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  • Quinn Minute – Free meals

    Rix Quinn|Mar 1, 2023

    It was just a case of mistaken identity. But after all these years, I need to share my secret. That’s why I’m telling you. In my younger days, I worked in a downtown store’s advertising department. My job was to write about everything from cameras to hair clips. As a single lazy guy, I didn’t cook. I ate out every night, usually at a large “home cooking” restaurant. One night something strange happened. I went to pay my check, and the new night manager said, “Don’t worry, son, we’re buying your dinners now. How are things at the seminary?” I...

  • Pre-season baseball memories

    Rix Quinn|Feb 22, 2023

    At a family reunion, I went outside to play catch with a cousin. “I’d rate your baseball skills below average,” he said. “Does that surprise you?” That didn’t shock me one bit. I score below average in most sports, with the exception of “spitting for distance.” Coaches generally took one glace at me, then decided I was not a leader. My natural facial expression is “confused.” And when I concentrate, I look positively disoriented. In school, I attempted all the standard games. But I was too skinny for football, and in basketball my verti...