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Keeping tropical plants healthy 

Tropical plants are filling our homes and workspaces, adding beauty, relieving stress, and boosting creativity, productivity, and focus. Keep these plants healthy and looking their best by providing for their basic needs. Select... — Updated 1/17/2024


Increase flowers with a bit of deadheading

Keep your garden looking its best with a bit of deadheading. Removing faded flowers can promote repeat bloom on some plants, encourage fuller, more compact growth, and tidy up the garden. Use a bypass pruner or deadheading snips... — Updated 7/6/2022


Enjoy the beauty and science behind fall color

The brilliant fall color in our landscapes is a magical transformation that happens each year. And the science behind it is just as intriguing. Each fall as the days shorten our... — Updated 10/6/2021


Garden-fresh vegetables help fight cancer and more

Cancer prevention starts on your dinner plate; actually, it starts in the garden. Growing your own nutrient-rich cancer fighting vegetables allows you to grow pesticide-free... — Updated 5/26/2021


Planning and designing a productive vegetable garden

Whether planning your first, second or tenth vegetable garden it can be overwhelming. There are so many tasty vegetables and never enough space and time to grow them all. Start... — Updated 2/10/2021


Do-it-yourself holiday centerpiece

Dress up your holiday meals with a centerpiece crafted from greens, colorful stems and seed heads collected from your garden. Or purchase fresh materials you need from your... — Updated 12/16/2020


Three ways to help your gardens thrive with minimal care

So, you filled your shopping cart and gardens with lots of new shrubs, flowers, and vegetables. Now what? Keep your plants looking their best with minimal effort so you can enjoy them and your summer even more. Watering is one task... — Updated 6/3/2020


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