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  • Think twice about J & J

    Michael Palanuk|Mar 10, 2021

    Many of us have received the two-step vaccine but are still urged to wear masks. Eventually, if enough of us are vaccinated, we’ll be able to put mask history behind us. But, before you choose the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, you might consider this: While protecting you from serious consequences, just as Moderna and Pfizer do, it is significantly less effective in keeping you from getting corvid. What’s the difference you might ask? Ninety-five (95) percent for the current versus 66 percent for Johnson and Johnson. What this means in lay...

  • RE: "Popular beach at Steamboat Rock closing permanently" (1-13-21 Star)

    Michael Palanuk|Feb 10, 2021

    The closing of Steamboat Rock Park’s Boat Camp and access due to erosion doesn’t make sense. The fact that there is reluctance to identify the reason more succinctly leads one to suspect there is more to the story than reported by the Bureau of Reclamation and State Parks. The lack of information from the Bureau of Reclamation, at least, gives me a chance to guess on the reason. In the early part of this century, the grave of a Native American was found in that general area. It did not appear to be a part of a burial ground, but one has to won...

  • The bureau is not your friend

    Michael Palanuk|Jun 19, 2019

    Why not hassle the locals? It’s been a while since the last time, and it seems we need a lame excuse to get back at the people for welcoming us here. Sound familiar? It should, if you have lived in the Grand Coulee Dam area for any length of time, you’ll recall some of the more memorable acts by this capricious organization. There have been many arbitrary moves by the Bureau, but I want to select a few as a reminder as to how those in control could give a rip about the people who live here. First, going back to the 1960s, in order to raise the...

  • Leave Geezer Beach to geezers

    Michael Palanuk|May 15, 2019

    Prior to 9/11, one of the real pleasure spots for bank fisherman was the Banks Lake canal. At the time, I fished there almost daily. Although I wasn’t physically handicapped or too elderly, there were many who fished there because they could park their vehicles next to the canal. Then 9/11 changed all that as it was felt that the gates needed to be protected. I didn’t agree with the decision, as I felt, as I do now, that the threat of terrorism was people, not gates to lakes. At the same time, shutting this off to the handicapped and eld... Full story

  • Re: "Complaint: school is not a rec center"

    Michael Palanuk|Apr 10, 2019

    Cathy LaPlace’s criticism of having half days of school for the state tourney was a bit miscalculated. I find it hard to believe that she or anyone else would think that a sport affects only the participants. Lake Roosevelt’s teams represent the identity of the schools and are a source of pride for both students and the Grand Coulee Dam Area community. On top of that, it’s a pleasure to read about the school’s success even if one doesn’t live there. I say congratulations to the schools and community and I hope to be there with you next year...

  • No compromise needed with the Electoral College

    Michael Palanuk|Dec 7, 2016

    I read with interest a letter from Joe Bialek of Cleveland on changing the election process. He is an avowed Democrat and showed us a way to manipulate figures to show that the United States should drop the “winner take all” electoral college system of selecting a President. His approach was to base selection on the percentage of votes no matter how many candidates. Essentially this would take electoral votes away from both of the ‘leaders” and give votes to candidates who didn’t have a chance to be elected. Therefore, this year Mrs. Clinton w... Full story

  • Don't steal the rocks

    Michael Palanuk|Oct 29, 2014

    Since 9-11 I have watched the evolution of Bureau security in and around the Dam. For a long time, it appeared that the after a shaky start, the program would mature with age. I now think I was wrong. In the beginning, the powers that be did everything they could to have a security “presence.” That presence was to make sure us local terrorists didn’t fish in peace, walk on the Bureau’s hallowed ground in the early morning or evening or stop our cars and take pictures. Moreover, the Bureau gave the security staff guns and formed swat teams.... Full story

  • Adults by age, actions as children

    Michael Palanuk|Jan 15, 2014

    Having recently moved from the Grand Coulee Dam Area, I thought that it was a community to have been proud of for many reasons. However, the recent actions of the new mayor of Coulee Dam and the head administrator for Coulee Community Hospital make me feel like I just got out in time. Mayor Wilder’s grandstand play on the computer issue and Graham’s thinly veiled attack on Dr. Castrodale make it clear to me that neither belongs in the position he holds. Frankly, hurt feelings that can’t be put aside on the part of both men tell me that their... Full story

  • Gift of public funds?

    Michael Palanuk|Apr 17, 2013

    As a long time resident in Grand Coulee I loved our Community Hospital and Clinic. Some great staff members made it a desirable place to get excellent attention. The Blood Draw as an annual event was a real positive for a small hospital and helped keep a lot of us on the right track. If I had one complaint about services there, it was the inaccessibility of my preferred doctor. For a long time I thought this was because he was popular, but after having recently moved from the area, I’ve come to the conclusion that the duties are not shared e... Full story

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