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Last updated 4/23/2014 at 11:15am

One of my most trusted readers and a small friend of mine, (even though she tells me to Shut Up every time she sees me) wanted me to do my column about the Easter Bunny. So since I don’t want to make one of my most valued readers angry, I will write a column about the furry little guy that hopefully delivered you a basket full of goodies last Sunday.

If you got a look at the middle school field last week, you might have got a peek at the thousands of eggs the Easter Bunny and the Lions Club spread out, enticing many young ones to turn out in their Easter best and collect the treasures looking for the prize eggs. Smiles and laughter abounded on the green grass as the little legs pumped and little arms reached, grasping the colorful globes in their digits and gently placing them in the basket of their choice. Some stopped to pick up every treasure they saw, others chose carefully and wisely, and still others sprinted to the end of the field to collect theirs with little competition. But all were winners and if you looked hard enough and looked in the right direction, you could see a pair of white ears peeking around a bush, smiling at his accomplishments. 

I remember back when the Bunny brought me stuff. I can remember baseball helmets one year and a Big Wheel another. Always eggs and chocolate and other goodies, all that made the dentist cringe. I can still feel the joy in my heart knowing that I was good enough again this year to achieve the visit of the Easter Bunny. Success. I also remember participating in the Easter Egg hunt on the school’s field and yes, one year I won one of the big prizes. All I can remember about the big basket was a big pink bunny that accompanied it. I also remember my picture appearing in this very paper. I was a star in my eyes. Picture in the paper. Yahoo!

When I had my own kids, I was amazed that the Bunny knew where they lived, too. And low and behold, they were good enough to receive some treats too. Even though I was sure on many occasions that they would be skipped this year because of their actions. But the Bunny never failed them, he showed up year after year delivering and hiding eggs. And yes, our kids also ran on that very same field, collecting the same things his mom and I had collected many years before.

But with all this talk about rabbits I would be ashamed if I did not remind you of the real reason for this season. A long time ago a man died for me and for you. He died on a cross. Three days later He rose from the dead. That man was Jesus. He saved us. That is the reason for Easter Celebrations across the world. I am not sure how a bunny came into the picture. Maybe the bunny was there all those years ago and saw his Lord and Savior hanging on the cross. Maybe he was hiding in the bushes near the tomb when Jesus walked out alive. Maybe that’s why the Bunny is still making tracks all over the world today. The Bunny is still celebrating that his Lord and Savior is alive and he brings us all gifts of sweet treasures to remind us of just how important we are to the Man that died for us. Whether we deserve it or not.

I hope your Easter was filled with Love and Rabbit Tracks.


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