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Leave Geezer Beach to geezers

Prior to 9/11, one of the real pleasure spots for bank fisherman was the Banks Lake canal. At the time, I fished there almost daily. Although I wasn’t physically handicapped or too elderly, there were many who fished there because they could park their vehicles next to the canal. Then 9/11 changed all that as it was felt that the gates needed to be protected. I didn’t agree with the decision, as I felt, as I do now, that the threat of terrorism was people, not gates to lakes. At the same time, shutting this off to the handicapped and elderly sent them to the only place in this area where one could stay in or next to their vehicle and fish. Yes, Geezer Beach.

As Greg Beherens has said all along, the proposal has nothing to do with preserving cultural resources; the original earth moving and annual draw-downs make that rationale irrelevant. Other reasons given appear to be from a brain-storming session, but like any such activity, the participants couldn’t evaluate or criticize them. Frankly, they or someone should have.

I would hope the Bureau would do us all a favor and leave well enough alone. The rationale just doesn’t hold water.

Michael Palanuk


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