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  • A time for city councils to act

    Connie Williamson|Aug 30, 2023

    Our community has a problem that only determined residents can solve at this time. Let me paint you a picture: You own property within the city limits...sidewalks, street parking etc. You wake one day to find an obviously disabled, senior man in a wheelchair, sitting outside your window on the sidewalk. Being a compassionate person, you go out to offer him assistance; he asks for food and a beverage or maybe money, but declines all else. You oblige. This becomes his ritual. But now he is panhandling, harassing passersby, drinking, defecating...

  • Thanks to all involved in our rescue

    Connie Williamson and Tonya Greenberg|Jun 9, 2021

    A harrowing experience is behind us, and it is time to commend those who calmed and saved us. First, I have to commend the dispatcher that kept me on the line until safety arrived. I do not know what county she was from. (911 calls here go to possibly four counties.) She stayed with me as the flames rushed us and our gear, urging a water retreat. Our fear was real. We did indeed have lots of help arrive. They couldn’t see us for the smoke. Helicopter pilots and firemen did their best, and we did get away without loss. Within five minutes of c...

  • EMTs get big thanks

    Connie Williamson|Feb 3, 2021

    January 3 found me calling 911. This is about the responders... Such a fabulous team a time of need. I was in dire straits and they had an obstacle course with the gurney. I am sure they had a huge part in saving my life that day. EMTs here are not heralded enough; they were as professional as Lifeline, who transported me to Spokane. Hats off to you guys, and a “heartfelt” Thank you. Connie Williamson...

  • Choose simple solution at Four Corners

    Connie Williamson|Jun 17, 2015

    I have been reading with disbelief all of the reasons to, and not to, change the Four Corners intersection. It is indeed a dangerous intersection…but…a low cost solution would be to remove all the banners, signs, and other obstructions to viewing the intersection for a safe pull out. I have been here over 15 years, and it has become increasingly difficult to see oncoming traffic without pulling too far into oncoming traffic. Simple and low cost. Should be the criteria for this area to respond. Connie Williamson... Full story

  • Thanks to the community for making this holiday special

    Connie Williamson|Dec 10, 2014

    I put out a request on Coulee Area Virtual Yard Sale on Facebook. I needed a free bed for a needy senior lady. Wow … were my socks knocked off. Let me first say “Angie” is beaming. She is going to bed early tonight to enjoy her new bed. Many, many thanks to all that offered help, and a special personal thank you to Carol Estrada, Eagles Auxiliary, Loepps and their teams of elves. Mission accomplished. The camaraderie of this small community is wonderful. When help is needed, we still come together to do what each of us can. I hope that never... Full story