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By Jim Glick 

Stop printing Wilder’s rantings

Letters to the Editor


Last updated 5/9/2012 at 11:57am

How much longer are you going to print the rantings and ravings of Greg Wilder? I have to tell you I got so fed up reading his drivel that when The Star arrives and I see a letter in “The Letters to the Editor” section, I just look at the name and if it’s Mr. Wilder’s, I completely skip reading his complaining. I would think other readers of The Star would feel the same.

It’s true Mr. Wilder is guaranteed the right of the First Amendment to expound on anything he so wishes but as owner and editor of The Star, you have the right to refuse to print his complaining or anything else for that matter. Unless of course, you are looking for filler for your paper. And if he is ashamed of his town, he could move over here and see how long he would last before wishing he were back in Coulee Country.

In talking with some editors here in Olympia regarding contributions to The Olympian’s “Letters to the Editor,” I have been told we have folks over here that constantly complain as Mr. Wilder does. Many of those letters never make it into print. As I say, you have the same right if you don’t care to publish them.

I realize you probably have readers that appreciate the so-called facts he seems to come up with and anxiously await to see what else he may have dug up for them, but as for me, when I see a letter from him, my reading of that issue of The Star is done.

Jim Glick

Olympia, Wash.


Reader Comments

commonsense writes:

Don't like it, don't read it! Sounds like you got that down. Freedom of speech and freedom of press, don't try to shut someone's opinions down just because you don't agree. Respect his right to publish his ideas, just as you have the right to publish yours.

CouleeGlo writes:

Perhaps Jim Glick could just turn the page and keep on going instead of quieting the one voice that has risen as a result of the dictatorial and irrational actions of our current Town Leaders. Rant on Greg. You have a lot of support. Having the Editor of the Paper NOT print his submissions is exactly what I would expect someone from Olympia to want done. Perhaps Mr. Glick lives in the correct environment and maybe his letters should be passed by. Also, everyone else please be kind to Mr. Glick. He is evidently easily offended and annoyed.


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