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 By Don Brunell    Opinion

EV battery recycling requires Herculean effort

Each year, Americans throw away more than three billion batteries constituting 180,000 tons of hazardous material. The situation is likely to get worse as the world shifts to... — Updated 2/1/2024

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Those pesky initiatives are back

After a brief hiatus, those pesky citizen initiatives are back, much to the chagrin of three-term Gov. Jay Inslee and Democrats who have an ironclad grip on our state Legislature.... — Updated 1/17/2024

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Biden needs to expose his secret Snake River dam plan to reality

The $33 billion secret Snake River Dam plan that President Biden and friends cooked up in the White House basement needs to be exposed to the light of day and thoroughly aired by... — Updated 1/10/2024

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Dairy farmers push green cow power

In the 1990s, “Things go better with Coca Cola” was the catchy slogan that dairy farmers dreaded. At the time, milk producers were in a head-to-head battle with soft drink... — Updated 12/27/2023

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Finding the power for future Griswold Christmas lightshows

It is that time of year when people put up their outside holiday lights and displays. Judging from our neighborhood, they are decorating more than usual. In our country, 90 percent... — Updated 12/6/2023

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Making their way to America

As we prepare for the upcoming holidays, we must be grateful for what we have and focus on our needs rather than fixate on what we want and crave. Being thankful starts with an... — Updated 11/21/2023

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Never forget our vets

While the last veterans who survived the “surprise” Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor are dwindling rapidly, we cannot let their sacrifices and the memories of that horrific day t... — Updated 11/8/2023

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Return of the sockeye

In 1992, a single male sockeye salmon managed to swim 900 miles from the mouth of the Columbia River to Redfish Lake located deep in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains — the end of his... — Updated 11/1/2023

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Hydrogen hubs could hasten switch from diesel in big rigs

President Biden’s $65 billion infrastructure bill contains $8 billion for regional hubs to develop ways to produce and distribute hydrogen fuel. One is planned for the Pacific... — Updated 10/25/2023

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Biden's lease cancelations hurts Washington

While media focus was on Joe Biden’s decree putting a tiny plot of land within the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) off limits to oil and gas exploration, reporters ignored... — Updated 9/20/2023

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Banning trucks running on diesel, natural gas is reckless

There is an axiom: Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good! That is important to remember when it comes to improving our air quality. While climate activists want to... — Updated 9/13/2023

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Service to America avoids student debt

With students returning to college campuses, it is time to consider other ways for them to pay for tuition, books and living expenses. Too often, they resort to borrowing. Now,... — Updated 9/6/2023

 By Don Brunell    News

Focus on power lines to avoid wildfires, losses

Many fingers are again pointed at electric utilities because downed power lines are suspected of starting another horrific wildfire — the one that raced through Lahaina killing hu... — Updated 8/23/2023

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Snake River Whac-A-Model needs to stop

To supporters of the four Lower Snake River Dams, the latest news that President Biden continues to pursue dam breaching is not shocking, but surprising, considering the growing... — Updated 6/21/2023

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Mining mine wastes key to critical minerals supply

China’s growing dominance of critical metals production and stockpiles is setting off global alarms. It has American manufacturers in a bind as they ramp up domestic electric... — Updated 6/14/2023

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Cash for empties works in Oregon

When Oregon enacted the nation’s first bottle bill in 1971, it was intended to reduce litter on the state’s beaches, along roads, and in parks. It was a cleanup, not a recycling... — Updated 6/7/2023

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Build our future electricity supply around hydropower

Although New Zealand and Washington are located a half a world apart, they have lots in common — beautiful seashores, majestic mountains, crystal clear streams and lakes, and... — Updated 5/24/2023

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

It's that time of the year

Some would argue that spring is the most wonderful time of the year in Washington. Throughout our state fruit trees blossom, vibrant tulip fields bloom, and colorful lentils... — Updated 5/10/2023

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Employers struggle to find work balance

Today, employers continue to struggle finding enough workers while attempting to bring people back to the office (work sites). A key problem is there simply aren’t enough people... — Updated 4/12/2023

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

School safety needs wider attention

My mom would be horrified by the rash of violence in our schools today. The most recent tragedy at Covenant School in Nashville, where three students and three adults were shot to... — Updated 4/5/2023

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

People depend more on local pharmacies for medical information

While the coronavirus clobbered many businesses, pharmacies were not among them. In fact, since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic, local pharmacists... — Updated 2/22/2023

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

America needs Navy's nuclear expertise to meet electricity demands

It’s past time for an energy reality check. If we are to meet our soaring demand for electricity and produce it without coal and natural gas, we must double down on nuclear... — Updated 2/15/2023

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

The ban on gas stoves is just the beginning

After the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) took major heat last week from considering a nationwide ban on gas stoves, the Biden Administration quickly reversed... — Updated 1/25/2023

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

Boeing's comeback is welcome news

How about some encouraging news for our state? It even made the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Although Boeing didn’t outsell or make more airplane deliveries than its... — Updated 1/18/2023

 By Don Brunell    Opinion

European data centers looking to capture heat

Coupled with the rapid growth of data centers we rely upon for internet service and information storage is an increased demand for electricity to power millions of computers and... — Updated 1/11/2023


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