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  • Kids were tourism boosters

    Jim Glick|Oct 28, 2020

    I see that the Ice Age Park is now coming up for a vote with the final decision being left to the Electric City Community but the enjoyment of it being shared by many of those passing through. A few months back, Harvey Haven of Amboy, Washington, a former resident of the area during our growing up years, penned a letter to the editor extolling the virtues of having such an attraction to the area. Even though the letter was sent to The Star, it was directed to the citizens of Electric City and at that time to the Powers that Be. I felt it was...

  • Keep the Olympia coverage

    Jim Glick|Apr 1, 2020

    A few publications back, Feb. 5th, 2020, to be exact, you wrote an editorial regarding the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association, of which you are a member of the board of directors. The editorial was quite informative. The main point I believe you were looking for is whether it’s worthwhile to keep the [coverage of Olympia] going. I don’t remember whether or not my wife or I responded to your online poll, but we want to reply with a resounding YES! We live in Olympia, and my wife and I disagree on the quality of the articles pub...

  • Stop printing Wilder’s rantings

    Jim Glick|May 9, 2012

    How much longer are you going to print the rantings and ravings of Greg Wilder? I have to tell you I got so fed up reading his drivel that when The Star arrives and I see a letter in “The Letters to the Editor” section, I just look at the name and if it’s Mr. Wilder’s, I completely skip reading his complaining. I would think other readers of The Star would feel the same. It’s true Mr. Wilder is guaranteed the right of the First Amendment to expound on anything he so wishes but as owner and editor of The Star, you have the right to refuse to...