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  • Electric City discusses plans and projects

    Scott Hunter|Jan 24, 2024

    Electric City has a lot going on, and the mayor wanted people to have a chance to learn, ask questions and share their thoughts on a several key projects, so the city held a town-hall type meeting at the fire hall Tuesday night. Mayor Diane Kohout spoke with a roomful of citizens about an upcoming vote on de-annexing four parcels of property the city annexed several years ago. Those can't be developed, belong to federal or state agencies, and sometimes require services from the city, such as...

  • End to daylight saving time in the sights of "Ditch the Switch" advocates

    Aspen Anderson, Washington State Journal|Jan 24, 2024

    Washingtonians may lose their cherished ultra-late-night sunsets in the summer if Washington state opts for permanent Pacific Standard Time (PST). "If Congress had acted, we would not be here with this bill," remarked Sen. Mike Padden, R-Spokane Valley. The U.S. Senate, in March 2022, passed the Sunshine Protection Act of 2021 that would have made daylight saving permanent, but it has not been approved by the House. The measure now under consideration in the Legislature would have Washington swi...

  • District extends superintendent contract

    Scott Hunter|Jan 24, 2024

    Rod Broadnax will remain the superintendent of the Grand Coulee Dam School District for another three years following an offer by the school board Monday to extend his contract. Broadnax accepted the offer, which included a lift in pay from $142,000 a year to $160,000, plus cost-of-living increases. Broadnax confirmed Tuesday that he had accepted the offer proffered by the board the night before. Reached by telephone, he was just returning to his office after picking up “lunch” after 4 p.m. after a day of interviewing candidates for a human res...

  • Electrical issue keeping Keller Ferry out of service

    Jan 24, 2024

    Until further notice, Keller Ferry users who travel across the Columbia River on State Route 21 should continue to find alternate routes, the state Department of Transportation says. The Keller Ferry (M/V Sanpoil) was removed from service Wednesday, Jan. 10, due to an electrical issue that caused transmission issues during sailing. While troubleshooting the vessel’s electrical systems that week, technicians discovered that an additional electrical breaker system had failed. Coupled with the recent arctic air this past weekend, the vessel e...

  • Some common sense just isn't

    Scott Hunter, editor and publisher|Jan 24, 2024

    When deciding on hot issues in current politics, it’s best to keep a discerning eye on bloated rhetoric, even when it purports to support “common sense.” Everybody is all for commons sense, of course, but often when two sides differ greatly, they’ll each genuinely believe the other side shows none. That’s rarely true. A case in point lies on this page when our man in Congress uses this rhetoric. We support part of Rep. Dan Newhouse’s argument, not the other. Police agencies, including local ones, of all sizes across the state have complained...

  • Advocating for common sense on the ballot

    Dan Newhouse, Congressman|Jan 24, 2024

    The new year is here, which means the Washington State 2024 Legislative Session has just begun. On January 8th, our state legislature began consideration of a multitude of new bills, which could impact just about every aspect of our lives. It’s imperative we pay attention, because over the past year, the enactment of various pieces of legislation has underscored a severe disconnect between the people of Washington state and some of our state representatives. Now, our state legislators have an opportunity to right those wrongs and vote in f...

  • Those basketball seasons…

    Roger Lucas|Jan 24, 2024

    Palouse was the easternmost team in the Whitman County basketball league. We usually ended up as one of the top teams in the league. Colfax, the county seat, and the largest city in the county, was often the leader. So when Palouse played Colfax it was a big deal. Other teams in the county included St. John, Pine City, Steptoe, Garfield, Oakesdale, Rosalia and Lacrosse. Steptoe’s gym was not regular size. The out-of-bounds line was against the wall at court side. They allowed one row of chairs on the floor and you had to raise your feet when p...

  • How I became a cat person

    Jase Graves|Jan 24, 2024

    Disclaimer: No pets die in this column (but they sometimes smell like they did). As I write, I’m trying to relax in my recliner on a cold winter’s day next to a roaring fire, yet my feet are freezing because a large, semi-elderly cat named “Missy” AKA “The Loaf” is lounging on the fireplace hearth directly in front of the firebox and hogging all of the heat. “How did I reach this state?” you might wonder. So do I. When my middle daughter was 6 years old, she looked up at me with her big, manipulative green eyes and said, “All I ever wanted was...

