Council members and members of the Park and Natural Resources Board will be happy to hear comments from each and every resident of Coulee Dam.

Another item coming up for your spending enjoyment is another grant for hiring a consultant to help write a tree maintenance plan and give proper tree pruning lessons to our town maintenance crew. But this grant will only cost you $10,000. This grant was also written WITHOUT any “appropriate opportunity for public comment.” So much for transparency in local government!

Bruce Bartoo

Coulee Dam

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