  • Local photographer wins in NW exposure photo contest

    Jan 24, 2024

    Local photographer Emily Rehn won in the East of the Cascades category in the Northwest Exposure Photo Contest held by the Washington Trails Association. The annual contest "celebrates outdoor photography and the community of hikers that explore Washington's trails," the WTA website says. Winners' photos are featured on their website and in their 2024 calendar with categories including trailscapes, hikers in action, trail family, flora and fauna, Instagram, and East of the Cascades. Rehn's...

  • Daniel Theodore "Dan" Urso

    Jan 24, 2024

    Former Electric City resident Daniel Theodore "Dan" Urso passed away December 17, 2023 in Sequim, Washington. He was 79. Dan was born, in Chicago, Illinois, to Jennie Theresa Pucilowsk and was adopted by Francesco and Albina (Marcinkiewicz) Urso. Dan spent the first seven years growing up in a four-story "brown stone" close to 49th street and Wells, on the southside of Chicago. Growing up with his grandparents, aunts, and uncles under the same roof made for an exceedingly wonderful Catholic... Full story

  • Coulee cops

    Jan 24, 2024

    rand Coulee Police 1/16 - A man reported that his wallet is missing and that the last place he had stopped with it was the post office, where it could have been dropped or stolen. He said he searched his truck for it. There had been no fraudulent charges on any of his cards since he had lost it. - Police collected details on a possible protection order violation in which the protected person was at Safeway and the man she is protected from was also there. He said nothing to her, but his girlfriend did in a “gloating” manner. It appeared the...

  • Raiders win three, topping state 2B list

    Scott Hunter|Jan 24, 2024

    The Raider boys remained undefeated and at the top of the state 2B list Tuesday after winning three games this week, including on Saturday against Idaho's 2023 state champs. Lake Roosevelt (16-0 overall) defeated Plummer, Idaho's Lakeside Knights (8-2) by 77-70 after gaining 13 points in the second quarter in Coulee Dam for a 39-29 halftime lead. Raider fans were first treated to the team's 60-52 takedown of Manson (10-6) Friday night in Coulee Dam, a tough game played without Chase Marchand,...

  • Raider girls win two of three in league

    Jan 24, 2024

    The Lady Raiders decimated Manson in a league game before besting Idaho's Lakeside Saturday, then falling to Okanogan last night in a home game. Lake Roosevelt hosted the Manson's Lady Trojans Friday, winning 65-25. Then on Saturday, LR met Plummer, Idaho's Lakeside High School team in Coulee Dam, winning again, 52-45. Okanogan interrupted the streak last night as the Lady Bulldogs took down LR 55-22. The Lady Raiders, now 4-5 in league and 10-8 overall, play against Liberty Bell Friday, Jan....

  • Raider wrestlers host Okanogan in dual meet

    Jan 24, 2024

    Lake Roosevelt's young Raider wrestling team hosted Okanogan Jan. 18 in a dual match, losing to the bigger program 32-6. Individual results were not available, but Francis Louie claimed the lone Raider win at 150 pounds....

  • On EWU's Dean's List

    Jan 24, 2024

    The fall 2023 Eastern Washington University Dean’s List recognizes undergraduate students who earn 12 quality hours and receive a GPA of 3.5 or better, including a couple local students. From Coulee Dam, Ashley Baker and Michael Wapato-Harden made the list, as did Matthew Tillman, of Nespelem....

  • Legals

    Jan 24, 2024

    Notice of February Special Election Okanogan County, State of Washington Tuesday, February 13, 2024 A Special Election will be held in the below mentioned districts for the purpose of submitting to the voters for their approval or rejection the following. Nespelem School District No. 14- Proposition No. 1- Replacement Educational Programs and operation Levy Omak School District No. 19- Proposition No. 1- Replacement Educational Programs and Operation Levy Bridgeport School District No. 75- Replacement Educational Programs and Operation Levy... Full story